HTC ThunderBolt

Anybody up for a little Gingerbread on your HTC ThunderBolt? The Android 2.3 update that we're all oh so patiently waiting on hasn't yet been pushed, but a new leak -- and this is about the 16th ThunderBolt ROM leak, for those of you playing at home -- has emerged.

Build 2.07.605.0 is said to be an "official" build -- as in not a janky test build -- but it's not yet the "final" one that will be pushed. And you know how that goes -- ain't nothin' officially final until it's officially final.

Anyhoo, ol' Chingy's got the virgin RUU worked up alongside a few rooted builds. So if you're the brave type, give it a shot.

Source: ThunderBolt Gingerbread leak; via Rootzwiki


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'Official' Gingerbread build leaks for the HTC ThunderBolt


Woop! I will not be installing this because of one of the leaked updates that caused me to stop getting official OTA's, but I'm glad that we are one step closer to getting official gingerbread! :)

Just hope it doesn't break your root like on the Echo. If it's 2.3.4, all the easy rooting methods (Gingerbreak, SuperOneClick) will have been patched.

Still haven't rooted my TB yet wondering if I should attempt it. I didn't like the pain in butt methods. Anyways glad to hear we are closer to official GB release

I love Chingy's roms!!! They are the greatest ever!!! I am rocking gingeritis 3d...less issues than the orginal rom on the phone!!! He can create a killer rom!

Works like a charm on unrooted TBolt. Wifi, gps, 3g all work, and so far so good. Just gotta spend hours reinstalling apps and home screen configuring. But, 2.3.4 is worth it.

Camera and camcorder work flawlessly. So far no problems. Response to everything is just so much faster too.

I just hope it does not mess the phone up. This is the first phone I have had in a long time that just works. My dx was ok Intel gb so was d2 gb scares me lol

lots of users (via rootzwiki & chingy chiming in) confirming issues with the phone not confirming Root Access after flashing & loss of wifi connectivity.
Chingy released a kernel to address them but users are still seeing these problems.

Remember to flash this in HBOOT not Recovery! flash it just like a radio or full RUU after you completely wipe the phone.

You only flash in HBOOT if you are trying to use Full Untouched RUU. The rooted versions get flashed in recovery just like any other ROM.

I'll believe it when I see it. The amount of time it has taken for Gingerbread to get out for this phone is positively glacial, and HTC should be ashamed. Meanwhile I'll keep using my non-updated, non-rooted phone.

It's running well, a bit quicker and some of the Sense enhancements are nice. I had to fiddle with Google Voice to get the voicemail working, and Music Beta acted up for a while, but other than the fact that I can't redownload ESPN Radio, it's really nice.

I have been using this all today on non rooted Tbolt I love it just hope that having this leak will not stop me getting pushed OTAs now

I have been using this all today on non rooted Tbolt I love it just hope that having this leak will not stop me getting pushed OTAs now

Guys, I have been using it for a day. And, although it is nice and speedy, aesthetically, it looks almost the same. Other than the app drawer, and the notifications being different. It all looks the same. I have an unrooted Thunderbolt (I had it rooted and then I unrooted it and since I could not get the updates, I had flashed the official 1.70.605.0 version). Maybe I am missing something, but what else is Gingerbread supposed to bring to this phone?
I understand this is probably not the final version, but for those who have been using this leaked update, what have you noticed that is different from Froyo?


Exactly. With all the hoopla on this site I may be a luddite because I'm still running my non-updated, non-rooted phone. And enjoying the benefits as such :-)

I think you may have misunderstood me. I have updated my phone to Gingerbread, but I am looking for other people who have updated to reply with what changes to the UI they have noticed. New features and such.