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The Android 4.0.3 update for the Asus Transformer Prime brought with it some improvements to the Google Apps. However small any changes may be, nestled among them the Gmail application has received an interesting new feature menu known as "Experiments."

Experiments at the moment consists of a couple of new features which are probably not quite ready for the prime-time. 

The first of these, enables full text search. Pretty straight forward this one, but still pretty useful. It allows you to index an entire message to search for keywords. 

The second may not be immediately obvious as to its function. The contact chip is bascially the name entered into the To, Cc, and Bcc fields when composing a new message. Enabling this function allows you to long press on one of these contact chips, and simply drag and drop to another box. 

At the moment, the updated Gmail app is rolling out with Android 4.0.3. But, enter the Android community, as the apk has been extracted from the Prime and is working just fine on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It has been tried on Honeycomb, but ran into some nasty force close issues meaning this is purely for Ice Cream Sandwich guys. 

If you're keen to try it out for yourselves, hit the source link where you'll find a handy download.

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samid says:

Wish they called it Labs so that it would be more consistent across gapps.

Wait... where the heck is my 4.0.3 for my LTE Nexus?

codemonkey85 says:

This has already existed in previous builds of Gmail.

4.0.3 builds maybe, wasn't on my gnex this morning on a pre 4.0.3 gmail app

Jobarr says:

This was already part of the Nexus S ICS update....A MONTH AGO!

randyrkelly says:

Been out since the ics source release. Guess everyone is late.

Yup, I tried to install this and then realized I already had it thanks to Peter Alfonso.

jimijames says:

Here's a radical idea that I think google should work on for their email apps: zooming. Why this basic functionality is STILL missing baffles me.

Or being able to edit forwarded emails...without cut and pasting into a new email.

knowledge_6 says:

how about getting some REAL updates into Gmail like......

Select All or Mark Prior Read...


Turning off Conversation threading on the android devices!

CMercs says:

This also exists on my Xoom which has 4.0.3 (ICS). Don't know if it was there before.