You’ve read our hardware review. You’ve read our take on the software and HTC Sense. Now it’s your turn. If you guys have any questions about the Sprint HTC Hero feel free to ask away in the comments! We’ll do our best to compile the questions over the weekend and answer them all in one easy-to-read article.

So if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about the HTC Hero, here’s your chance to find out.

What do you want to know about the Sprint HTC Hero?


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Questions About the Sprint HTC Hero?


I have it and it is truely amazing but I have a few problems. The music always seems to freaze up when ever I'm unlocking the screen and this has happen with both the heros that I got .... also the alarm seems to never ring and always vibrate .... and why is it that whenever I'm playing music the phone stops playing for a second when I get a text message ........p.s for some reason the phone gets better service then my palm pre


Turn your alarm volume up....

'Programs' > 'Clock' > Click the alarm icon (second icon from bottom left) on the bottom of the screen > Tap the alarm you want to edit as if your changing the time > Select 'Alarm Sound' > Once in alarm sound turn the volume up as if your turning up the ringer.

1 down

I went through 3 Heros before I got one that didn't have a crackly speaker. They said it was a problem with the model. So take it back and get another.

I got my Sprint PCS HTC Hero about a week ago. It's a very cool phone, easy to use and feels well made. My poroblem is that everyone I talk to on it says that the sound quality is not that good (not talikng about music sound...just my phone sound). They say it sounds fuzzy or muffeled. So I hang up with them (Hero) and call them from my AT&T cell phone(Razor - business phone)...they all say that the AT&T phone is crystal is it the HTC HERO phone or is it Sprint's network ?...I've never had Sprint before so don't really know what to expect.

Thanks in advanced for any input.

i can tell you from experiance that it is the phone you are using. i have been with sprint and at&t and the sound quality on sprint is hands down better then at&t. i prefer cdma over gsm. the razr has very good sound quality plus crystal talk. i have a moto renegade v950 on sprint and everyone tells me how clear i sound. alot of these smartphones are frogetting that they should be great phones first!

Is there a way to disable the sliding unlock screen? I want to just have a pattern screen for unlocking as opposed to both the sliding and pattern screens. Any help is greatly appreciated

THANK YOU! Genious. I don't get why HTC (or android?) would force the screen lock screen to be used if you have selected to use the pattern lock. So slide to unlock and then make pattern to REALLY unlock.

Annoying. But still, the phone is awesome.

If you want to check the time, pause music, skip track, then you don't want to see the pattern unlock screen, just the locked screen.

Push menu twice to get straight to the pattern unlock screen.

BTW, this is on a UK Orange branded Hero.

you *could* get it to work on verizion if you get the phone off contract, but question is if canada is GSM/SIM or CDMA/nosim sprint htc hero is cdma only uk is GSM

my only question is how it will compare to the Verizon Wireless phone, but that one hasn't been released yet

got the phone early, and love it. still trying to figure out how to personalize all the screens.

i read somewhere that the screen is extremely durable, and will not scratch under normal wear and tear. i think the poster said he tried to scratch his screen with a paper clip, and it held up with no damage. i just wanted to confirm this. i would like to use a screen protector, but the actual screen is so sharp and clear, i would hate to ruin the look.

also, does anyone have trouble hitting some of the keys close to the edge of the screen, ie., the P, Q, L, etc.? or is it just my big fingers?

i tried the calibration tool but the keyboard doesn't go into landscape mode to calibrate.i always type my messages in landscape mode and would like to calibrate the keyboard in that there any way to use the calibration tool in landscape mode?

Guy at the bestbuy store took a key out and scratched the screen and left nothing on the screen. said they coated it with some special Teflon

The guy at Best Buy should put down the key and step away from the phone.

The screen is made of glass and is coated with an oleophilic material (oleophobic coating). This coating makes it more difficult for grease to stick to the screen, hence making it easier to wipe off. Oleophobic coating has absolutely nothing to do with the mineral characteristics of the material used to make the glass screen and would not improve the rating of the screen on the Mohs hardness scale.

The rep probably confused the European HTC Hero which has Teflon coating on the body (only the body, not the screen) of the phone but only the white version is coated, the black version is not coated.

Hope that clarifies ..... and prevents you from showing off to your buddies by stabbing your screen with a knife lol

I just got a Hero. I was debating between the Hero and another phone. The salesman took his car key and scratched the face of the Hero with his key over and over again. NOT ONE SCRATCH appeared on the screen!!! He said he would never be able to do that with any other phone in the store! So, I'm a believer!

I just made the comment about watching the salesman scratch the phone face. This was at a Sprint Store in West Des Moines, Iowa...not Canada. It was not a white phone and neither is the one I purchased! I'm not saying anyone should go out scratching any phone faces anymore than someone should TRY to break anything labeled nonbreakable, but I feel pretty comfortable that my phone is pretty scratch resistant!

Oh well, My biggest gripe is lack of Yahoo email.
I know you can pay 19.99 for Yahoo Plus POP access.
But what on earth is stopping them to work with yahoo yo get that imap access. I had it on my Touch, Instinct, 800W and now on the Pre.

Either Google doesn't care or SPRINT/HTC ignored it.

Do you know a way to get around this issue with no Yahoo Plus account.

That's Yahoo's choice. They think that locking you to yahoo email will make you pay for upgrades. Prove them wrong and make the jump to gmail. (Integration is much tighter than even imap or exchange on the Hero)

I have been using yahoo mail before Google existed as a company.
That's too many emails, attachments,contacts to move them to google.
Besides google mail breaks , there were two outages recently.

Google yourself for "gmail outages".

Or Google for "yahoo email outages". Point being no one person or company is perfect, no matter who was around longer. I dare say it's safe to bet that both Google and Yahoo (and all others) will trip again in the future.

As far as moving over to gmail being a pain, they do make it very easy to import/export. Even if you don't want to switch totally, I think you can set up a gmail account and then forward from yahoo to gmail and have gmail respond as if it were from yahoo. At least you can with some email providers.

I have two google accounts since it was a beta ( and invitation only).
Sure there are tools , and moving content cannot be a technical challenge , but point being, telling folks that you moved and expecting them to send emails to google is going to fail.

There is a reason why folks port their cell numbers when they move to new cell phone carrier.

Set yahoos options to "yahoo Asia". Should be under account then language and time or something similar. It should work. Worked for me

I don't get it, you can't set up Yahoo email on the Hero? I have a few Yahoo accounts and this would totally suck. I remember I used to have this issue with hotmail years ago when I first got a Blackberry.

Oh well,
you have to read the fine print :-).
in the features they say it supports , but then you have to have the yahoo plus account , which means you have to pay yahoo 19.99 a year.

You can use Yahoo accounts. I think the issue is Yahoo PLUS. All my yahoo free accounts work fine on the Hero

I'm confused... Are you saying that you can't activate your free Yahoo mail account with the Hero? If so, not true. I have mine's setup on the Hero. All my Yahoo mail is getting pushed to my Hero.

so what you are saying is , you have a free yahoo mail and it works on HERO ?
really ?
can you tell me the incoming and outgoing yahoo mail servers ?

Yes, the servers are as follows:


I would have a breakdown if it didn't allow Yahoo mail and I refuse to pay for Premium Yahoo. Hero would not have even been an option for me if it didn't push regular Y! mail. But trust, you should be able to set it up on the Hero. I had the G1... same instance there as well.

Thanks much,
But its hard to believe.
I have been breaking my head for the last four days over this thing.
I even called SPRINT about it.The answer was "You need Yahoo Plus".

Did you use SSL and the correct port(993).
I will try it again.

free yahoo email works fine
let the hero set it up automatically
just doesn't work over wifi
must use mobile network
u want it to work through wifi & mobile
get yahoo plus for pop access

I tried using cellular connection.
I switched between POP and IMAP .
I changed the port options too.
It doesn't work.
As simple as that.

may be folks need to give me their incoming and
outgoing mail server address plus the port info too.

My incoming server port is 143 and my outgoing is 25. I hope this helps...

It works for quite a few people. Maybe you have a "lemon". Unfortunately, you may need to exchange your Hero.

Thanks for the port number info. I will try them again.
I tried to change the timezone, and country ( someone at the android forum mentioned it).
I am not sure what the problem is but the thing doesn't work.
The whole thing is reaching the point of frustration.

Its a software problem , I highly doubt exchanging the phone would help. What bugs me is that few folks say they have it working and others say it doesn't work.

I called sprint. They said yahoo will not let you use the imap/pop unless you are a paid yahoo plus user.

It boils down to lack of testing by HTC/SPRINT.
And obviously yahoo don't care too.

I was having a similar issue with my free Yahoo account. It worked at first but the failed to login. All I had to do was shut down, remove the battery, and re-enter the account info. Works fine.
So to confirm... The HTC Hero supports free Yahoo accounts!!!

