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So what do we think about the Galaxy S5 after a week of use? You've read it in our comprehensive review, now hear us talk about it (again, we know) in our latest podcast. Plus, it wouldn't be sounds coming out of our mouths without more on the HTC One M8, the new Google camera app (it's really good!), and answers to a whole slew of your questions.

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Android Central 181: Fix yer stuff!!!


I totally agree with you guys that we need phones with higher internal capacities. I don't want to have to deal with SD cards anymore!

Heck, it would really make the Nexus line even more useful!

Posted via Android Central App

Oooooo. Should have added that everyone should also play by the same rules when it comes to plugging in your phone to transfer files. No more proprietary installs. (Looking at you, HTC!)

Please elaborate regarding 'proprietary installs' when plugging in your phone to transfer files.

Is this something new and unusual? And if so, for what purpose?

I remember my wife's HTC ONE X wouldnt sync with my computer unless I had HTC sync installed. They did it with the Inspire too. Not sure about their newer one line. I've gone to samsung and lg for better PC transfers without having to use manufacturer software. So while he might just be hating on HTC(I dont know him, so I'm not judging) its not totally without reason.

On my EVO LTE I'm able to choose to not use HTC Sync and simply transfer (copy) files by accessing my device as an additional drive on my computer via USB connection.

Has that changed?

Nope... Its been that way since the Evo4G when sync came out...very little computer literacy required...

Posted via Android Central App

I still prefer the flexibility of having an SD card, though I won't complain if manufacturers increase the amount of internal storage their phones have.