MoDaCo switch

Dual-boot between Sense and Google edition ROMs on your HTC One, with a single set of app data

Update: For those interested in having similar capabilities on the Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505), MoDaCo has an Indiegogo project set up to raise £1000 ($1500) to bring Switch to the GS4.

MoDaCo Switch, revealed a couple of weeks ago, is a unique custom firmware allowing you to switch between HTC Sense and vanilla Android on the HTC One. The software comes as two ROMs in one, with a "Switch" app in the app drawer allowing you to hop between the two flavors of Android. Even more useful, MoDaCo Switch does all this with a single set of user data, meaning apps and accounts are shared between Sense and stock.

It's been in private testing for a few days, but today creator Paul O'Brien has released the current build — beta 8 — to the public. There's a little bit of initial setup to go through, so you'll want to check out the full list of installation instructions before you get started, even if you're familiar with flashing custom ROMs. It's also worth noting that right now only the GSM HTC One is officially supported in MoDaCo Switch.

We've been testing MoDaCo Switch on the European HTC One for the past couple of days, and we've found it works just as advertised. It's a great way to live in the Google Play ROM if you prefer the look and feel of vanilla Android, while having the ability to escape back to Sense if you need to use a certain feature, or if you just fancy a change. And when you do switch over, all your app data and accounts are preserved.

To get started, hit up the link below for download links and installation instructions. Good luck!

More: Download links and installation instructions


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MoDaCo Switch public beta for HTC One now available


This could very well push me over the edge and make the HTC One my next phone.

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Sweet! I've already converted my AT&T HTC One to the Google Edition. Now I can have the best of both worlds.

Just a heads up guys I've been running modaco switch beta now for several days. Very stable. If you are s on you will see it boot into recovery to flash a zip when you switch sides. Also follow directions there are a few in there that are very important. Such as once you first boot up it will be the sense side. Be sure to goto settings power and uncheck fast boot. Also the first boot can take awhile and sometimes has a tendency to hang. Go flash it guys! It's awesome. On it as we speak.

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And yes even if you are familiar with roms It's worth reading his list of instructions.

Also Sms is not synced yet as it's two separate apps. You can use a 3rd party SMS app if you desire.

Enjoy everyone. It's nice spending half the day on stock android and then the other half on sense. So very cool...

The goal is to eventually be able to utilize switch to dual boot any two Roms your heart desires. Obviously that end of it is still a ways out but you can help by beta testing it...

Also for now I would suggest using the kernel it comes with. If you use a custom kernel any bugs you report won't be valid so to speak and can't be applied properly. If that makes any sense. Also if you do don't flash it as normal. There are instructions on his forum but If you do it has to have a pretty stock ramdisk to support switching.

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I hope this becomes common with many phones. How about choosing what ROM I'd like to run with stock on my nexus? I would donate to that!

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I love me some good old vanilla android as much as the next geek does (its why I've had 3 Nexus devices), but I have to say after trying a GPE rom on my One, I've come away disappointed with the overall look. It just doesn't seem optimized for the screen if you ask me. Everything looks pixelated and shrunken compared to what I've been used to with Sense 5. There's just so much wasted screen real estate its not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

Anyone else feel that way?

I really never thought about it. It feels like it did on my N4 but I don't have it in front of me to compare.

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You guys will love it.

Like I said I've been on it several days now and it rocks. Just be sure to follow directions and disable fastboot before once you have flashed and booted Into the sense side.

Also follow the directions and flash all of the zips one after another without rebooting.

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woohoooo!!! downloading the files now. I'm so excited to try this out. and as DaGODFather said, "Happy Friday Flashing, guys" !!

I have the HTC One GPe. The only thing I am interested from Sense is the camera app. I read lots of folks saying it performs about the same, but in many of the sample photos that I see, Sense does a better job with contrast and color. Easier to use and slightly more advanced settings options would be great also.

You can already run the sense camera app on your gpe. It was ported.

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This is awesome so want to get this phone absolutely love this dual boot. Although I have waited this long I might have to hold out and see what the new Nexus phone will be.