Remember... it issss a Google phone... not a Yahoo! phone, so of course other emails aren't going to be easy to figure out on it.

I was going to say you could refer to someone's post below about Yahoo identifying you as a mobile user, but I see you have already responded. If that post is truly correct, then that is really ridiculous to not "officially" allow Hero users the ability to push their free mail account to their phones. Hopefully, they will never identify me as a mobile user! (crossing my fingers)

Yahoo works.


1.Turn off WiFi ( if its on)
2.Reboot your Hero
3.Make sure the WiFi is not on.
4.Open the mail client.
5.Choose IMAP/POP Option
6.Choose manual setup.
7.Use the following options.

No SSL , port 143

No SSL port 25

Thank you guys

Remember don't use WiFi to receive or send.

Omg thanks so much for not only figuring this out but for posting it up. My new hero has been driving me crazy with setting up yahoo mail. It is now 2am and I can sleep in peace now cos I've spent all night trying to solve this issue. Thanks so much!

thank you soooooo much i have been trying to set up my yahoo account for three days! I need access to my email at all times. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!:-)

Thanks for the info, somehow I did what you said and it came right in, finally I can access my Yahoo mail! Does anyone know when we will be getting 2.1??? I see other phones getting software upgrades but the HTC Hero for Sprint seems to be left out! This phone is a great phone with alot of possibilities.


To get yahoo mail is quite easy, find the mail widget then start it up or go to all programs and it will be there also, when it asks you to input your mail address just put your one and should work fine and can set up as many as you would like that way, I believe it might say gmail by default just ignore it.

I have experienced Choppy Video Playback on Youtube. I have yet to purchase a Hero, but I have been following coverage on the phone since it's press release. I have been to 3 stores & experienced to same thing. So to A.C. what's the Word? And Current owners how do u guys feel about the video capabilties On Utube/Sprint TV?..

in my own experiences, no other sprint phone handles youtube videos like the Palm Pre. The videos load quick and are clearer than they are on my laptop!

palm pre I agree is the best when it comes to youtube.... hero doesn't do it bad by any means... 10x better than blackberry I'd say half as good as pre

Thanx Guys. Yeah I compared The Pre, Touch Pro 2 and Hero side by side at the Sprint Store. The TP2 & Pre Video Playback were Superb and the Hero was like my Instinct not the best for sure. Hope there can be an up grade to the ROM or something because I really like Andriod.

make sure you guys have the 'watch in high quality' setting turned on in the youtube app:

menu > more > watch in high quality. looks fine to me now.

I don't have this option under my "youtube" app. I have menu > settings with no options for "watch in high quality". Where exactly is this option?

1st when is donuts gonna be available for download..
2nd this battery drain cuz the phone won't go back to sleep after a text is a must have fix why should o have to download a mediocre third party app for my sms and mms for the battery not to be on E after 5 hours
3rd I love my phone still lol

HTC Hero has a awake time vs up time glitch. The battery will last twice as long if you quit using the Hero default Messaging app and use a 3rd party mms/sms manager (Handcent is a good one).
You first need to go into the default Messaging app press Menu>more>setting and uncheck the notification bar feature.
Then you need to DL a sms/mms manager.
Remove and Reinstall battery
Once loaded never use the default messging app again until someone comes up with a patch that fixes this.

You can confirm your awake vs up time ratio by going into setting (from home screen)>about>status scroll to the bottom and you will see "awake time" the higher the percent the worse because it means your phone os has been running like it has been in use (even when you turn off the lcd).

I have shared this with several people and it works great. its the messaging app that never lets the phone sleep.

Wow this is the best battery saving tip I have come across so far. Handcent is a great app and i like it better than the "stock" SMS app.

As soon as I started using Handcent, I checked the awake vs up time and it was down from 100% to 34%. If this makes the battery last as long as i think it will, you're a savior.

I'm having battery issues as well but I'm not near as technical about the phone. Can you explain this again in a language a non-techy would understand.

How long should the battery last with combinations of:
(4)Sprint Data
I've been getting down to like %20 by lunch time every day.

No battery will last that long with all that on. I have widgets for all 4 of them. I keep bluetooth, GPS, and wifi off until I need them. I keep the brightness at 25% - 30% and screen timeout at 30 secs. I am able to go all day with browsing, music, casual gaming, texting, calling, getting emails with some juice to spare.

Get Advanced App Killer from the Market and that will kill all your apps and save your battery!

To be honest, I don't like the "chin" of the European version. Do you guys know whether there will be a European version of this particular phone? I know that there's no GSM-Radio in this one (which would be needed for the European networks), but is HTC planning to release an update of the current HTC Hero which looks like this one - so without the "chin"?

Would be great to get this question answered as well, although it's not really hard-/software-related?



I am not sure, in direct answer to your question. But the chin thing actually is quite ergonomic and makes it a bit easier on the fingers.

I am thinking about getting a android phone I have two question. The first question is can songs I purchased from Itunes play on the phone? The second question is how deep is the integration of third party apps into the phone core functions. Ie on a blackberry apps like poynt and google voice integrate into menu options on core functions of the phone. I have never played with the os on the android but these are two things I like about my blackberry but I may switch based on the answers I read

DRM songs from itunes... no, non-drm'd songs... ie songs for use in mobile devices other than iphone yes... I belive they are the more expensive version of the songs.

google voice is kinda buggy (have to pull up people app to dail with google voice) and kinda hit or miss if it works with the native dialer. There are ways around it but requires disableing most of sence UI by going to

settings>applications>manage applications>HTC SENCE UI>CLEAR DEFAULTS

then press "home" choose android home, then check set as default

this allows closest thing to vanillia android as possible without rooting, google voice works 100% intergrated at that point by either chooseing "always use google voice" or "ask me which to use" for each call

all other apps that require deeper intergration appear to be working fine with gps, google maps, gmail, and the rest of the slew of core android apps.

hopefully that helps as it was a question I had before I got the hero as well ;)

How do the speeds compare to the BB Storm?
Is there a setting or widget to show a agenda view of the calendar? AND...can you show multiple GMail calendars and address books?

never used storm... can't comment

2nd question, the HTC calandar widget allows multiple callendar widgets either on the same "scene" or different "scenes". as a full "scene" month view, or smaller "row" day view.

I don't belive you can have multiple google accounts on the same phone so only one callandar can be linked at one time. (anyone correct me if I'm wrong please)

You don't beleive you can have more that one Google account on the phone (have had mine less than a week - not sure) but if you share your Google calendars and can view them together online, you'll be able to view them that way on the Hero as well. Example: I created my own calendar on Google, my husband has his own calendar on Google, he shared his calendar with me so now I can both calendars online and on the Hero.

About the calendar widget, there isn't currently a widget that will display an agenda on a home screen - you need to go into the calendar application itself, and then hit a button to switch from calendar mode to agenda mode. I personally find this pretty annoying, since the calendar screen doesn't give you any indication of what's going on on a given day.

CalWidget (freely available from the Market) may suit your needs. It's a widget, so you can place it anywhere in one of the seven home screens of the Hero, with several available sizes (2X2,2X4, etc) and it displays a list of coming events (of today and more coming days depending on the choosen widget size and on the number of events). All this in (auto) sync with your Calendar application. It perfectly works on my Hero.

I love it for when I get to work, it automatically puts my phone to vibrate for messages and calls. Then after I leave work I never have to remember to turn the ringer back on. Love that app.

Then I have a time one set up for going to bed that sets all my notifications to silent but leaves my ringer on incase there is an issue or emergency.

How is this accomplished? Do you have to manually change scenes? It sounds to me like you have the ability to set a specific time for the phone to change to different scenes. How is this done and what app are you using?

I am interested in how you set your notifications to silent and only leave your ringer on. I am desperately trying to find a way to shut off the vibrate COMPLETELY and only have the ringer on. I hate hearing the vibrate every time I receive a text. And I dont want to mute everything all together, which seems to be the only way I can turn off the vibrate feature. I would be happy with only the light notification or a small notification sound. I had that option on my Palm, and so far that is my only complaint on the Hero.. Please help if there is a way. Thanks so much!

Go to all msg screen and press menu button then tap "settings". scroll down to "select sound" then while in that screen adjust your volume using side volume buttons. There's also an option there to set vibrate on or off. Also in main settings / sound & display / ringer volume/ if you uncheck the use incoming call volume for notifcation button you can adjust notification volume separate from incoming call volume. Uncheck phone vibrate on that sceen as well if you dont want vibration during incoming calls.

Overall, I like the phone. I have experienced a few hiccups. First, I ripped a dvd to play on the Hero. The video is worse tha choppy. It will freeze (the audio keeps playing) for up to 20 seconds. The other problem is that gcal appts don't sync properly. Appts created on the phone are off by one hour from my gcal acct and vice versa.

