Amazon UK currently has the HTC Hero available for pre-order. It comes unlocked for the low, low price *sarcasm*  of £429.99 which is roughly equivalent to $710. It's hardly a deal but if you want to purchase it unlocked without a contract, this might be a half-way decent option. Amazon UK has the target release date at July 15th, 2009 which is actually not too far away. Obviously, the date isn't set in stone but it does give you something to think about...

Anyone jumping the gun and pre-ordering the HTC Hero?



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Pre-Order Unlocked HTC Hero at Amazon UK for $710


I'm in the UK and my employer just got me a HTC Magic to replace my Blackberry. I love it!

However, the Hero looks awesome.

But 430 quid? That's a laugh. I thought these devices were supposed to be cheaper than the likes of iPhone?

Anyway, Amazon UK are usually my last resort for buying *anything* online these days as you often end up getting stuff from their market place if you're not careful and then its hit and miss if you ever receive it.

But what this means is that some other UK sites might get their hands on some Hero handsets and should be cheaper, then I will really consider buying one.