One of the hottest threads in our EVO 4G LTE forum is Starfleet Captain's open letter to HTC regarding design choices on the E4GLTE. As you'll recall, it went a little something like this:

Dear HTC,

As a customer and consumer, I want to thank you for the excellent phones that you continue to make every year. My very first HTC—made smartphone was the Windows Mobile 6.1 device called, the Touch Diamond on Sprint. Since then, I was in line before Dawn to pick up the HTC Evo 4G on the day it was released, and a year later, the HTC Evo 3D. I want you to know that I have greatly enjoyed these best in class devices over the years.

After reading through the press releases from your company and Sprint for your new upcoming device, the HTC Evo 4G LTE, as well as the many first impression reviews on the web, I can only conclude that you have another blockbuster winning device on your hands. I, for one, as has become a yearly tradition it seems, plan on being in line on the morning of the release of this excellent smartphone. That being said, many consumers in the Android community seem to take issue with a design decision on this device. ...

A dozens pages of replies later, and Starfleet Captain has returned to share a response he got from HTC. Will it assuage the angry masses? Will it cause you to break down in tears of joy? Only one way to find out.


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Open letter to HTC regarding EVO 4G LTE design gets a response


I think it's great that the OP took the time to relay his opinion to the manufacturer, and I'm surprised there was any response. But this is hardly newsworthy.

Amen! First of all, it has character, something very few phones have today. Second, probably 90% of the buyers will put a cover over it the first week they have it anyway. This is ridiculous!

Am I the only one who is nervous that next time HTC will just think "screw it - it's not worth the hassle" and will just provide the standard phone to the Sprint users? Am I the only one who appreciates that HTC and Sprint are providing what appears to be a better version (with a SD slot, kickstand, and a better camera nub)?

And having a special and better version might not happen next time because some people are upset because the BACK COVER (!!!) isn't visually appealing - the same back cover that they will cover up with a case anyway?

I really don't get people sometimes.

Heck no! It generates interest! Any PR is good PR. They gotta love this.

Nobody wins awards for doing the same thing over and over again. I applaud their design! I know others don't, but that's the way things go.

Why do people care so much what a phone LOOKS like? Gee whiz, it's not a woman in a bikini, who cares. Besides, it's easy enough to "jazz it up" with aftermarket skns & cases anyway.

Things like removable battery vs a fixed battery, or the ability to quickly disable auto-rotate or highlight text for copy-paste, FUNCTIONAL things, THAT'S what matters. Quit having an "iPhone complex" putting form over function & caring so much about LOOKS.


Pretty big build-up for a lame cubicle customer service response from HTC's "Peggy." Come on, guys. This isn't front page material. Yeesh.

It has over 3 colours !!! What? 3 colours on a back cover ? Theres no way that could be right :D

HTC loves this. Look at the hype it is causing, which is free news coverage. I am betting HTC doesn't think the look of the back will deter anyone from buying it who would otherwise had the back been all matte. I think they are right too. The vocal minority making a huge stink about how they aren't going to buy it now probably wouldn't have anyway or will go out and buy it regardless.

I think that in other words the trying to say that it is a sprint design idea, and knowing sprint they are right, sprint love ugliness.

Write them letters if you want, but this makes for a really stupid and whiny post. Nobody's twisting your arm to buy the damn thing.

Hey Farva what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy stuff on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

I like seeing people get involved and writing letters, especially well written letters (which are becoming scarcer and scarcer). However, I don't understand why Android Central gave this "aesthetic opinion" front page status, except maybe to stir controversy and get us talking about it.

Get a 1mm thick case and make it any color or texture you want.

In 2010 HTC has the biggest, baddest, highest definition phone. Sales and profits soared. Then HTC got distracted by 3D and HTC has been spiraling down ever since.

Now instead of display we want them focused on matte finish.

Samsung will be thrilled if you succeed.

Personally, in my opinion, who cares about the back cover. I'll bet 9 out 10 users put a 3rd party protective cover on the phone soon after possession anyway.

I think the whole debate about the cover is much ado about nothing.

So instead of complaining about something more important that affects the function of the phone, like the lack of a removable battery, they complain about something aesthetic?