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Every good smartphone nowadays deserves to have a good docking solution available. It shouldn't be too hard to create either. As a functional item, they're pretty basic, but also incredibly useful at work, and at home.


The Mobi Products Desktop Cradle, is a third party charging dock for the HTC One X. As such, the charging contacts on the back aren't utilised, instead opting for a microUSB based charging solution. If you're the type of person that is forever docking and un-docking your One X throughout the day, this may not be for you. If, however, you go to work, and sit your phone besides your PC all day, then this could be for you.

As far as docks go, this one is pretty minimal in styling. The USB charging cable is fixed to the rear of the dock, and aside from the microUSB charger there is a simple blue LED on the top that indicates the dock is powered. This sits behind the phone too, so it isn't constantly catching your eye.

The One X sits really nicely in it too. It has the slightest of angles to it, so the phone isn't quite bolt upright, but isn't at an un-natural viewing angle either. All that is visible of the dock is the black front portion, everything else is hidden behind the phone. It works really nicely combined with a full screen clock application on the nightstand at home too. It sits at just the right angle for those blurry-eyed mornings when you roll over and just need to see the time.

Construction is solid, although bear in mind that as the phone is sat on a microUSB charger, if you knock the phone it is going to move about. The microUSB itself though is solidly fixed to the base of the charger.

So what about the not so good points? Well, if your One X is in a case, theres a higher than likely chance you're going to need to take that case off before docking your phone. 

And thats about that. If you're in the market for a reasonably priced, basic charging dock for your HTC One X, then definitely take a look at the Mobi Products Desktop Cradle.


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Mobi Products Desktop Cradle for HTC One X [Accessory Review]


Have never liked the docks that I have had that use the standard USB connectors instead of the pogo-pins. Hard to get the phone on and off, and easy to damage your usb port rushing to answer a phone call.

The real HTC version which uses pins is available in the UK and EU, but not yet in north america.

AC can you use your powers to get us a date on US availability of a pogo pin using HOX dock?

I would be very worried about damaging the USB port on the phone using a cradle like that. I am waiting for an HTC one for my Evo LTE... the one for my Evo 3D was great- it was recessed, so it would not move or get accidentally knocked off.

Too bad the pogo pins don't line up on the European One X vs the North American One X. So don't even think about importing the European dock.

They line up exactly on all International versions. (Can't speak for AT&T version, as some of us were smart enough to avoid that).

The only thing that differs on the UK and EU model is the plug that goes into the wall.