Can you do a video showing how responsive typing is? Sometimes touch screen phones with a little lag (e.g., myTouch3G) make fast typing a pain because the SW cannot register the touches fast enough.

I'm a fast touchscreen keyboard typer, I have to slow myself down at times, it does get annoying but it isn't horrible by any means. I owned a 1st gen Samsung instinct and I'd compare the typing VERY MUCH to that one. It's nice in widescreen, accurate (after calibration), but almost slower with the multitouch because of a slight lag. In portriat view it's one handed so no lag is observed by this user.

I know this has kind of been discussed before but not entirely answered. I have Yahoo email. Can the Hero or any Android device deliver push email. Also can either just go check for email like every 15 min. or so. I haven't been able to find clear answers. Thanks!

Yes, it can handle push. I have my free Yahoo mail account setup and it works fine. You can set it to receive mail every 15 or 30 minutes... or every 1, 2, 4 hours... or once a day.

yahoo will work but only if yahoo has not deemed you a mobile user YET! if they have recognized it you will need yahoo plus. Why? I have no idea, two people on the same sprint account, one has to pay yahoo one does not. Its a email racket by hot mail and yahoo i tell ya.

That explains.
I was wondering why it is working for some
and not for others.
however I believe the issue is with the
HTC app. I tried yahoo on the old
HTC Touch , it works fine.
Butt not on this phone.
It sucks.

Has anyone else had an issue with the built in program for Activesync? It will not log-in. I called HTC and the said that the software does not support a user name with a space in between. Sounds stupid to me as I have had Palms and Blackberrys and the SAME email account with the SAME settings worked just fine on them. I downloaded RoadSync and it works but to use teh app beyond 14 days you have to pay $9.99. Not much but seems ridiculous when you have a phone that has a built in app for Outlook.
Any way around this that someone know other than contacting my Exchange admin to have them give me another usernams? We have 5000 employees so that really isn't an option for just me.

Is it possible to easily turn on/off Sense UI and revert back to the standard Android OS? (without any form of rooting, ROM loading, etc)

check above where i described the procedure on how to do it. It's not 100% android stock, but it's close enough hybrid to where you won't really notice a difference. At the same time keeping the things that kick ass... like the keyboard etc.

Some of the questions I have, since you asked:

I use an IMAP email provider (Fastmail) with my own domain. And I make use of multiple folders. one of the top applications on my Centro is ChatterEmail by Marc Blank. With the Android, will I be able to receive push email through IMAP? Will I be able to receive push email to the various folders? Or will I have to set it to pull the folders I want periodically? When he left Palm, Marc said he was going to work on something for Android... has anyone heard from him since?

Does having the calendar sync with the Google calendar drain the battery? Is it a constant sync? Can I tell it to sync once an hour, or once every few hours, if that would save on battery life?

I noticed that contacts in Google Contacts are handled differently than most other email/contact programs. (it uses the full name, the address is all one field vs. separate fields for street, city, etc. If I sync the People with my Google contacts, will that keep all the data or mess it up again? (I'm working to consolidate all my contact lists into Google so I have one source for them all.) Also, Google allows multiple phone numbers and emails for the contacts. Does that translate into the Hero as well, or would it only take one of each type?

Is there someplace where I can see all these 10,000 or so apps without needed to look through the market on the phone? And do apps usually have a trial period, or am I spoiled by the PalmOS experience?

That all I can think of at the moment. Thanks!

1)I haven't configured IMAP, but I see where imap is selectable with HTC's mail app/exchange support. I don't have any desire to configure it but if they include it as an option I'm sure it works the same as push gmail. (you can turn off gmail app from refreshing and just use HTC app)

2)you can configure "google sync" to auto update or manual update, with the addition of manual settings for each of gmail, contacts, or callendar. Same goes for social network settings twitter, flickr, facebook.

3)my hero originally shit the bed when I tried to sync my facebook contacts with google contacts, as it did with the palm pre... the only way around this was to just use google contact sync and complete my "migration" if you will to google contacts. It's done finally, and I'll never look back.

4)most 90% are free, the search function is nice if you know the name, catagories are accurate, and for a "best of the best" just look at "all apps" and sort by popularity (default) it's got a good idea of what apps are basically the best to start off with untill you learn the android market better

I came from the palm pre... and took a *little* getting used to, but holy christ... it's sooo nice once you get used to it. Only complaint is they could work out a better looking multi-task interface instead of "auto-kill" it would be very very choice IMO. webOS does have them there... but it will probally come sooner or later ... android is ever evolving ya know. ;)

I have 4 questions. The first is my deal breaker.

1. I use Outlook 2007 stand alone on my laptop and keep customer information in the notes section of my Outlook contacts. For some reason on the Hero the notes information will sync but will only show a few lines and not all of it. These Outlook Contact notes work perfectly on all Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm WebOS devices and shows all of the notes even if there are several paragraphs worth but doesn't work on the Hero. Is this an Android limitation or Sense UI limitation. I don't have a stock Android device to test this on but because HTC Sync is the only way to sync directly to Outlook from an Android device I am guessing it is an HTC limitation. Hopefully you have the contacts at HTC or Google that can answer how to fix this or verify that it is a problem and promise a fix in a future update.

2. Whenever I am playing music either through the media player or Pandora and the screen goes into standby the music becomes choppy and slowed down. If I adjust the screen to never turn off then I don't have this problem. I have tested this on 2 different Sprint Hero's and it happened on both. Is this a known problem and will there be a fix?

3. Voice dial doesn't seem to work through bluetooth. Is this a known issue?

4. Is everyone having problems with fuzzy pictures and video using this 5 MP camera?


To inuchan ...... yes and here is why when I was using the pre it was very slow with loading anything .. it to like 5 second to load the phone app to make a call :... all that fast.processor stuff is bull ....the pre has also a very limited sdk so for now there are not that many apps for it and most of them are bull. I just switched over from the iPhone 3gs because my bill was way to high for a fin that is ovver hyped.78 persent of the apps on that this are not usable and a waste of time ... the. Games to me get boring after a while too..... don't get me wrong the keyboard on the hero isn't all that great and the phone does slow down to but there are apps in the app store to manage that all other phones do the same thing .. including the 3gs............ I think you should try the phone in the store .... I love it

I have another question could running appps off the sd Card be achieved through a soft wear update or is that mainly hard wear and a new phone will have to come with that for Android ?

I'd put the question about running apps from sd card as a guarenteed eventuality... i don't have much on my phone and I only have 120MB free internal space, while I have a 16GB microsd, it just doesn't make sence, once the calls come in about full storage space they will more than likely release a fix for this as palm did for the pre, 512mb NAND flash is a finite limit so the only other place to get this storage is from sd card.

I did a side by side comparison between the Pre and the Hero on a point-based system and the Pre came up on the upper hand, but i want to see how others have compared the two together. I would like to see others opinions. I really love the Pre's multi-tasking card view, but like the customizing, virtual keyboard and apps on the android... I guess I need patience for the pre to catch up, but the sleekness and virtual keyboard of the Hero is awesome.

Anyway, input anyone???

I went from a Pre to a Hero. I used the Pre to death. In my opinion, the only things I miss about my Pre is the swapping between cards and the youtube quality(only watch a youtube clip VERY rarely) and the flash on the camera.

The sound quality on the calls is way better on the Hero. The speaker isn't even close to compare. The app selection speaks for itself, plus they have a ton of "cool" apps that are actually useful(Compareanywhere is a great example with the barcode reader). I like the facebook integration much better for my contacts(getting to pick which facebook friend to associate with a contact instead of the Pre just adding every damn one of them).

Overall I would say the Pre was a 8 and the Hero is a 9(after you install the 3rd party MMS client to actually be able to use your phone).

Sorry I have both a Palm Pre and the HTC Hero, I like the Hero better but with the new updates to the Pre (camcorder, software, etc), I don't know! But I still prefer the Hero over the Pre!

I have the Pre and the Hero. The Hero does many things well with a great interface and tons of apps. The biggest gripes that I'm trying to get used to are the software keyboard, poor quality of videos on YouTube, and poor multi-tasking.

"The biggest gripes that I'm trying to get used to are the software keyboard, poor quality of videos on YouTube, and poor multi-tasking."

For individuals not used to viryual keyboards, it may be a little hard to get used to. This keyboard works better than the keyboard I had on my Instinct and I HATED the hard keyboard on my Pre. In re: to the Multi-tasking; Pre is definately the king of multi talking, howver, you can click and hold "home" to pull up 6 tasks that you have used (like IM, INternet and whatever) and you can switch to them. Kinda like hold Alt on your PC keyboard and then tapping the TAB key. =) I'm slowly but surely getting used to it and loving it...

Just use Advanced Task Manager from the Market 99 cents.

Will kill everything except exceptions you define with one click of an icon.

