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Come in from the cold and spend an hour with us as we wrap up the week that was in Android, including more Samsung devices getting Lollipop (for better or worse, judging by our inbox), Xiaomi's San Francisco meetup, Google "only" selling 750,000 Android Wear devices in the first six months, and we'll answer more of your questions live.

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Android Central 222: Fifty Shades of J(erry)


Unless I missed something, unlike Nexus devices, Google didn't have anyone design an Android Wear device for them, so technically they didn't sell ANY, much less 750K. Motorola was already off their books (and also didn't sell 750K), and this isn't the Apple ecosystem where everything that's sold is directly credited to the OS designer.

But given the diversity (what some might call the fragmentation) of the Android ecosystem it's a worthwhile number to use as a point of comparison for subsequent years (or by other competing designs).

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Oh. My. God...

Talk about taking something so literally and turning it into something it's not. Wow.

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You's probably just me but does anyone else think that Andrew always comes across as a first-class a**hole on these podcasts? Serious, the guy seems like an absolute douche of a jerk.

Andrew is the most pragmatic, straight forward, down to business of the group. I would equate Andrew to the character Spock in Star Trek. Each have their unique personality and style which makes the podcast enjoyable as well as informative.

Yeah, it's just you. Andrew is awesome. Get some therapy, OK?

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we don't need the xiaomi phones. we have plenty of options already. although after owning a few of their other products... i sure would like to buy one of them. where xiaomi is important is in their internet of things. they have an awesome $35 dropcam called the ants smart camera. the cameras also have 8gb built in and a 32gb epansion slot. dropcams mind you, are $200 and require a $99 a year subscription to record. they have an awesome looking and great running duo of routers. the mini, which i have, had a usb expansion slot to remotely view files and is capable of gigabit speeds, when you add the 2.5 and 5ghz bands together, for $35. and their big $165 cloud router, with a removable tb hdd that will record your drop cams over bt for you. they have smart sockets for $25 that are small as heck. although not built for american plugs yet. and they have the million color led lights for #37, called the yeelight. the light requires a hub of course, and it requires one of their hubsi at that. but when it can be had for $35 and it is also a wifi router to boot... who cares?
i have gone all in with xiaomi and i am quite smitten with their products so far. translating chinese apps is a huge pain, but english versions can be found.... they just aren't updated because an individual did them and has not re-translated the newer apps. all in all though... they are the first ones to hit the market with several home products on the cheap. it is like oneplus.... great quality for a great price. and they look great too.
all of those prices are on aliexpress, with free ship.

Remember this ? Someone who does not have Google + , yes we exist , and upgrades to Lollipop , Android 5.0 ,
they will have no access to Googles App " Photos " ! How this affects them forward with Cloud storage etc using a third party App I don't know ?

You guys are usually pretty reasonable in evaluating how new products are doing, but all of you really missed it if you think that Google and all the hardware partners are happy with the first 6 months of Android Wear shipments. My guess is they were expecting to sell many more to the massive Android phone user base, despite the fact this is first-generation gear.