Silver-and-white AT&T HTC One render

It's the all new HTC One in silver with an AT&T logo

So far the all new HTC One (brand new for 2014!) has leaked out in gold, black, and gray. We've seen that it's going to have two cameras, a refined HTC Sense 6, and even HTC has implied that we should expect even better speakers when it's announced on March 25th.

Add one more color to the mix: silver with white trim. So far all the other leaks have had a black trim, but the latest render leaked by @evleaks shows the HTC One in a lighter silver-and-white scheme. It's the same coloring as the original HTC One, though with broader curves and what looks like a full wrap-around unibody instead of the injected polycarbonate sides of the original.

Oh, and there's AT&T branding in the form of a little AT&T globe slapped onto the back.. That's little surprise, considering that AT&T was a launch partner for the last HTC One. Either way, it's our first hint at where we'll expect to be able to see the all new HTC One. Mark your calendar, people, we're less than a month out.

Update: You want a render of the all-new HTC One for Verizon in dark gray? Okay, here it is. Nice subtle branding for Big Red. Seriously.

Source: @evleaks


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Leak unsurprisingly shows new HTC One is headed to AT&T... and Verizon


Let the bitching about Verizon's logo begin in 3...2...1...

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Having trouble remembering who your carrier is? Not sure who to make that $200 a month bill out to? Worry no more! Verizon has your back! In 2014 Verizon will be introducing the new "Verizon Watermark." From here on out, a permanent and ELEGANTLY RED "Verizon" watermark will be branded on your smartphone's screen. But never fear! The original Verizon branding will also be present on the front and backside of your devices reading "Verizon 4G LTE. YOUR BILL IS DUE ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH DON'T FORGET AND YOU SHOULD DEF SIGN UP FOR EDGE 'CAUSE WE GET MORE MONEY THAT WAY AND IF YOU EVER SWITCH CARRIERS YOUR PHONE WILL SELF-DESTRUCT SO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. OK THERE'S NO MORE ROOM ON THE BACK OF THIS PHONE. BYE."

Verizon. Corporate first. Customers second.

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I am not sure what is worse. A verizon logo on a physical button or part of the screen or the ATT logo hijacking your notification area. Thankfully Sprint and T-mobile seem to keep it to the back.

I think the AT&T logo is at least more attractive than the others. It has a nice, minimalist feel to it, as opposed to giant, red check marks.

But the att text in the notification bar? It still goes away if you have a persistent notification though, like the temperature. At least I hope so...

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

But the HTC One actually looks nice. Wasn't it awarded like the best looking phone of 2013? And it's only the second model. The S5 looks like the S4, which in turn looks like the S3. 3 years if basically the same design.

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After awarded best smartphone, how many was sold? Still the ugliest phone outsold all. Answer is productivity, not good looking

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Give me a break. The GS4 isnt anymore productive than ANY other Android device. And the award was bestowed THIS year. Who cares how many this other device you're talking about sold? This isnt about that device its about the new One. Focus. If you dont like it, aren't going to buy it. You're here why? Troll

I'll take a larger screen, removable batter, and up gradable storage over what some people consider a better "looking" or more fashionable phone any day! I think the HTC One is simply the answer for Apple fanbois!

And yet the iPhone out sold both of them combined. Which is a shame. I love my HTC one. And might get the new one.

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This looks much nicer though. However, this year I think it is unfortunate they are using on screen buttons when they have that perfect black bar with the HTC logo that could have been used for capacitive buttons

Yeah, I don't see why they would have that useless logo strip taking up space. Put buttons on it or get rid of it.

Ugly phone stays ugly = complaint.
Good looking phone stays good looking = approval.

Easy to understand, no?

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I always thought that complaint was stupid. Phones in the same series SHOULD look alike. That's why they're in a SERIES. All Galaxy class devices should favor each other - just as all the HTC One devices should favor each other. Personally, I don't give a damn if they keep the exact same design, as long as the internals are updated. As far as I can tell, the only reason to change the design of the phone (outside of new cost considerations) would be for marketing purposes and the ability to sell a new generation of accessories.

