HTC One M8 TPU case

Some regions of the world get al little extra from HTC along with their HTC One M8 — a TPU case. And here's a very quick look at it.

Nothing spectacular here. Just your basic TPU case that wraps around the back and sides of the phone. It keeps the display lifted off of flat surfaces, the better to protect it. Cutouts are there for the cameras and microphones, and there's a little flap to seal up the microUSB port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The HTC logo gets highlighted thanks to a little design work on the case as well.

This isn't the most flashy of HTC One M8 accessories — that prize still goes to the Dot View case. But if you're lucky enough to have gotten one of these guys in the box with your phone, it's worth taking a look at, if only for the additional grip it provides to an otherwise sleek (and slick) phone.


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Quick look: HTC's official TPU case for the HTC One M8


I got the HTC One M8 on contract with VIVA here in Bahrain and found this cover in the box. At first I didn't think I would need it but then realized the phone was quite slippery in my hands being all-metal, so I decided to have a go at using the cover.. after a few days I actually got used to it as it's quite grippy and holds the phone quite well. Got a feeling I will be keeping the cover on for a while!

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I bought the "Cimo [SOFT TOUCH] HTC One M8 Case [SATIN SERIES]" in white, red, and black. They add grip and style without the bulk. They also come in pink and sky blue if you're into those colors. $7 each on Amazon.

This is why I would rather have the Galaxy are probably going to put a case on your phone either way

Probably not...that deals with hardware manipulation or quite the expensive accessory.

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I hear you but plenty of people don't use a case. The M7/M8 speakers are pretty much the only thing about any other device to give me even the slightest phone envy over my N5. Fairly easliy cured by a BT boombox and kernel/eq mods but would be a welcomed addition nonetheless. Meh, now that I'm thinking about it I'd love the water/dust resistance of GS5/Sony's, just not enough to envy lol.

Your point would be valid if the only thing going for the One was it's design. As it stands, it's a pretty damn good phone too.

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Anybody else find it interesting that a video surfaced awhile back showing the M8 surviving over an hour in a sink (though air bubbles came out of the holes), and then an HTC made TPU case shows up that plugs the two holes in the device? I don't think I've ever seen a TPU case built to do that. If water proof/resistance is a hidden feature of this phone, I'm not sure why they'd keep quiet about it...

Care to share share link to the video? I don't recall seeing it.

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All New HTC One (M8) Water Test - Water Resistant?:

Though I found after the fact that an HTC rep cleared it up. The M8 has an IP rating of IPX3, which is better than nothing, but still nothing compared to the S5 and Sony phones. I'd be curious to see how the phone in that video is holding up a couple of months from now.

So let me get this straight, people huffed and puffed and screamed that this is the ONLY good phone on the market BECAUSE it is metal, and then they are going to put an ugly "cheap plastic" TPU case on it?

I bought a "cheap plastic" TPU case to put mine in when I go outside, because I'd rather not drop and damage my $600+ smartphone. If I'm at home or not walking around outside, I go caseless.

I am a big case and screen protector user myself. But personally I think if you are going to spend $600 on a premium phone made of metal (recycled aluminum cans) and still have to use plastic to protect it, it's a bummer. Might as well buy a plastic phone.

I would rather use something like XtremeGuard screen protector for the back, which doesn't provide a lot of protection, but is transparent and let the metal show through.

You put a case on your expensive, premium 600 dollar phone so that in the event it breaks, you don't have to order ANOTHER premium $600 phone. Cases can be removed but at least having one handy isn't bad.

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Every one of the M8 reviews I've seen thus far have two things in common:
1. All claim the phone is very slippery.
2. All are reviewing the gunmetal grey version.

I have the glacial silver version and, while I certainly find it smooth, I don't find it any more slippery than my M7. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just the gunmetal version that's so slippery.

And now, you'll have to pardon me while I check the box my unlocked version came in to see if I missed a TPU case.

Yeah compare the feel of the slippery metal to the slippery plastic... Guess which won't fall.
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Oh and guess what the dimples are for? That is right, traction

As much as I wanted to go to the gun metal coming from a silver M7, I ended up with the silver M8 for this very reason. The silver M8 is definitely not excessively slippery, although I do find it a bit more slippery than M7. But that may be due more to the size of the phone.

Nobody was trash talking Samsung but yet here you are trash talking on an HTC thread seriously can we keep it civil? What will you do if the note 4 ends up being aluminum also then you won't be calling it scratch or dent will you?

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Yes because if you ever drop the phone it will always land face down...

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Phil you know who makes this or where can u buy one? I have looked everywhere and cannot find it.

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Hey, we made this premium metal phone. Now, buy this case to cover it up. *eye roll*

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Great utill the flap for usb and headphone jack stops clicking into place then it drives u mad. Useless after a couple of days!!

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Once the flap on mine stopped staying-put, I just sliced it off, the case still looks svelte and clean and doesn't add much bulk. I'm really happy with it, I wish more manufacturers included a case in the box.

I fitted a skinomi full body techskin clear, bought from Amazon. This fitted with a bumper is the best option in my opinion.

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Oh no! It's so god damn plastic I can't stand it! It feels so extremly cheap and disgusting! Why, oh why, would HTC, that clearly stated that for example the SGS 5 was made out of cheap plastic, put something like this on their all-metal-cause-there-is-nothing-better flaggship phone! Since plastic is so disgusting, ugly and cheap one would expect the almighty-allmetal-HTC to do a protective case in METAL so that it wouldn't feel as cheap and bad as the SGS 5 as they themselves stated........................................... hypocrites... :/ I heard they were making a plastic M8 aswell, wonder how awful that one will be in their own eyes?

Yeah it's a plastic case over a metal phone but the phone still looks good with it on unlike some 3rd party cases. What upsets me is that not everyone who buys the phone will get it and that's unfair.

looks rather on the cheap side but if it stops my £500+ from getting scratched or totally smashed if I drop it then what the heck.

Just got one of these with my new M8 yesterday. Doesn't look cheap at all, really thin, hardly notice it's there and came free with the phone.