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We're back for our first sit-down since Mobile World Congress. Phil, Jerry, Mickey, Alex and Cory wrap up Barcelona, welcome in (or not) Google Play, and talk a whole bunch about privacy and security. Join us!

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Reader comments

Android Central 89: MWC recap, Google Play is born, photos and privacy


Guys, you have to get the background alerts sorted. Every few seconds someone is getting a notification sound and the mics are picking them up. Love the podcast but this is really winding me up!

Excellent podcast last night!!!

Here's an idea. Why not select a forum member at random, or any that volunteer, and have them sit in with you guys once in a while?

Just an idea.

AHHH! I can't stand to listen or watch this, you guys have got to kill your notifications during a podcast! I hate hearing those sounds while trying to listen to what you are saying.

Video still not available from the RSS subscription feed.......again! Seriously? Either it takes days to post or doesn't even happen at all....

If you're gonna provide the capability at least do your subscribers and patrons a favor and get the eff'ing video posted for those of us that can't watch live or stream and have to use a podcatcher. This is getting frustrating.

The echoing was very annoying. Someone had speakers on or something. Otherwise good podcast. I still disagree about the whole Nexus phone stance you have chosen but whatever. I'll get over it.

Does Google really have an excuse for not updating the Nexus S? I think you guys should be on them too because you are the voice of the little people. I really dont buy in the CDMA proprietary code.
Iphone is on Verizon and Sprint too with CDMA frequencies and they get updated quick. Nexus should be the same way. Because thats the main reason to get a Nexus.