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HTC's One Mini brings the already iconic look and style of its big brother the HTC One in a slightly smaller package. While a few seasons ago nobody would have considered the 4.3-inch phone a "mini", in today's landscape anything under 4.5-inches certainly qualifies. 

While the internals are scaled down as well, the Mini looks to be a very capable performer. But of course, the inevitable comparisons between what's under the glass of the "normal" HTC One against the specs of the Mini are going to happen. And we're going to kick it off.

Hit the break, have a look.

HTC One Mini hands-on | HTC One Mini in pictures | HTC One Mini forums

As you can see in our embedded chart, the specs match up favorably. Certainly the HTC One has a better processor, and more RAM, but it will need both to drive the bigger and more dense screen. The usability features, like connectivity, sensors and camera specifications and options are almost identical. One important distinction is the lack of optical image stabilization (OIS) on the Mini's rear camera, meaning it'll be more prone to hand movement when taking photos. But for someone who would want a slightly smaller, and more affordable phone, the HTC One Mini looks like a fine choice.

For the power-users, like many of you reading Android Central, the original HTC One will be the better choice. But we need to remember that more casual users -- and we all know a few of those -- deserve a well built and great performing phone. These "mini" variants from Samsung, and now HTC, certainly aim to fit that bill. We're glad to see the choices offered, and think this will be a great phone for plenty of folks.

What about you guys and gals? Know anyone who would do well to get an HTC One Mini? Feel free to discuss the pros and cons in the comments below, and head into the HTC One Mini forums to go deeper and share your thoughts with other like-minded users. We've got quite a diverse community here at AC, and it's great to see everyone have a phone that's just right for them.


Reader comments

By the numbers: HTC One Mini versus HTC One


There is no reason why it couldn't sport the same processor unless they plan to release this as a cheaper or mid-range model.But maybe they lowered all the components because of a smaller battery.

Agreed. This crap of making smaller phones less powerful is stupid. Some people physically can't use larger phones but still want the best power available.

Posted via Android Central App

This. If they could only fit an 1800mah battery in this smaller phone, battery life would have sucked if they put the same Snapdragon 600 as the full size One.

The only legitimate gripe should be the 1GB of RAM instead of 2GB.

Am I the only one who doesn't like the extra plastic boarder that totally stands out looking at it head on?

Posted via Android Central App

I can't see the embedded chart for specs from the AC app. A weaker processor for a significantly less dense screen makes sense but cutting the ram is highly to result in a noticeable performance difference.

Posted via Nexus 4 and Android Central App

A noticeable performance difference between a top tier phone and a mid range phone? Noooooooooooooooo!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

To bad they didn't leave the 2300mAh battery.
With the lower specs the time between charges would have been (a little bit) longer.

If your going to have a "mini" phone have the phone in the 3"'s like a 3.5" or 3.7" only making it a tiny bit smaller and way underpowered is silly you may as well have much better specs for a phone 0.4" bigger.

I agree. For one handed use my thumb reaches perfectly across a 3 inch screen, nothing bigger. But 3 inches is a small niche, so 3.5 would be awesome. I'd pay for it if it existed.

What about the Motorola RAZR D1 (3.5") and D3 (4")? You'd probably have to import one, though.

If the mini had 2 GB ram, I would had been sold.
I just can't justify buying it when the specs are worse (except for display) than my 2 year old Skyrocket.

Correct. Why buy a "new" underpowered mid-range phone when you can just buy last years flagship for cheap? I don't understand the need at all for these mid-range phones. I think there is definitely room for smaller devices but they should have top tier phone specs as well. Anyone who can't afford current flagship phones has plenty of stock to pick from anyway..........and accessories are much cheaper as well when you buy a slightly older phone.

Posted via Android Central App

People pay more for the latest design. Can't fault HTC for being proud of their design and for trying to make some extra money off of that.

Other than that, I agree. From a consumer standpoint the One Mini isn't a very convincing product. Not much smaller and not much cheaper than the bigger model. Other devices offer more bang for the buck.

Actually I like this phone, it's got almost all the camera features of the One, decent processor, enough RAM, etc. The aluminium design with the front speakers is just lovely.
I just need to wait for the official specs of the Moto X and the prices to decide which one I'm buying. Of course, I want to see the camera performance on both devices before I make my mind.