The biggest blunder by Sprint is following in Apple/AT&T footsteps with their bundled plans.

So whether you use it or not the cheapest calling plan is $70. They should have just made it so you could pick your calling plan of choice/need and add a data plan to it.

Also, the no tethering is a HUGE mistake.

What sprint needs is the ability to differentiate themselves. Instead they are sheep following the Apple/AT&T herd.

When will someone put the customers needs first and let that drive their profits????

Anyone else had issues with stereo output coming from the headphone jack? I read where it has to do with the impedance of the headphones used. I have some Ultimate Ears super fi 5's (pretty high quality) and all I can get out it is mono. Ordered the adapter for the mini-USB as I read all sound coming from the miniUSB is stereo.

Is there a simple way to remove or disable sense and just use stock android? I foresee some complications with incorporating new android updates into sense. I.e. 1.6 is still not in Sense. Also 2.0 sounds like its add lots of new features and enhancements. How will it make it to sense. Especially if these new features are duplicating what HTC hand coded in?

All Android builds are upgradeable, you just have to wait until HTC takes the new build, rebuilds Sense using the new build, then distributes it to Sprint for OTA upgrades.

Do you think we will be able to upgrade to Android 2.0 (when it is released) in my Sprint Hero phone, or we will have buy new hardware?

"The biggest gripes that I'm trying to get used to are the software keyboard, poor quality of videos on YouTube, and poor multi-tasking."

For individuals not used to viryual keyboards, it may be a little hard to get used to. This keyboard works better than the keyboard I had on my Instinct and I HATED the hard keyboard on my Pre. In re: to the Multi-tasking; Pre is definately the king of multi talking, howver, you can click and hold "home" to pull up 6 tasks that you have used (like IM, INternet and whatever) and you can switch to them. Kinda like hold Alt on your PC keyboard and then tapping the TAB key. =) I'm slowly but surely getting used to it and loving it...

Hi all.

I'm having an interesting problem. Or what I find to be interesting anyway. I'm receiving emails fine. Sending new emails fine. But having an issue replying to emails. I keep getting a notification that I was "unable to send mail. (Exchange ActiveSync)" This is my work email by the way. Any advice? Did I set up the phone wrong?

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the phone. And ESPECIALLY the service. I'm a iPhone 3G / AT&T convert. It's not AS intuitive perhaps as the iPhone, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Especially the making calls with no issues part.

I am having the same problem! I tried contacting my IT department. They thought maybe my inbox was over it's size limit, but turns out that was not the issue...

At least you can write new emails!! Neither reply emails nor newly composed emails will go through for me. They just sit in my outbox. I was wondering if it was more than a send problem. I noticed that my draft/sent folders aren't syncing up either. My sent folder is completely empty (even though I have sent mail in my computer outlook's sent folder), and my emails in my Hero's "drafts" folder do not show up in my drafts folder on my computer. Everything else (calendar, contacts) appears to be working fine too. Such a pain!!

Any ideas???? Thanks!

I have seen this on other non-Windows Mobile EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) clients. Try using your domain\username for your account rather than username@domain.tld because, depending on how IT has configured things, you may find that one works and the other doesn't.

Have the Exchange 2003/Active Sync issues been addressed? Namely, is there a definitive setup for the changes that should be made to the exchange server in particular. I'd love to use the support natively, but even with the RoadSync app I run into similar of validation.

Hi I have wireless sycn trough my company now when I try to set it up under username my comapany has a domain I guess so when I login have has to be ustin\username and then password but when I use "\" the app for sync automatically rejects it can someone throw me a bone here.

I use David Allen's Getting Things Done to stay on top of my work. To do this I use Outlook and tasks as well as inbox folders to organize my work. Can I sync to the Hero? If so what apps do I need? If I have to use a service that is in the cloud is the browser good enough to be able to read the notes, etc.?

I have my Hero for a 4 days now and i can say that is a great device
I'm coming from a BB 8330

The Good

1.- I'm a very social Person so i keep my contact.. Even tough it doesn't have Palm's sinergy which i really like on the Pre. form the Contact address book list i can sync it to my facebook account. I like that it display Status messages right from the phone without going to the face book app.

2.- I used google apps for mostly everything so i like the fact that it syncs to all its apps.

3.- I like HTC Scenes.

Battery is Good. considering that i got GPS running, facebook, Meebo, Gtalk, N i stay textin 24/7

the Bad :

1.- Is it just me or the accelerometer on this phone is too damn slow. i own an ipod touch and i used for AIM and other instant messenger apps. but This phone i have to wait like 4 to 6 seconds for the keyboard to turn.ughhh

2.- I cant seem to be able to sync it to my pc. HTC wont recognize my phone. ( windows XP 2002 service pack 3)

3.- i cant Find one Good Solid Facebook App. Like the one for the Iphone or ipod touch where i can read post, status, inbox, view pics and CHAT

I've had a Hero since BestBuy pre-sales started last Friday and everything seems to be going well so far. Have some issues adjusting to virtual keyboard (coming from Treo 755p), but manual calibration seems to help.

One issue which has escaped mention is that there is no way to specifically control which contacts sync with Bluetooth devices (e.g., with a car's hands-free).

Although my Treo presented only the contacts which appeared in Favorites so that I was able to create a scrollable 'hotlist' for my car connection, the Hero seems to present all contacts (over 2000) despite testing with Favorites, SpeedDial lists or contact groups...

Any thoughts?

The phone has a favorite list. have you tried it?.. another problem i ran to with the phone is the FTP bluetooth. i paired it with my prebious bb8330 and it seem fine however i couldnt send or receive any pictures or files. :/ ..

Okay...a question for y'all who have had the phone for a bit. I see a lot of discussion about all of the things the Hero can do, and color me impressed by that...but what I haven't found much on is how well it works know....a phone. How's the voice/call quality? All the apps in the world won't do me any good if people think I'm crinkling wax paper when I talk to them.

It works GREAT as a phone !! Calls are crystal clear and the ear piece volume is loud , speaker phone works well also, I really have zero complaints about this phone , I came from the Palm Pre and this phone blows the Pre out of the water, its not even close. My 1 complaint is the auto focus of the camera, but you can turn that feature off, and it works much better without the auto focus

how can you set a downloaded ring tone for your text notification? when I down load a ring tone it only lets me make it as a incoming call ring tone? any ideas?

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there is some way to fix it. I've installed a lot of programs but three seem to have a similar problem. A short time after the installation of these programs, the names of these apps change from their original name to something that started with 'com.' For instance, Meebo is now called com.Meebo.buddylist.BudduListActivity. The only way I have been able to fix this problem is by uninstalling and re-installing the apps. The apps that have done this are Meebo IM, Personal Assistant, and Translate. Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi I have wireless sycn trough my company now when I try to set it up under username my comapany has a domain I guess so when I login have has to be ustin\username and then password but when I use "\" the app for sync automatically rejects it can someone throw me a bone here.

AMAzing PHone have had the storm,touch pro, treo 755p and Palm Pre by far the best phone just so amazing, for example compared to the storm well only thing it has is the BIS/BES really cuz its sloooooow and not even with the updates does it improve it, HTC Touch pro well windows based good phone but after a few apps Sloow not only that but really expensive and screen is just too small. Palm pre I say is copared to all other 2 best of them 2 yes it has about the same widjet in a way but I just did not like the keyboard on it and heard from sprint tech repair if it falls its more than likely going to brake. So HERO wow best 179.99 I ever spend plus apps up the well you know. Just a great phone I only had it for 3 Days but every day is like I learn from it.... Recommend by far.

Not a lot has been written on which Exchange/ActiveSync/EAS policies are supported on the Hero. My company's IT group won't approve the Hero for business use because remote wipe does not work. Any idea why this isn't included or when HTC plans to add this? I understand there is an app called Touchdown that includes this functionality but native support is preferred.

I was at the Sprint store and i had a hard time switching from vertical to horizontal was it because if me having to fight with security cable while holding or is it not perfect?
Also, Does the horizontal keyboard work on ALL apps?

I have the phone and the vertical>horizontal doesn't work nearly as smoothly as it should. This is probably one of my biggest complaints about the phone.

I have so far been unsuccessful in downloading any attachments in emails - is anyone else having this problem?

i would like to see a list of necessary tasks for the ui and what effect killing these tasks will do to the system. also, why some tasks come up after killing them.

also, anyone have trouble with the wifi connection being weak?

Let me first off say I REALLY like this phone, but I don't like built in media player. I can't see the album art and it skips on me all the time. When it skips my phone completely locks up. I removed the SD Micro flash card and installed a new one, thinking it was the card, the problem remained. I then tried another free media player and it works, some of the time. Any ideas?

Issue two, the built in Flash player? Is it turned on my default? I can't view any Flash video? Whenever I try to view a Flash video I get an error saying I don't have Flash installed on my phone.

