For the smartphones ahead of the curve, the biggest smartphone breakthrough in 2008 was app stores and app markets. The trend for 2009? Well, for the stragglers, it looks to be app stores and app markets announcements.

And hey, if you looked at the new icon for "Windows Marketplace for Mobile" (try saying that 5 times straight!) it copies the same 'bag' theme as our lovely Android Market. Maybe Microsoft came up with the idea separately and designed the bag before they ever even saw Android Market's logo! That has to be it, right?! All jokes aside, the logo looks pretty nice, we can't tell you how the "Windows Marketplace for Mobile" works as a program though--that is still kind of unknown.

What you guys think? Who copied who, Android Market Logo or Windows Mobile Logo?

[via phandroid]


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Logo Fun: Windows Mobile Marketplace Copies Android Market Icon ?


Microsoft was already using bag as it's Marketplace icon during theXP/Vista days, so they're really not copying anything:

They're just creating consistency between their platforms.

Hell, you know M$, if there is a good idea they will try to copy it, market it, make you think they invented it and then they try to get you to buy it.