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We just can't stop talking about Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus Q, but that's OK, because Phil flashes a Nexus S right in the middle of the darn podcast. Plus, AT&T's new shared data plans. And more of your e-mails and voicemails. Join us!

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There are 13 comments

reykjavik says:

Wow guys. You have hit rock bottom. I think its time to drop this podcast thing. No one, and I repeat, no one, has any desire to actually "see" any of you guys. And the content comes across as just plain sad listening to awkward silences and Phil trying to get the others to actually respond to comments. Seriously guys, pull the plug on this.

TrollBot says:

I feel the same way about comments. Especially yours. TROLOLOL

LOL, touché....

robotaholic says:

There are usually 200 - 400 ppl in chat during the podcast and last week's podcast on Youtube has 2848 views so far. This doesn't include the number of people who download it on the various podcast apps like Doggcatcher, etc.. You are incorrect and rude.

joshua.worth says:

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, time to get my AC podcast on! Good morning yall

joshua.worth says:

Oh and don't listen the 1st poster obviously unintelligence at its finest.

_X_ says:

I think Phil need to start each podcast screaming like a little girl... just like he did with pod cast 100.

kflanegan says:

hey guys I ordered my nexus 7 on june 27 with 8 gigabyte storage and Asus' cover I received my order on tuesday of this week with both items in the ups box.

markboston says:

this has to be the least professional show ive ever seen in my life. and what is up with that dude with glasses you looks like mountain man.

Fahrenheit says:

This is 2012...judge a man by the content of his character.

horacenick says:

oh ~ yeah, Im agree with you

robotaholic says:

@ markboston, Leave Jerry the fuck alone. He's a badass developer. He knows his shit.

noremac84 says:

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the whole podcast? Mine only downloads 11.8 of the 38MB. I've tried RSS through Juice, downloading directly and playing through WMP...all with the same results. I need to know what happens after minute 25! :-) Thanks in advance.