Calendar issue - I have been having an issue with entering items manually into the calendar. When I hit the date, like Wed, Oct 21, for example, it pulls up Wed, Oct 28, the next week. After a few tries, it pulls up the right date. I can see that I'm pressing the right button, as it highlights in green, but it pulls up the wrong date. This doesn't ALWAYS happen, but about half the time. It's very annoying, as you REALLY have to watch for the date that comes up. Any suggestions?

Love the phone...

Now that I said that I bought mine from Best Buy on the Preview day on Friday the 9th with no Google logo on box or phone... Had to exchange mine today and got one with a " With Google" logo on box. I have read that there is no difference between the ones that have the logo and ones that don't but my new one is way faster and snappier... maybe its just me but I believe there is a little difference between the 2 builds. Maybe it has a different patch on it. Also I noticed that on my first one it asked me to update the visual voicemail but on the new one with the " with google" logo it didnt

I am interested in getting a HTC Hero can anyone tell me if I can have exchange servers connected to receive email. I currently have two work email address I would like to sync?


Can I take Mike's question one step further? I currently sync calendar and contacts via Activesync on my WinMo phone with my work exchange server (wireless) and my desktop Outlook application at home (tethered USB). The phone serves as the conduit to sync changes made at either work or home.

I see that the Hero will sync wireless with exchange, but I am still unsure if it will sync tethered to a desktop PC like Activesync does. Could anyone confirm? If it won't do it stock, is there an app that is available to replicate Activesync?


I am really enjoying the phone. For some reason there is quite a lag between when I receive a voicemail and when it shows up on my phone. I can still call in to get the new ones but why would there be a lag?

Is there a way to reduce the frequency of the syncing of the Android GMail app (not the HTC mail app)? I can't find a setting for it and I'm sure it's destroying my battery to be getting notified the instant I have a new email.

is there a third party app for voice dialing? i find it a little counter-intuitive that in order to confirm the voice dialing, i actually have to look down at the phone and select by touch. isn't the point to voice dialing so you can use the phone without picking it up and looking at it?

also, i find it doesn't pick my voice very well, and provide me with options far from what i said.

I have the HTC Hero and I am trying to download the Bar code scanner and it says "started download..." for the part 30 min.
Any idea why this could be happening?

Ok i been reading all the comments about the phone and i honestly say we all agree that is a great device.. Of course we will never bee amazed because they cant never release a device that has everything.
Let me give back my feedback again. I have the Phone for a week and some day now.

1. I saw a couple comments about the sync with Ms outlook exchange and the phone does it. as far as syncing it with the Desktop version i haven't test it. however you can always use Google sync as a middle man to sync contacts with the phone.

2.- i Improved greatly my battery life by : Taken off the Stay Awake Feature. STopped Using the OS SMS app, Disabling The GPS. Enabling WIFI and Bluetooh only when i was actually using it. and using Advance task manager.

I love the phone the only thing like i previously said is the Accelerometer on the keyboard has a couple seconds delay, When i use WIFI or Charge My phone IT GETSSS REALL HOT !!.. as far as other issues well i just have to wait for a ROM update.., We have to remember this is Sprint's 1st android. And regarding Sprint Bundle Plans . Well for the Price that they offer you cant Beat it.

Coverage is Good
69.99 For 450 Min ( any mobile Anytime_
Unlimited TXT
Unlimited Internet ( GPS, SPRINT TV, MUSIC, EMAIL)
Nights Free AFter 7 pm
And You become a Sprint Premier. Which means you automatically get 25 Percent of in accessories and a FULL handset Discount every year.

So where is this write up going to be? I've been waiting all week for it. Is it going to have a link from this page?

hey so i tried changing the notifaction sound to a song or something and it said i put it there. but everytime someone texts me it's just a jingle instead of a song, does anyone know how to change the text messaging song to my song?

I have a question about three way calling. Do you have tohang up on everyone or can you end one call at a time?

Also, does the hero have msn live search, like the instinct?

I just got the Hero and I love it! The only problem is that it gets hot when I use it. Should I be worried?

This is driving me nuts, how can I turn AIM off so it doesn't automatically log me in whenever I start the phone?

I'm currently tasked with testing the Hero for use within our corporate environment. I currently have a T-Mobile G1 and have been using the Android OS for many months.

One issue that has popped up as a concern is meeting requests sent from a Blackberry do not display the time / date of the meeting. If you send a meeting request from Outlook it displays the time and date in addition to if you send the request from Android to Blackberry.

Does anyone have any insight on this issue as it is currently the only thing holding back the deployment of this device.


I have this question I have the hero I use to have the pre I like them both my wife now has my pre my question is this. On the pre when you are talking the screen will go dark then when you go to hit a key for the hit blah blah for so and so it will light up my hero does not do that I have to hit the on button is there a setting for that?


I've had my Sprint Hero for almost one it!! so far. My wife and I bought it almost on a whim and I didn't do much in the way of research. We used to have Sprint Instincts, it has a great Exchange mail app that uses OWA and worked great, could send and receive email and also check my schedule for any day. I just downloaded Touchdown for my Hero, not loving it, it will not allow me to send email and I can only look at one day of my schedule. Does anyone have an idea of an other app. that will work similar to the Instinct? I really want to keep this phone but...


I am disappointed at how poorly the Google Contacts were imported. I have several contacts that are businesses only (pizza, golf courses, etc) where I left the person's first and last name blank and populated only the 'business' field in my online Gmail contact. My Hero does not recognize them and shows them all as 'unknown'. To fix this, I'll need to populate the name field with something meaningful.

I am highly frustrated with my Hero and my Yahoo mail. What I really need is a basic "walk me through, hold my hand" tutorial and I can't find one (plenty for the iPhone and Blackberry, though). I've had Yahoo's Plus service for years and when I clicked the Mail icon on my Hero, my mail imported fine. But my mail is just my Inbox. My folders (aside from Drafts, Trash, and Sent) aren't available and I have a lot of mail filters set up so incoming mail dumps directly into various folders or I move certain other things that I want to keep right away. And as far as I can find, my address book and calendar aren't available. I tried to forward an email using a nickname from my address book, and got an "unknown" message. I *did* finally figure out how to delete multiple messages.

I've read through all the previous threads and, quite frankly, a lot of them assume a base level of knowlege I just don't have. Widgets, sleeping after texting by doing thus and such, pushing from yahoo to gmail, etc., while probably not that complicated is not something I understand, yet. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can find a tutorial or, know how I can access the rest of my ymail features? Thanks so much!

One neat thing is how my contacts moved... I had the misfortune of dropping my 4 day old Hero into a cup of coffee after I had my contacts moved to it from another phone etc... It was a good thing I got the insurance and received a new HERO in a few days.. When I activated, all my contacts were synced from Google!! I was very happy because my old phone had had its contacts wiped! Contacts saved by Google...

ok. There are many glitches with this phone..

1 - one time, my camera did not want to display.

2 - accelerometer is slow, so is multitouch typing.

3 - When I toggle sprint TV, my pandora for some reason always opens, and nothing for sprint tv.

4 - battery gets hot with use, especially after on the charge.

5 - laggy as heck. Takes a few seconds to open an app or toggle the simplest tasts.

But i still like the phone. I was ganna swap it for the pre, but realized / hope that this will all get polished after the firwire update...

Question. How can I add my own sounds to the Notifications list? The alarm doesn't stand a chance at waking me up as it is, and not being able to change the sound of incoming text messages to anything other than Sprint "ding" noises is a bit ridiculous. I looked for a "notifications" folder on the SD card, and even tried creating one and dropping small mp3's into it, and that didn't do anything. Is it possible?

On your pc create a folder and name media. Inside that folder create sub folder "audio" and in that one three separate folders. Alarms, Notifications, and Ringtones. Drop in sd card. Worked for me. Hope that helps.

this phone is really frustrating. Calling doesn't work, texting doesn't work, and i wish i could transfer itunes to this phone. maybe its just my phone, but thats pretty lame that they would have a phone that's broken.

Does anyone know how to change the settings, so that when the phone is on vibrate and I get a text message it vibrates more than once. It's always in my pocket, and I keep missing messages. Thoughts? Thanks...........

My question is: I'm thinking about geting the Hero and I wanted to know if it has an Itunes app so I can transfer my songs on my laptop to the phone and also can I just go and purchase songs and movies from Itunes if the Hero has that app?

Which phone is better the HTC Hero or the HTC Touch Pro 2?

I've come across some issues regarding text and email. So listen to the scenario. Three times in the last month, I have not received text or email. When I call Sprint Techs, they can see the text in my inbox yet I can't receive them; this is to say I will never get them at all! So text are gone forever. So I look at my phone and realized wi-fi was on but not connected and mobile was off! I turn mobile on and send myself and email and a text and received them. Sounds good right??? Nope! I still didn't receive the old text. But it gets worse. So thinking that it must need a connection, I turn off both connections, wi fi and mobile and asked my girlfriend to send me three text...guess what happened? I received all of them.

