Version 5 of the popular alternative ROM now available for HTC One owners

We know that MIUI isn't for everyone. It's a drastic shift away from the "Stock" Android look and feel, and cries of iPhoney always seem to be heard whenever the software gets talked about. But if you're a fan, you probably aren't going to let that stop you from enjoying the unique look and feel on your new HTC One.

The multi-language ROM has a huge list of features, and the focus is on style and customization. As far as this version for the HTC One, the "not working" list is pleasantly short:

  • NFC maybe, not tested!
  • Bluetooth (similar to CM).
  • Signal strength shown needs to be fixed. RIL is fine otherwise.
  • Xposed Installer isn't compatible with MIUI because they both make changes at the same location. Avoid using it or you might end up with bootloops.

Of course you'll need to have rooted your HTC One, unlocked the bootloader and flash a custom recovery, and know how all this affects your warranty.

If you've never given MIUI a try and have an HTC One handy, now sounds like a good time to have a look. See the source link for all the details, and there are a few screen shots after the break.

Source: AdyScorpius at XDA. Thanks, Android creature!


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MIUI version 5 ported to HTC One


Why would anyone want to make an iPhone of such a beautiful phone like htc one?

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Closed minded people make me laugh you clearly have not used miui or if you have you have not used it in a long time

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I liked the iphone a lot, I won one in a raffle, it sold very quickly for a high price so I could buy my nexus 7 tablet. So don't throw it away

Is it difficult to conceive of a person who likes the look and feel of iOS but likes the extensibility and customizability of Android?

No, not at all. That's why I love MIUI. Unfortunately, they still haven't ported it to the Nexus 4. I can't understand why that is.

The only thing I like about MIUI is the better lockscreen, but you can get that with WidgetLocker (as good if not better) and the built ins on CM. I've never flashed any ROMS outside of CM or a Turbo edition of the normal stock where you keep all the goodies of things like sense, but is trimmed up for speed and storage, so no clue, but MIUI is not quite my taste either way.

MIUI has come a long way from what we saw on the HTC Hero days.

Are we really doing this again?? I'm disappointed, Jerry! We know it's being ported to multiple devices, but why do you have to specifically report when it's ported to HTC One? It was ported to Nexus 4 a few weeks back, but I never saw a news post about that! And you're a Nexus boy at heart as much as I am. So why the report specifically relating to one device?

This is why people think this website is in HTC's pocket....just FYI AC staff ;)

Maybe because Jerry knows no one would want to ruin the N4's beautiful UI.

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It also could be that he likes the hTc One better than the N4 now. Things change. People change. And to say that AC is in hTc's pocket is obsurd. hTc can't even afford to pay attention any more let alone pay AC to plug them....

I'd give it a try on my n4 but I'd it really just Android 4.1? Should I go from 4.2.2 to this?

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Another rom that nukes half the features of the HTC One.. Although I like MIUI I can not chop features away.

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I like MIUI, but not MIUI launcher. ROM has great features which I didn't see in any other ROM. Used it for an year with custom launcher on my old HTC Desire.

True! MIUI made the designs way before iOS reached those levels of finesse. It is the way iPhone should have been from day One.

People hate on sense all the time i want stock i want this or that the HTC ONE is way better with sense HTC has it working real well you lose way to much with out it i don't get the Hate of Sense it what makes the phone really shine stock android is boring and missing way to much stuff

Oh God I'm sick of people who think it's an iPhone copy. It doesn't have an app drawer...get over it. There's tons of themes that look a lot better than any other boring android ROM. It performs well. It will still have the same stock features your phone came with but it'll look a lot better. I've used it a lot over the years but I do change ROM's every now and then. I'm using an aosp ROM at the moment but I'm missing the look and feel of MIUI. The customisation features etc. I'll probably go back to it in a few weeks. I've never had anyone look at my phone and think it's an iPhone...and most people are ignorant to mobiles. Mine's never looked like an iPhone due to THEMES. Oh and there's an app for an app drawer if you need it with the MIUI home launcher. Otherwise use apex or nova etc. But that seems a waste of you're using a beautiful ROM and launcher that comes with it. Check it out before saying it's an iShit.

Tried it out. It's smooth but I'm back on Nocturnal rom. I might go back once everything is working. :-)

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