We're live from atop a converted bull ring (no kidding) here in beautiful Barcelona, about to find out what the next generation of HTC smartphones is going to look like. Liveblog's after the break!


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Live from HTC's Mobile World Congress press event!


HTC should make a line like samsung has with the galaxy and bring essentially the same phone to all the carriers.

This is working great on my 'older' Evo 4G. Wouldn't that be awesome if they announce today an Evo HD 4G LTE for CDMA. Eh.. I can dream, right?

I can't imagine that SPRINT won't have something big from HTC this year, just like the two previous year. Still lovin' my EVO3D. Amazing phone. Though, I'd rather they concentrate on speed with the next unit, than nostalgic additions, like an 3D lens set up. Can't wait to see what's coming to SPRINT! I hope it's big.

I'll just wait till later this year when 4g's up and running in my area,then get the latest fastest EVO,or One X.