Lumia 925

We're suckers for sleek metal smartphones here at AC, so when Nokia unveiled its new aluminum-shelled beast, the Lumia 925, we had to sneak over to Windows Phone Central for a closer look. Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8 handset boasts an aluminum-framed design and outstanding camera features, like a certain Android handset we could mention. On the camera side, Nokia's packed in a 8.7-megapixel PureView shooter with Optical Image Stabilization, the same sort used by its predecessor the Lumia 920. That device is one of the few cameras that can compete with the HTC One in low light, and Nokia's promised hardware and software tweaks, so expect some impressive photographic capabilities.

But it isn't all about the comparison with HTC's latest device. The Lumia 925 launch also gives Nokia a fresh product to hold up against the Galaxy S4, which will be backed up by Samsung's monstrous marketing budget. With its aluminum chassis and unique, minimalist software, Nokia will be hoping for favorable comparisons against the GS4.

Our sister site Windows Phone Central has been spending some quality time with the Lumia 925 at the launch event in London this morning. Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino writes --

For those of you who dismiss this as just another 920, we’d suggest you reconsider. The phone feels like a Lumia 720 (which we love) but it has the 920 guts inside, making it a very compelling device for those who want a thinner, lighter phone. It’s not an iteration of the 920, but “another expression” of it.

Check out Windows Phone Central for full coverage of the Lumia 925 launch.

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Nokia takes aim at Android rivals with aluminum-clad Lumia 925


And what people buy means they see the value in the thing they buy. People just don't see the value in WP. I've owned a Windows Phone ONCE and never again. The only thing Windows Phone has going for it is the live tiles and fluidity. Most other things are horrendous.

Actually, that is not true. People buy things for a variety of reasons and often what is popular is a product of numerous variables other than quality, such as availability, marketing, ignorance, and the preferences of sales people. If you go to any Verizon store and observe people buying phones, you will see that the grand majority of customers have no idea about anything and simply just do what others tell them to do, which is usually the salesperson steering them towards Android because it is currently easier to sell them peripherals along with them. I'm not sure if you've ever actually used a Windows Phone extensively, but personally, having used all three mobile operating systems myself, I find Windows Phone to be the best, followed by iOS. Windows Phone is smooth, fast, and intuitive. iOS is also pretty smooth, but it just feels incredibly dated, stale, and boring now in the face of live tiles. Android, if you don't have a phone with a terabyte of RAM, is sluggish, unstable, and stale.

Go get a Nexus 4, use that extensively and let's see if you still feel that way.

And yes, I am an ex-WP user. And no, it's not excellent. But it's also not as terrible as some people claim. The problem is really with Microsoft and how slow they are with moving the platform forward.

Meh, rant over.

It is excellent, it's also limited and you're at the mercy of Microsoft to put new functionality and features into the software, that's IF you get the next big update. Think of all the Nokia phones that are stuck on 7 and their 7.8 update for life.

I'll take Android over WP any day.

Because there are no phones one and two year old phones stuck on a previous version of Android? I have a Lumia 920 and a Nexus 7, so I'm dipping my toes in both platforms. They're both decent, better than iOS (imho), and I'm happy where I am. I was able to update my previous Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) to 7.8 thanks to a tool from some of the good folks at XDA, but I understand the limitations of the hardware in that device, and that even if it was possible to load WP8 on the Focus, it would run like crap, just like ICS on an old Galaxy would be pretty bad.

TLDR - Choice is good. Just don't blame the platform for the shortcomings of the hardware.

Agreed, and this is why the BBC News interview they focused entirely on talking about the hardware, and avoided the subject of the crappy Windows Phone OS.

I had a 920 and it was abysmal, laggy, battery hogging buggy mess with little in the way of apps.

