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No scripts. No nets. Just three Android nerds, your questions and an hour to kill before we pack up and head to Las Vegas for CES. Enjoy!

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Android Central 166: The Pre-CES Q&A


Google glass and the Pebble are interesting. But really I'm so satisfied with my smartphone (GS3), it does all the things I need and want, I just can't get excited to the point of spending money for wearables.

BUT I do daydream about a transparent heads-up display in my glass lenses, linked to my smartphone.

I love these longer podcasts guys. Really hate it when the shows run under an hour to be honest.

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I am somewhat confused why the video feed link doesn't have the newest episodes (or really any after August). Do you guys no longer operate that feed? Maybe it would be good to just remove it from the page, then. Or am I just doing something wrong? What is the preferred way of subscribing to the video podcast?

Can anyone tell me why video of these podcasts never show up in the pocketcasts app on my phone.

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The VeraLite can control door locks, thermostats, lights, appliances, cameras,, and much more including having security features like windows, doors, and motion sensors. You can receive alerts to your phone as well as control everything from an app. It is very customizable and has a strong developer community.

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I get these, when i go on the internet on my, - Android, Moto G mobile, - _________________________ | ___ | | |. | | | | ^ | | | ___ | | | |This web page is not| |available | | | | |More| |Reload| | |_______________________| And _________________________ | ___ | | |. | | | | ^ | | | ___ | | | |Confirm Form | |Resubmission | | | | |More| | |_______________________|