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Happy Thanksgiving! Take care, and be good to one another!

This week, Jerry returns to the AC Podcast rotation, along with Daniel, Andrew, and Alex, who jump right into Q&A — questions asked by you, the listener!

But that's not all: they talk about the Google Pixel's latest updates, and the excellent sales that have been reported. And the OnePlus 3T, Samsung Gear S3 and Google Tango are all now available, but do they live up to expectations?

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Android Central 316: How to bake a turkey


Regarding the waterproof cast speaker question: I think the most important feature the listener didn't mention is the ability to control the speaker from the shower. I know this because I want the exact same thing- like being able to skips songs or adjust volume while you're in the shower. This is a thing- sometimes you want to control your speaker from the shower. There are Bluetooth variations- but I've been avoiding them with the hopes of a casting device. Surely someday.

Fyi - there are at least two battery powered cash capable speakers. One from Sony and one from Vizio. I picked up the Sony at Best Buy a few months ago and have been very happy with it. To my knowledge it's not waterproofed, however.

It's kind of annoying google's wifi assistant thing doesn't work at my job. If I connect to their VPN thing I don't get any data. IS this a common thing for businesses to block?