We like to look at the competition; I can't say the same for the fanboys on Windows Phone Central, however. Any mention of Google or Android, over there, and Windows Phone fanboys' worst qualities come out. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Yep. I want to try WP but Nokia and MS continue to ignore all of us who want a big screen and a SD slot. Samsung just keeps making what we want, hardware wise anyway, so we keep buying it. Yeah, Samsung could be constructed better, and the designs could be better, but hey, I dont buy design, I am an old guy, I buy useability and features, and Samsung continues to give me what I want. Big Brother Google/MS/Nokia keeps telling me I dont need a SD slot, and Samsung keeps putting one in their phones, and pounding the Nexus/Lumia/whatever in sales...Google, MS,Nokia, STOP telling me what I need and give me what I ASK FOR! If I wanted a company to TELL me what I want I'd have a house full of Apple products!

@stogie5150 The nexus line is not aimed at the masses and therefore sells less than the galaxy line. It has nothing (or maybe slightly, but insignificant) to do with the exclusion of removable storage.

"for those who want a thinner, lighter phone".

It's still 185g, compared to 130g for the S4, 139 for the Nexus 4 and 143g for the HTC one. Which all have bigger screens.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

LOL!! nokia is gona be samsung s4 rival !! Nokia first has to add quad core processor rather than dual core !!

Nokia makes some really nice hardware. Too bad they've tied themselves to a rock and jumped into the deep end of the pond.

Nokia will have no problem selling 20 million of these phone if they're running Android OS.

Unfortunately, they chose to do business with Microsoft and put Windows Mobile OS on it.

WP8 - great OS
Nokia Phone - Great phones
Apps - ummmm none. Til this happens, WP OS will never have a following.

I have 80 apps on my phone. I typed the name of each into MS marketplace to see if they had them.
I found 7 total in the market place. and no, I am not counting games.

Would go to WP8 today if they had the apps that iOS and android have. til then. no thanks.

We know that Nokia is the only company that can compete with Samsung in terms of Hardware, software and camera side (NOKIA IS THE CLEAR WINNER IN TERMS of CAMERA). Im hoping for a Nokia Android phone with Pureview Technology, PureMotion Hd+ (Faster Screen Refresh Rate), Fabula Design Language, Swipe UI just like the N9. Who's with me? Android Phone from Nokia

Considering that Microsoft bailed them out, I doubt that Nokia would even have a thought about switching over to Android.

We know that Nokia is the only company that can compete with Samsung in terms of Hardware, software and camera side (NOKIA IS THE CLEAR WINNER IN TERMS of CAMERA). Im hoping for a Nokia Android phone with Pureview Technology, PureMotion Hd+ (Faster Screen Refresh Rate), Fabula Design Language, Swipe UI just like the N9. Who's with me? Android Phone from Nokia

The only reason I would like this is that Nokia wouldn't have any OS restriction and implementing a great phone. However, Nokia will be the reason that MS will become a better competitor in the Mobile Phone market and help keep competition out there between the OS and not allowing monopoly between two giants. It will take time, but it can happen as long as MS becomes more fierce in the advancement in the mobile sector with Nokia help.

Using a Lumia 920, Nexus 7 and HTC One X, I really like the hardward and simplicity of the 920 for my everday phone. I've gotten to the point I just want a phone for a phone. I love my N7 for all the other stuff. I'm sorry but Nokia Hardware, camera, and design are Top Notch. WP8 is a better OS than 7.5/7.8. I'm interested in what Blue will bring for WP. As for this 925 it's beautiful and the Camera with the OIS will be one hard to match as video recording on the 920 OIS is one of the best out. I'm more interested in the EOS that Nokia is supposed to debut in the summer announcement. And no, Nokia does not need Android. It's the best thing to happen to MS as they have been the front runner for getting alot of apps and exclusives to come aboard MS. They are also the reason that WP sales has increased in the market share. I like to keep up with all platforms and I like what Nokia is doing for MS. It's the best thing to keep them afloat.