The only thing that drives me a little crazy is when a new phone looks *almost* exactly the same as its predecessor, but with one or two things moved enough that cases for the previous model don't quite fit. It looks like that'll be the case here.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

Don't mind all Samsung haters out there, all new HTC one is going to be upgraded HTC one, and nobody will complain

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I think no body will complain about All New HTC One, because its definitely a better design than S5. More than design of S5, lot of people hate the build quality of Samsung for the price of 650$ ( most probably)

People are just going to bitch (pardon my french but it's true) and whine about the bezel when in reality it isn't that big of a deal.

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And that is your opinion. I have an S4 and frankly it meets all my needs and then some so I need a good reason to upgrade to the next generation as contact renewal discounts generally take 2 generations. Right now the LG G2 is more appealing to me then the S5 as I want the largest screen possible in the smallest phone possible.


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If it wasn't for the bottom speakers the bezel where the HTC logo would actually be smaller then the s5 bezel in fact the bezels on the s5 are larger then the s4's. The bezel on the new HTC One are smaller then last year's model I think this phone looks amazing and as long as they have a large battery and improved camera then this phone will be awesome. Also there are rumors that it will have an SD card slot too.

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It looks like there are buttons on the right and left side of the phone plus the top. What are they all for or is that one with the hole next to it a sim slot?

SIM slot and release pinhole on the left; volume rocker on the right; power button / IR blaster top.

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For someone in the market for an upgrade at the start of May, 2014 is not starting well... Feels like 2013b, where I'm less likely to want to pull the trigger than I would have been if I were eligible last year.

Who wants to buy an old phone? What would end up happening is sticking with my One X until something better comes out.

hahaha - last years model will lag like crazy, just like this years lag fest. I am so over it all, my android phones all lag, and it drives me crazy.

Haha +1

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Well I'd wait till the specs are nailed down.
I seriously don't care about how good the speakers are. I don't listen to my phone that much without bluetooth or earbuds.

Having had the One X (international) for a couple years now, I really like the One line.
I'd give them third chance. Either that or a refreshed Moto X.

Damn well I guess HTC should just cancel the event. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the specs leak too..smh.

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Waste of screen and to much bezel. Not bad looking though. I just thought we were heading in the less bezel direction.

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Anyone notice the nubs on the cameras or that the antenna lines don't seem to match from the back to the front, at least on the bottom?

Dammit....what is that second camera lens for?! Lol bugs the hell outta me. I would like to try this phone. I feel a bit let down by the S5, but im waiting actually play with it myself.
Gonna be hard having to plug my phone in again, this spare battery switching with my s4 is so freaking awesome

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I think it's widely speculated that one camera will he a high megapixel "daylight" cam, the other an ultra pixel low-light cam.

Speculated, of course.

The only speculation I've heard is one cam is 4mp the other is 2mp and is for depth. Not exactly "high megapixel" on either. If this had the Sony Z1or2 camera it would near perfection imo.

No way in hell the specs will be that low.

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Design critique here... It's certain this is the exact physical form/layout of the new HTC One. I didn't quite believe it for a while. I think a lot of readers will agree the design it's not as nice as last year's, at least in pictures. That space under the screen really makes no sense, I reckon the phone is gonna be a lot taller with a 5" screen but no design changes to make up for it. The bottom shortcut tray ends up like a quarter the way up the phone. And large round corners make it look a little klunky like Samsung S4/5 or old HTC Thunderbolt. Smaller corners always look better. Maybe the Sony is too sharp in the corners, but last HTC One or the iPhone 4/5 or even the OG EVO, they look right with smaller corners.

When is someone going to call bullshit on all of this stuff? Look at this picture, then look at the leak from last week, including all of the various colors. It is the EXACT same picture, with the AT&T logo put on there, or the color of the phone digitally changed, and at some point I'm sure we'll see one with the Verizon, Sprint and T-Mo logos there. I don't do Photoshop but I'm sure plenty of people on here do, so can somebody just Photoshop all of the other carrier logos on the back of this thing, call it a "leak" and we can just move on?

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I was calling them bullshit for a while, but enough real pictures of demo/prototypes have leaked out that I'm now convinced these @evleaks renders are, while not real pictures, accurate in depicting what the actual product will look like.

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the OEMs do before a press release. They prep the images for carrier release. Then they show you the images. These are "leaked" images from HTC that weren't supposed to be let out, hence the word "leaked".

