HTC Supersonic

Hey, look, there's a slightly more proper look at the unannounced HTC Supersonic, the supposed Sprint WiMAX (4G) phone. Other than that, there's zero new news: Same 1GHz Snapdragon processor as we've been hearing, same 4.3-inch OLED screen (or AMOLED, depending on who you ask). Same 1GB ROM. Not that we ever get tired of hearing those things. [via AndroPhones] Thanks, Silver!


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Proper HTC Supersonic render shows up


I'm still confused about not seeing a trackball or even an optical mouse.

Am i to assume this device will be sans trackball/mouse a la iphone?

I was hoping Sprint would get an HD2 Android version. This is great news! While I really like the HTC Hero, even for someone who had an iPhone before that, the screen was still too small. The HD2 screen is large enough to type without making too many mistakes and the slim form factor should make it look much better. Can't wait!

Now THATS what I'm talking about. Might actually consider paying Sprint a visit if this phone truly does come to them.

The Androhone site says sometime in March 2010. I thought earlier comments said anything with the 4G/Supersonic would be towards the end of the year. I've been with Sprint for a while, but have been playing with the Droid. If there's a real chance of this in March, I'll wait. But if it's more vaporware...

IF this phone is really as cool as it is looking and will be a leader in the smartphone group, does anyone really think Sprint will get it. I am starting to have my doubts. UHG!

I love the coverage and CS I get from Sprint, but the phones are BLAH!

Get this one SPRINT! PLEASE!!!

I call B.S. - This looks like a slightly modified Samsung Instinct (which was entirely a POS....if you are wondering what i'm talking about - see the buzzaboutwireless forums - there was a dev contest in which they declared no winners; a notepad which could only hold 9 notes; crashes with the music player; abysmal battery life - they gave yuo two batteries because of this! was a horrible, horrible cellphone - and for HTC to produce something that looks nearly identical to it is a travesty.) -- an EX-instinct owner. (I now own an HTC hero and LOVE it!!)

I think it looks nothing like an Instinct, but even if the final prod model has an "Instinct-type feel" to it, it will operate nothing like it. I happen to like the form factor, and hope to God this thing comes to Sprint around the time of my upgrade this summer. I'm not a fan of SW keyboards, but with as large a form factor as this has, I think I could make do. :)

I currently have a Pre and been eyeing android for a little while now. Not really impressed with the selection that sprint has to offer lately. If sprint happens to pick this phone up, I'll definitely be interested. Well have to wait and see.

I usually ignore idiotic posts like this, but this one was too stupid. These 2 devices look NOTHING alike and you clearly have ZERO experience with HTC devices. The Samsung Instinct was a piece of shit run-of-the-mill featured phone, just with a touchscreen on the front. And it looked fugly as hell. The HTC Supersonic will be the most capable smartphone ever released, and is the best looking device HTC has ever created. Gtfo.