Pocket gets ready for the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean

Pocket, previously known as Read it Later, has recently upgraded their bookmarking app for Android for Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean optimization. Here's the full feature list for Pocket 4.1.3. 

  • White flash/flicker when opening an article in the Dark Theme
  • Tile View not adjusting to rotation properly on tablets
  • Text selection issues in Jelly Bean
  • Long pressing a list item in Jelly Bean opened the article instead of showing actions
  • A crash when cancelling sharing
  • PNG image files were not downloading for offline use
  • Tag button no longer has jagged edges on some devices
  • Other minor issues and crashes

Between the desktop browser plug-in, story submission by e-mail, and polished mobile app, I'm a huge fan of Pocket. Of course it invariably turns into a giant pile of interesting stuff that you can never get around to reading, but at least you'll never be wanting for something to read when on the move. If you haven't had a chance to try it out, get downloading at the link below.  

Source: Pocket

Download: Pocket


Reader comments

Pocket gets ready for the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean


Great to see developers embracing the Nexus7 so quickly. Looks like we could finally be in for the Android tablet revolution we've been waiting for.

Mine shipped today, should be here in a few days. Woop!

Tim Clark can't catch a break. His app Wallet was renamed Pocket in light of Google Wallet. I wonder if he is going to keep Pocket now that Read It Later has taken that. I'd recommend something like...Compendium.

Seeing apps update for the tablets is great just kinda ticks me a little that so many magically have updates when the Nexus 7 comes out and not over a year ago when the Honeycomb tablets were released. Ive noticed many apps update on my Asus TFP saying now has tablet interface added, so hopefully this will finally give the android tablet world the push it needed.

I have downloaded Read It Later (before it was renamed) and SpringPad, both after reading reviews on AC. It seems like SpringPad could be a replacement for Read It Later/Pocket. Does anyone have any thoughts on what functionality Pocket offers that you can't get in SpringPad?

Pocket is more focused on being a reading list and reading app... Springpad tries to be Pocket and Evernote and a few other things all in one. Different approaches for different tastes.