It just doesn't make sense to me. How am I to rely on this??? Anyone else experience this??

When I'm not connected through WI-FI or Mobile I still receive text and email.

I had the same problems with my text messages and my phone calls, but on another sprint phone.

I called sprint and told them I was going to cancel and they sent me an AIRWAVE for free and waived the monthly activation fee for it.

It is a mini tower, so to speak, that you plug into a wireless router, and it boosts the signal.
Since then I haven't had any missed phone calls that I never received and my text messages are all on time.

im getting an htc hero tomorrow. after reading some of these comments im worried. I am a big fan of yahoo mail. i wouldnt mind setting up gmail tho. my fear is not being able to access my email from my phone. cant i just go to the browser and go to to check my email? i like the forwarding idea tho. how do i do that? need some advice and suggestions!!!

I havent had any problems with my yahoo mail account at all. Its just a free account and I just followed the promts in email setup on the phone to set it up. One thing thats a little inconvenient is the way you have to view attachments though. You have to save them to the sd card and since the phone doesnt come with a file explorer you'll need to download one from the market. There are plenty to choose from, its just the fact that you have to exit out of email and enter your file explorer and locate the attachment to view it. Thats the only way Ive found to do it anyway. You are right though, you can just use your browser and navigate to and sign in to your email there. You wont get email notifications sent to your phone that way though....

Is there a way to get more ALARM sounds? I used the Palm Treo, and I was able to make my own sounds for the alarm.

ok i made a pattern lock on my phone n i was messing with it and it said "forgot password?" on the bottom and i clicked it and said to put in my google account email and password and i did but it doesnt work and i cant go back to the pattern lock page and now i cant use it b/c its all locked!! can somebody plz HELP!!!! im losing my mind here

I just got the htc hero and have three questions about texting...

1. Is there a way to set up texting so you can see the time the message was sent/received?
2. Can you set up texting so when you receive a message it shows up on the full screen instead of in the notification bar? The icon is so small I don't see it sometimes.
3. How do I set up my texting so my messages are only one message long? I found the 200k, 500k, 1m setting, but don't know if that's what I want, or which one to choose...

Is the HTC Hero capable of being used outside of the USA? Does it have a SIM card so that I can use it out of the country when I travel?

I'm having an issue with certain mms msg's not downloading. I get a notification telling me who the msg is from, an expiration date,msg size, and an option to downlad. When I tap on that I get two notifications saying download was unsuccessful, one popup and one in my notification bar. The one in my notification bar says to reveiw the msg and try again but this never works. I've tried researching this as a possible known issue but havent found anything on it. Anyone else having the same problem or have any ideas? Thanks for any help you may have to offer!

Have you noticed if its happening with a certain contact or is it random with you? Also Ive had another odd issue with the mms msg's. Twice now Ive gotten a msg marked as from "hidden sender". When I go to all msg's its marked "anonymous". When I try to acccess it says no msg found. Have you experienced this as well? Trying to find some sort of pattern here...

I have a few gripes with bluetooth (no file transfers or contacts), the keyboard orientation, and a few other problems mentioned above.

The biggest problem is sound quality, watching a video or listening to a song is horrible on the speakerphone, you'll need to turn it all the way up to hear it with any type of background noise, if your in a silent room 3/4 will work, but the tinging (distortion) of the speaker phone sounds like it's blown... Am I really the only one that has issues with this cheap sounding audio??

I'm thinking people are just overlooking this because of all the other great features, but my sound quality suffers with or without headphones, headphones will stop the distortion, but it still isn't loud at all, and im using Sony MDR-V700's which are designed for Dj'n and sound good in everything I put it in.

A great phone but my audio is junk, I'd return it but I paid 20$ for a screen protector and I'm worried the sound won't get any better, and its just a very cheap sound board and speaker on all models.

Someone please be honest about their sound quality for media.

i want to delete a songs from my music but it doesnt show me the delete option.
does anyone know how to delete it!?

i downloaded all my cds to my computer and it shows all of the album art but when i downloaded my cds from my computer to my hero it only showed a few albums with do i get the hero to show all of the album art?

Download album art grabber from the market place... works great. Thats the only way I know to do it as of right now.

i brought the app you recomended but i can't install it.i got a refund and brought it again,same problem.i turn off the phone and took out the battery,didn't work.what should i do?

Hmmm.... Thats odd. Ive downloaded several apps from the market and havent had any problems installing at all. Are you getting an error msg? Have you downloaded and installed any other apps successfully?

yes i have.right after i had this problem i brought the better keyboard app and it downloaded just fine.the album art grabber app is still just sitting there in the market place with the word purchased right next to it.theres no error msg,it just says download unsuccessful every time i try to download it.


Every time the Hero turns off and back on it stops working correctly and not access any data connection as well it gives me and error message. So then I have to do a hard reset to get the phone working again and have to set it up all over again. Why does it do that?

I have an htc hero running the original latest rom 2.73.405.5 wwe. I have 2 questions:

1-when I link a facebook profile to a phone contact and I use the facebook picture for his contact detail in the phone the resolution is very low and when the contact calls me the image is blurred. But on the internet facebook profile is totally fine. Looks like the phone is downscaling the picture when importing. How can I fix this or is a known bug?

2-I would like to be able to copy on my phone pictures from the facebook albums from the htc people application, but it doesnt seem possible (no option for it, I can only look at it).

3-text prediction works well for mail and sms, BUT, even if I set text prediction on in the settings, it is not available/working during typing of web addresses in the browser or in the search box in the android market and other places. why is that? this is another bug right?


It is a fabulous post

In wireless headsetIndividuality of HTCH touch dual phones are that they have massive memory, advanced Windows operating system which makes the phone very useful for official purpose. The phone is also quip with user friendly features which make its a useful phone for all users. They just have to use there fingers guiding them to different applications and features

Honestly i so called messed up my sister's sprint HTC hero phone by clicking the forgot pattern, how can i get pass this without knowing her password and username, she does not know it as well. is there a way i can resolve this issue. she's mad and it's hurting me :/
She needs to find a way to get out of this without restoring the whole phone over again

I go to Market and try and download Advanced Task Killer Free it says started download... but doesn't download. I have the unlimited plan for $70. Help! =)

just got the phone. I go to market and currently downloading Advanced Task Killer all it says is Starting download... I have the unlimited everything plan. help??

I'm having trouble with my HTC Widget Clock. Does anyone know how or why my current time would think I'm in EST when I'm actually in PST? The time it displays is off by 3 hours, yet the real time in the upper right corner is correct. I tried deleting the clock and re-adding it, rebooting the phone, etc, but nothing seems to work. Anyone come across any issue like this and get around it? Any help would be much appreciated.

I want to know if there is anyone else who is having problems with their HTC hero GPS system. When I am travelling from one city to another, it does not recognize the new city and thus does not update.I had a previous phone and it showed one city's name for 3 hours-until I went to the Sprint store for repair. The tech that called himself fixing it did not. He was not as savvy as me. I was told not to worry about. However, I travel a lot and if I need to contact AAA, my job or anyone else, I would not be able to give them the correct location. It is a safety issue for me. Please help!

I'm getting the htc hero(im with sprint)
and i was wondering what the pro's and con's are getting this phone
before i buy the phone

I'm currently using Handcent, and I can't seem to figure out which set of notification settings I need to have so that my phone will vibrate or ring that I have a text message WHILE I'm on the phone. The program works amazingly well when I'm not on the phone, but sometimes I'll hang up and all of a sudden I've got 5 or 6 unread messages.
Thanks in advance for any help!

I just purchased an HTC hero today and was super excited to find out I could have pandora on it! I downloaded the app no problem, but the songs won't play! When I pick the station I want to listen to, a green circle comes up in the center of my screen, but no music. What am I doing wrong?

This is going to sound really stupid, but I can't get the back cover off. I've read that it is supposed to just pop off, but mine does not and I'm scared of breaking something. I don't need to remove it at the moment, but if the phone ever freezes and I need to remove the battery, I'm screwed. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

While the back of the phone is facing you, slide the cover forwards (towards the top of the phone), then it should lift right off.

i know that the htc hero comes with a 2g microsd.
i tried to put in my 8g and nothing happens?
what am i supposed to do to make my hero respond and to be able to transfer everything i need from the other card to this one?

why do I get text from "9103" 20-30 times a day? And its nothing just a 25 number text.... I get them all times of the day and night and Im going to throw this thing....

also When I try to watch a video I get an error message saying that the unit does not support it.... I'm just watching espn....

