HTC Puccini Screenshot

Here's something to make your Friday even sweeter: Pocketnow got its sticky fingers on a slew of screenshots reportedly from the upcoming HTC Puccini, that 10-inch powerhouse tablet heading to AT&T sometime before year's end. The Puccini will be HTC's first stab at Honeycomb, and is rumored to be packing a 1200x800 resolution screen, a dual core processor clocking in somewhere in the ballpark of 1.2 GHz, stylus support and a shiny new AT&T LTE radio. Sadly HTC hasn't confirmed the specs yet, nor has it given us even a hint as to a release date, but trust us: after you catch a glimpse of the rest of the screenshots at the source link below, you'll be even more impatient for the Puccini's arrival.

Source: Pocketnow 


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Purported Puccini screenshots show what HTC is doing with Honeycomb


I think they either have to give a release date to look for... or suffer an EPIC sales fail by coming after the Galaxy Tab 10.1... i MIGHT wait if i have a certain date but i'll NEVER for something unconfirmed (i.e eternity(!!!

I hope (but secretly doubt) HTC wises up and sells this device at a reasonable price, unless they want to sell less of them and then later on drop the price to only receive lukewarm sales. In that case, just do exactly what Motorola did with the Xoom, or Logitech with their Revue. That worked out perfectly.