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This week on the Greatest Android Podcast in the World™: Samsung goes all Iron Man on the GS6 edge, the GS6 Active appears, Microsoft's Hyperlapse hits Android in beta, Verizon buys AOL — and we'll answer more of your questions live!

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Android Central 236: The JerryScope


Let me give you the use case for why I need quick charge. I'm on an ambulance. I take my car charger that is a qc2.0 and I can get twenty percent on the way to the hospital. I routinely kill my Droid Turbo during a shift, so the ability to keep it alive is critical for me.

That's hardcore to kill a turbo that fast even on let's say a24 rotation. Why are you on it to kill it so fast?

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The major problem is an app called Active911. It is incredibly useful, but destroys battery by constantly keeping the GPS active. I've reported it as a bug that it never lets go of the GPS even when I back out of call tracking. Between that, mapping routes, looking up protocols and drugs, calling our med control, and keeping myself amused in between.. It drains.

Extra weight, bulk, plus I have to remember to charge the power bank. Or I leave my quick charger in the cigarette outlet in the ambulance, jump in/plug in and I'm good.

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