I see this post is a couple months old, but for anyone else having this problem, after plugging in the Hero to the comp Windows will try to install it. Don't bother with it, just hit cancel. On the Hero you need to pull down the Notification/Status bar, you will see a notification about HTC Sync and one about connecting to the computer. Click the one about connecting to a computer, a dialogue box will pop up asking you to Mount or Cancel - click 'Mount'. What this does is disconnects the SD card from the phone and instead allows the computer to read it like a flash drive. Windows should take care of the rest, it will show up as a removable drive.

I am having trouble downloading music and data from my computer to my HTC hero by Sprint. Per the user guide it says connect the phone to computer using USB cable, I followed the remaining instruction but my computer (windows Vista) then asks me to insert disc which came with the phone. Unfortunately, the phone did not come with a disc - Can anyone advise what I should do to get around not having a disc to insert??? Is there a easier way?


Unfortunately i dont have a response to you concerning this matter but i was wondering if you have received an answer to your problem because i am having the same issue with my htc hero??

Hello all,
I am having trouble downloading music and data from my computer to my HTC hero by Sprint. Per the user guide it says connect the phone to computer using USB cable, I followed the remaining instruction but my computer (windows Vista) then asks me to insert disc which came with the phone. Unfortunately, the phone did not come with a disc - Can anyone advise what I should do to get around not having a disc to insert??? Is there a easier way?


Back to the Yahoo mail problem!! From day one, I had no problem accessing my FREE Yahoo from my phone. Just entered my email address and password, it auto configured the imap settings. Then yesterday...gone. Authentication errors. Ive tried switching to the pop settings instead of imap, didnt work. I changed my location to, didnt work. Ive changed my password to make sure I wasnt being a dumbass, didnt work. Looks like either google or yahoo doesnt want yahoo on this phone.

HTC Hero ( pissing me off )

I am having the same exact problem. So I am curious as to know if anyone knows how to fix this.
I was instructed to go to the sprint store and they gave me a new hero, but the problem still is happening on the new HERO.

I posted this to the comment above, but I really meant for it to go to you.

I am having the same exact problem. So I am curious as to know if anyone knows how to fix this.
I was instructed to go to the sprint store and they gave me a new hero, but the problem still is happening on the new HERO.

I fixed my yahoo free mail problem by turning on location services(so the target symbol appears on top bar).
hope this helps.

im having troble with my heros video messaging.when i get a video message i can only see about 4 seconds of the video and no sound regardless of how long the video is.i tried sending myself a video message that was about 15 seconds long and the same thing i have my settings wrong or something? please help.

i have a hero and a pre. the hero is a good phone, but when comparing to the pre, the pre has a faster processer eaiser to use, a friendlier interface and a better screen rotation and pinch and zoon function. if the hero were to address the the pinch and zoom function it would probably be the best phone on the market. also the hero has flash player light with full flash player planned sometime next year hopefully. it may be minor thing to some, but to others small improvements can mean alot. once these get addressed and an update to 1.6 or even 2.0 comes the would be the best device on the market

I love the hero, but I recently spent two hours on the phone trying to trouble shoot my phone, and in the end I was referred back to get my hero replaced by the store I purchased it at only to find that the same problems are also happening on the new phone.

my issues are these:
after countless software updates, as instructed by customer service my text messaging time is never right. This causes a problem because the phone puts the messages in order by time. The time on my phone is correct but my message infrequently come in at a earlier time, putting replies to message far back enough that I have to wade through a ton of recent conversation to obtain the most recent received text message.

my second issue is that I can pull up video mail for about 5 seconds. The video mail doesn't play the whole thing, and the sound is missing even though my media volume is all the way up. I've had the same videos sent to my other sprint phone and they play just fine.
I also can't pull up pictures. I can see the thumbnail but nothing else.

my last issue is that I downloaded and paid for some applications and they are missing from my downloads. I am not quite sure how to resolve any of these issues, but if anyone has any advice or answers I would love it! At this point I am willing to try just about anything to get my phone to do the basics.

So, i work at sprint and am having the hardest time. How the hell do I set up voice dialing for bluetooth to the HTC Hero? is there an app for that or what? please people let me know so that I can help you.

So, i work at sprint and am having the hardest time. How the hell do I set up voice dialing for bluetooth to the HTC Hero? is there an app for that or what? please people let me know so that I can help you.

I use a website called and

I can access the site using my hero and also put in my id and password...but once I do this it seems like it is "working" but will never actually get into the site....

Is this maybe another wifi issue??

This is kind of confusing, and a lot of people have been having trouble with this. When you connect your SD card to a computer (see an earlier post for instructions) you need to set up some folders. Make a folder called 'media'. Inside that folder make three other folders called 'ringtones', 'alarms', and 'notifications'. Put any sound files you want to use in the appropriate folder, and if there is something you want to be available for multiple purposes, such as both a ringtone and an alarm then you need to put a copy of it in each folder. This is how the Hero determines which sound files are available for which purpose. If you use a program like Ringroid you can edit audio files (like cutting a ringtone from a full song) and give you the option to save it as a ringtone or a notification tone.

is there any way you can set downloaded ringtones for text messages. i download ringtones and it only allows me to set as incoming calls. can someone help me on how to change the other alerts to a downloaded ringtone?

This is kind of confusing, and a lot of people have been having trouble with this. When you connect your SD card to a computer (see an earlier post for instructions) you need to set up some folders. Make a folder called 'media'. Inside that folder make three other folders called 'ringtones', 'alarms', and 'notifications'. Put any sound files you want to use in the appropriate folder, and if there is something you want to be available for multiple purposes, such as both a ringtone and an alarm then you need to put a copy of it in each folder. This is how the Hero determines which sound files are available for which purpose. If you use a program like Ringroid you can edit audio files (like cutting a ringtone from a full song) and give you the option to save it as a ringtone or a notification tone.

I recently got the HTC Hero as an upgrade from the Instinct. The phone is cool and there are plenty of free apps but one of the main reasons I got the phone was for the voice activated dialing and voice search features, which I use all the time. I asked the Sprint salesman before I bought the phone if it had both, like the Instinct. I have not been able to get this damn thing to voice dial yet. Every time I have tried, in the car or at home in a quiet room, this thing comes back with some number not even close to what I was asking it to dial. Is there a setting to sync the device to my voice or is it just a drawback to this phone? Also, the manual(s)that I got with this phone are not very helpful, hence my visit to this site.

Hi I use the firmware update and everything but I am having problems where my Sprint HTC hero is repeatedly turning off after even the slightest of touches to the back or even the sides. I literally cant drop it more than 3 inches onto a pillow without it shutting off. Its such a pain bacause it takes so long to power on..Please Help!!!

I was wondering how you turn the sms on silent I have done what it told me to do and i just can not seem to find it.

I was wondering how you set the sms to silent I have followed the directions and I can not seem to find out how to do it.

This is my second HTC Hero. I had my first one swapped out because I couldn't delete my text threads. When I would try to delete a thread of over 100 messages the phone would freeze and i have to restart the phone. Now my second phone does the same. I still can't delete the threads and my phone is slowing down because of it. Help! What do I do?

I have been having problems receiving music via bluetooth on my Sprint HTC Hero i just got it about a week ago ....i was wondering if there is an app designed to do this or is there something wrong with my phone. Bluetooth is on i'm set to discoverable and i scan for devices and find a couple. i pair with them and then when they try to send music it doesnt work, also after i pair it says im paired but not connected....can anyone help asap im at work and need a quick answer, thanks

Unfortunately the Hero doesn't currently support Bluetooth data transfers, only Bluetooth audio devices like headsets. HTC announced they would be working HTC Sense into Android 2.0, and I'm hopeful that that will enable bluetooth data, but we'll have to wait and see

I just bought mine, and i used the 3d bubble program and it seems that my accelerometer is acting funky. so i did a factory reset and still the same, so how do i calibrate it to zero on a flat surface?

I just got my HTC. I'm a person that if I can't find it in the defaults then it doesn't exist. However, after reading it seems that you have to go out and customize it to suite your needs. I have two big annoyances with the phone.

1. Notification indicator. The light blinks for 5 minutes or so and shuts off. Sometimes it doesn't blink at all but I heard that I had some type of notification occur. Is there anyway to have the light continue to blink until you actually pick up the phone and unlock the screen? It kills me that once the light goes out and you pick up the screen and unlock it the light starts blinking again. At that point I can see the notification icon.

2. Text Messages: So I am used to my old phone where the ring was multiple times not simply a quick beep and such. I have messed around with the different tones but want to know if there is a way to have it "make noises" a few times or like the iphone - repeat every 5 minutes or so. I do not like having to check my phone constantly when you are in a loud environment and you can't feel the quick vibrate.


i got my hero about a month or so ago and i loved it untill today it freaked out and would not turn the screen on. then it went to the htc emblem with a spotlight and now it says no service and wont turn off. i cant see how to get the battery out and i need my phone. any ideas?

