Android Central 91: Android 4.0.4 is here, or not; Temple Run definitely is here; plus your questions! | Android Central

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Google's released the code for Android 4.0.4, and it's starting to hit devices now. Plus we weigh in on Temple Run and Sprint rumors, and Phil and Jerry answer a whole bunch of reader questions. Listen in! (Update: Video's live!)

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Reader comments

Android Central 91: Android 4.0.4 is here, or not; Temple Run definitely is here; plus your questions!


This podcast used to be interesting and fun to listen to. As others pointed out last week, it has become boring and stale. Maybe the AC podcast has run its course? Or maybe you guys should come up with something new.

no way it's run its course man.
they need to keep doing this show weekly. it's the best podcast dedicated to Android OS.

No, it is not the best. The TWiT All About Android is much better. Even Engadget provides a more informative podcast. AC podcast has just become a "shoot the shit" podcast.

I enjoy it. There are topics in any podcast on any site that do not interest me but overall I like it. I like how unofficial it is and how it seems like a bunch of people shooting the breeze, discussing topics they are interested in. It makes for very easy listening while at work.

true. forgot about AAA... yea its a little better and well-produced. its a very "friendly" show while AC is a little geekier and technical (jerry & mickey). i like the geeky stuff too so i like AC .
but yea. AAA is a great show.

Why is the audio split left and right? Im DEAF in my right ear and all i get is vibration in my right ear telling me jerry is speaking on my right earcup of my headphones.....

kind pointless to do a podcast with only two people. i do agree the past two shows have been really boring. i think you guys need to change it up. maybe change the people on the show around. have a few forum members or special guests join in. i like alex and all but last week he was just too quiet for a podcast.

I downloaded Temple Run on Tuesday on my Droid Charge and I am having a lot of issues with lag and force closes. It force closes after every game and freezes up when I try to collect coins. On the other hand, it works flawlessly on my Transformer Prime. I'm really sad about all the issues with the game on my Charge as I was really looking forward to it.