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Photon questions, Gmail update issues [From the Forums]


Guys, Just got our shipment of Photons in today.

I used to work for Verizon and bought the OGdroid (loved it) when it came out. Now that I'm working with Sprint it's been awhile since Moto has dropped an Android phone on the Now Network besides the Xpert and Titanium, which are both nice phones. I played with the phone all day. I know there are a lot of Evo enthusiasts on this board, but the Photon blows it out of the water. The phone has an amazing feel to it when it's in your hand, not too heavy, not too light. The Moto Blur is subtle and not in your face like other blur devices. Speed and Graphics are amazing and the NVIDIA®Tegra™2 chip set seems to be better than the Evo 3d's dual cores. The display is amazing,I took it out in bright sunlight and did not have any sort of glare whatsoever. Camera takes clean, crisp pictures and HD video recording and playback are both top notch. Bottom Line: If you are having a tough time deciding between the two. It's an easy choice, imho, get the Photon.

I can agree to disagree. The HTC phones build quality is the best. MOTO is terrible with updates....not as bad as Samsung, but pretty close. The EVO 3D is a sweet @ss fast phone. The 3D is stunning. Everytime I bust this phone out everyone wants to see the 3D and how it works. The Poopton I'm sure is an ok phone, but apples to apples, HTC is just better imho. I've been burned by MOTO too much in the past. 2nd HTC phone and I have not had one single issue with either. Until HTC does something stupid, I'm with them. And SPRINT!!!!!

If Moto would kick Motoblur to the curb, their devices would rock. Until the, HTC has the edge even though the Evo 3D is nothing compared to the Sensation.