Anyone else being driven nuts by not being able to put email into user-defined folders?
Or the lack of cut and paste?

I have had the Hero for almost 2 months now... has anyone else had a problem when someone sends them something to download and the download never works? If it comes up as a slideshow it'll work, but when you have to actually click on the download button through a text message it never works. This is getting really frustrating for me!!!! Anyone know what the deal is or how to fix it? Anyone else having these problems as well? Thanks!

Is anyone else having problems with downloading an attachement through text messages? Its okay if it comes in through a text as a slideshow... but when you have to click on the download button it never comes up and then it won't download saying it cant. This happens everytime.... I've never clicked on the download button and have it actually work. This is soooo frustrating for me. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And is there anyway to fix this?

hey everyone!! Ok so i don't have the Hero yet but I'm convinced i wanna get it. I'm a hardcore Blackberry geek but the tour on sprint is way slower than the hero. The hero is just a sexy phone! plus I have tmobile (which sucks soooo much) and the sprint network is incredible from what i hear (at least compared to tmo). So here's my question: I can integrate work email and personal email so easy on my blackberry. I know i can do gmail and yahoo mail on the hero, but i'm gonna be starting a new job here soon and i need to know if and how i can integrate work email. Is this possible and if so, how? Thanks everyone!

I use to have the palm centro and i would dwn load ringers up the wall with mymxer and funformobile. but it seems not to work for the hero. I tried ringdroid. But it's not reading the songs i dwn loaded. when they dwn loaded they show up on the mp3. Can anyone help? thx!

I am having this problem too; when I use the YouTube app I can search videos just fine, but when I try to play a video it says that the video cannot be played. This started all at once (I don't think I ran any update) and has not let me play anything since.

my phone is locked b/c my girlfriend tried too many attempts on my lock pattern screen. now my phone is asking for my gmail username and password. i dont remeber my username or password, b/c i have another email... someone please help.. is there a reset button on the phone or are there button combinations to get into my phone.. please help.. thanks

i took the battery off the back of my htc hero and now i have no connection or signal at all. what can i do??

I got an HTC Hero for Christmas, and love love love it. But...there's a problem now, driving me nuts! Whenever I would text, or hold down and app to move it from screen to screen, it would vibrate. Now, no vibrate. One minute it was working, then one minute, it wasnt! The only thing i can think of that I did was set up my voicemail. I have it checkmarked in th settings to vibrate when texting, but still nothin. Also, i have it checked to vibrate during incoming calls, but it doesnt. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is this just one of those gliches i have to deal with?

Help! And thank you. :)

Ok so I just got a new HTC Hero and I love the phone the only problem i'm having is I downloaded a custom tone for my notification chime and I can't get my notification to make any noise at all now.. it just vibrates twice.. I have done EVERYTHING imaginable to cure this problem and nothing seems to work.. Any ideas??? PLEASE HELP!!


I've been looking all over the Internet to find an answer to this, and i haven't been able to find anything yet. I just got my HTC Hero two weeks ago, and today a few of us were comparing our phones, and one of the people started up the Youtube app, and logged in with their information. My question is, how do i get this account logged off on my phone? no matter what i've tried, i can't seem to keep the account logged off, it just logs right back on if i go into "My Account" in the menu. It's really bothering me and i would appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a solution to this.

So Im going from a G1 on tmobile and moving to a Hero on sprint. My biggest fear is that I'm used to a lot of the 1.6 updates on my G1, has Sprint made any progress on the Sense updates yet for 2.0?
And how does Google Navigate compare to Sprint's Navigation system?

I love the hero. But I'm having an issue.... I installed text-to-speech and now I receive two different application text messages.

Do anyone know how to load the PSP or gameboy emulators onto the Hero??? I'm a big gamer I would lij to play PSP, Gameboy, or Sega games on my Hero. I know you have to load files can someone "walk" me through the process? Does the emulators take up alot of space, can games be saved to the memory card????

i absolutely love the htc hero! but there's only one problem! why is that everytime i try to clear a thread in the text message inbox, my phone completely freezes up??? and when it's not frozen anymore the thread is still phone has been very slow and i recieve text messages late!

i just got my htc hero. its awesome, now i dont know how to sync it with my laptop. can you tell me?

I'm trying to set my hero up to sync with outlook, but it doesn't seem to install the HTC sync software on my computer. And then I can't sync my hero to outlook and such. What gives?

Does anybody know if there's any way to make the screen light up when receiving text messages? Looked throught the manual and online cant find anything. Gotta be able to see when texts come in.

I searched through the prior comments, and hopefully I haven't missed one that deals with my question.

Is there a way to put birthdays from contacts onto the calendar? I had the blackberry curve and it would automatically put the b'days and anniversaries I had in my contacts onto my calendar but I can't seem to figure out how to do this with my Hero.

Thanks so much!

I just got the htc hero. I don't know how to set my phone up so that I have access to my email at all times. My email is When I log on to my email I have to go to which puts me on the yahoo webpage and that is how I log in. I was reading about some of the problems with yahoo email. Can someone tell me how to get access to a email address???

elizabeth in South Florida

So I have had my HTC Hero for sprint for just over a week and now it fails to vibrate. I have gone to settings and selected the phone vibrate during incoming call option and still doesn't work and it doesn't vibrate when I text any I need to go to the sprint store for this problem or is it maybe from a app I downloaded?

Is it possible to link my gmail account to the phone but not my contacts. For example: I have contacts in my phone now that are people I may have emailed once in my life in response to a craigslist ad... I dont want them in my phone.

I want to continue to receive my gmail but I dont want those contacts there... any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Also, is it possible for the phone to be on when I take it out of my holster or must I always hit the end key and slide my finger down?

Thank you!

I use text messaging a lot on my phone, but I don't know how to set it to show me the time the text was sent. I know it can be done, because my friend has the same phone and hers shows the time a text was sent.

I LOVE my Hero! It's fast, it's slick, and it does what I want. Mostly. It's worked flawlessly until now.

Here's my deal, I connect with my work's Exchange server via data, over air. When I first got the phone, it worked just fine, for months. Recently for some reason, it started to not update e-mail automatically, although it acts like it does. The little icon spins, the notification shows up, no "exchange sync errors", and it states the time correct for the intervals I've set it at. To get it to work, I have to manually update it. No big deal.

Then manually updating will no longer work after a few days, and I actually have to send my Exchange account an email from my gmail account, then manually update it, whereupon it finds the gmail I sent. I then delete it on the Exchange account to get it to update, and the rest of my e-mails show up. If that sounds crazy, IT IS.

When I get tired of that, I delete my account, set it up again, and it works okay for a day, will only manually update for a few days, and then will only update at all when I force it to by sending an email via gmail.

HELP! It's vital for me to keep up with what happens on my job when I'm not at work, and I have to have a more reliable set up than this. Why would it work just fine and then stop? Why would I be able to get it to work, only to have it gradually degrade?

I recieve text messages that have picture and song so my question is when I want to forward it to someone else they do not recieve it how do you forward picture with music?

Has anyone had problems with the Hero not disconnecting from calls, even if it said "call ended" after pressing "end call"? I've had this happen several times where the person that I just called, calls me back saying that after they hung up, they got a voicemail from me, and they could hear me talking, after I ended the call, and put the phone down. Is it just me, or do I have a problem with my Hero?

I got Ymail to work on the Hero:

Switch to IMAP (not POP)
security type: none
server port:143

security type: none
server port: 25

I recently purchased a HTC Hero by Sprint. I downloaded some ringtones from the market app. I some how have duplicate listings of the same ringtone in my Ringtone List now. How do I remove a ring tone from the ringtone list.

Sincerely, Cory

So I recently had to reset my HTC Hero and lost all contact information. For some reason when your HTC Hero piles up on messages, IT IS VERY HARD TO DELETE. My Phone froze over and over again. HORRIBLE. There is not a feature that which will allow the HTC Hero delete messages every so many days. Result, the phone works slower than ever.

For sure Im looking into getting another phone, I would imagine a phone so complex would have such features for text messaging, but I guess they didnt think too much about the simple things.

Unless anyone knows if this is a feature I am unaware of??

any tell me how to get the keyboard back... i know i hit something on the phone and now it will not appear when i double tap

HI I have a hero and its really slow, freezes all the time and it won't let me.delete any of my text messages...any suggestions?

When I access pics from people via text msg's, the pic only stays open for 5 secs. Is there a way to get the pic to stay open longer?

I downloaded the app ringo lite so i can assign personal text tones and ring tones. it tells me turn off the default sms tones to silent. how do i do this? i try and there is no silent option

Hi, I have the HTC Hero, is perfect so far.
I was just wondering if I can put a music as my alarm clock ring? Like, a music of my choice.

Thank you