WP has 3% of the market now (according to Gartner) and everyone that praises the Lumia should know that Nokia had 30% of the market UNTIL E(f)lop issued the famous "burning platform memo". In that process, Nokia ditched Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan - two platforms that are superior when it comes to features and flexibility compared to WP.

It is also important to mention that the Swipe UI introduced on the N9 got very good reviews and that BlackBerry 10 has a very similar UI concept. Nokia could have been very successful with MeeGo, the N9 also sold very well even if E(f)lop tried to kill it with all measures through restricting it to small markets etc.

Microsoft is certainly NOT happy with what Nokia is doing. E(f)lop promised a 1:1 conversion rate from Symbian to Windows Phone. The result has been that 9 out of 10 existing Nokia smartphone customers went... Android. The Compal made Lumias also offer very low quality compared to the older E- and N-series that Nokia made in their own factories.

Nokia has simply failed to capture any noticeable marketshare for WP, after all those big marketing budgets, free Xbox 360s etc - the share stands around 3%. Microsoft had 12% with Windows Mobile. It is just pure disaster when the marketing budgets and efforts are included.

Fortunately for those that want a Finnish phone: Jolla is releasing their first Sailfish devices soon and they are a continuation of what Nokia had with the N9. Buying a Lumia is buying low quality (manufactured) hardware from Compal et al slapped into a Nokia casing powered by a Microsoft OS. All multimedia excellence that Nokia had with the N-series is just gone now.

The last two Nokia devices that were really good is the N9 and 808.

The Asha series is at least more feature rich than the Lumias even if they are entry level devices. On the other hand, that's because the S40 division was spared when E(f)lop destroyed everything smartphone at Nokia. Originally, they designed, developed and manufactured their own smartphones running their own platforms. Now they are basically a case designer.

Windows Mobile, just like Symbian was a dying breed for both companies. The introduction of the iPhone changed the entire landscape of mobile phoning and Android sealed alot of of WM and Sym fate. There was no guarantee if Nokia stayed with Symbian or even Meego that it would had survived and MS took to long to change their game plan and missed the entire last 3-4 years. The sales for Meego was so bad, Nokia won't even talk about it or give numbers and only like what 2 products were introduced under the new OS. What did the N9 exactly do for it?

And I strongly disagree about the Lumia, cause the 900 920 were both built off the same n9 designed and some components so how is it worse other than where it was outsourced to? Because of Compal? Because of WP? The OIS camera lens on the 920 is the best out in low lighting and the 928 is even better in both low and bright light. Nothing change in any of the hardware.

I'm sorry but if it wasn't for Nokia, WP would be dead in the water. They are the only ones that have strong investment into the OS as others made a phone and left it dangling.

I'm sorry but I just have to disagree with you. Nokia limitation is strictly because of the OS, but Nokia was smart to have features seperate from the OS for easier updates. If you never actually used a Nokia 920 on WP8 and going from 7.5 experience, it's hard to justify the OS just sucks. It's nowhere near rich as Android, but neither is Apple and that doesn't necessary make it a bad thing.

I'm excited to see what the EOS will bring. MS has already made announcements that they are making updates to be available upon the release of the 925. Yes MS is only at 3%, but has made the biggest jump between the three. It's not saying much, but there's a growing market. And there are more places outside the US. I mean are you really blaming Nokia for MS market share? Their shares was bombed way before Nokia introduction.

Couldn't agree more! I have defected to android from WP pre wp8 as my contract was up for renewal and I wanted to try android and now have a sg3. I'd get another WP like a shot as I love the O/S but did notice immediately I switched to android that not only was the choice of apps infinitely better but the quality too! Still a wp fan none the less and will seriously consider them again at my next upgrade

Nokia should have thrown android on there devices and they would be one of the top manufacturers now instead of trying to play catchup with a horrible operating system.

It's a Windows phone, by default it's a big "PASS" that applies to Windows 8 too. As for Nokia, never owned one and probably never will. I don't care for their kiddie colored phone's.