The HTC Click, HTC's purported low end Android phone, has been reportedly caught in pictures and it looks rather swell. Obviously, a low end, entry level type device won't win any design awards but if the pictures are real, we think that HTC did everything that's expected in such a device. The hardware buttons seem to be standard fare but the circular d-pad is an interesting new look, perhaps that's where the 'click' moniker comes from? We would love pressing down on that glorious target.

The real news is what will determine how "low end" this Android phone will be. We would imagine just pricing the T-Mobile G1 down to $99 or even $79 could solve the vacuum for a low end Android phone but reports show that the HTC Click may even go as low as to include a resistive touchscreen. Ew.

Perhaps HTC's plan is to offer a terrible Android experience in order to spur upgrades to the G1, myTouch 3G, and Hero? Just joking. Kind of.

What do you guys think of the HTC Click?

[via tmonews]

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Pictures of Low End Android Phone HTC Click Pop Up


Makes sense, first generation devices are always more expensive, as the manufacturers gain experience, they can trim the costs of components and features. I'm interested. Now if only one can be had without a 3G data plan (I can use free wi-fi in most places).


Looks like the free with 2 year contract version of the cell phone running Android. It will drive up adoption by 1000% by end of 2010! Great job HTC!