My point is that it's not really a "leak" if a million people can do the exact same thing with Photoshop in 19 seconds. This is not a picture of an HTC One with the AT&T logo on it. It's just another digitally altered version of what we saw last week. Look at the shadow that runs across the main camera lens. They're identical in every single picture.

Posted via Android Central App

You, sir, are correct. Note the time, place and temperature are exactly the same on each phone. Even the "reflection" going diagonally down the screen is the same.

My point is that every time another Photoshopped version of the same picture shows up on the internet it doesn't necessarily merit a front page story.

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You keep saying it's a photoshop of the same picture, just because it looks similar. Let me guess, you've shopped lots of pictures and you can tell because of pixels right? Get off it dude no one cares.

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It's the EXACT SAME IMAGE. It's not the actual AT&T device. It doesn't take an expert to see that all of these "leaks" are the exact same photo. And somebody cares. You keep commenting on my comments.

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Honestly you don't know what the hell you are talking about. These renders are what the carriers will use as official photos on their websites. The photo above is what you'll see on AT&T's site during pre-order and normal sale of the new One. Don't believe me if you don't want to. Peace.

Because watching you make an idiot of yourself is pretty amusing. Renders are pretty hard to understand bro, I understand.

You and Blair, right above you, are a couple of dipshits. I'm perfectly aware that it's a publicity render. That's my point. Do we really need to see an article every time the same image, albeit slightly Photoshop by HTC for each individual carrier, shows up online? I really do understand that HTC is not going to take 3 brand new phones, stage them exactly the same way in silver that they did in gold, that they did in blue, that they did in black, that they did in grey (like you apparently think they have already done), and then do the same thing for AT&T, then for Sprint, then for Verizon, then for T Mobile and then for all the other international carriers. I guess you two nincompoops were under the impression that I thought AT&T wasn't really going to be selling the new HTC One. Or maybe you thought that I don't understand what a press render is. I'm not really sure. Maybe this is really news to you guys. If it is, here's some more news:

Sprint will sell the new HTC One
Fire is hot
Verizon will sell the new HTC One
T-Mobile will sell the new HTC One
If you jam a knife into your eyeball it will hurt
Tomorrow the sun will rise in the East

You may not believe that last one because you haven't seen a picture of it but trust me, it's true.

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Ok, just to make sure I understand: I'm an idiot because you couldn't comprehend my comment and I pointed that out to you? I'm sure you can understand my confusion since your previous comment ended with "Peace" and this last one labelled me with the equally peaceful moniker of "fucking idiot".

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I`m not understanding why they moved the power button over to the other side at the top. On the top is crap enough, but now on the side its placed unless you are left handed you would have to be a contortionist to reach that

What? The current HTC One button placement is a lobster-claw nightmare. Having it on the right is perfect.

At least the iPhone works very well in that exact spot.

Yup my EVO LTE is in that spot and it's perfect. I tried the current HTC One for a bit and it was hard to turn on, like you said lobster claw plus a very flush button takes some doing to feel/press.

I find it perfect on the left side, attempting to unlock as if it were on the right side is even more difficult. Obviously, the side would have been ideal but the placement is the least of my annoyances with the one. That purple camera tint is fucking horrendous.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

Top left on such a large phone is the absolute worst spot for a wake button. It's the main reason I passed on the One last year. Moving it to the top right will give right handed people the ability to simply lift their thumb to press said button. It remains to be seen how easy this will be if the One is getting taller. I still expect it to be easier than the top left death spot. Ideally HTC would give Sense 6 the option to wake the phone via double tap or a swipe of the screen like BB10.

Based on some leaked pictures of covers, I'm convinced it does have an SD card slot on the right side above the volume rocker. That's a big plus for me as I use my phone as a media player *a lot* and use the SD card to store movies and TV shows every day. I also gotta believe the new HTC One will still use the HTC Media link HD. That thing works great and I use it all the time.

+1000 but not a complete deal breaker, if it had a pretty sizeable drive I would still buy it

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Has an alright look overall to me except for the bezels, not redesigning the speaker grills much and that awful seafoam green choice of color. Still hope it's not two cameras and the smaller being a fingerprint sensor instead. If it's two cameras I would of preferred a small oblong cut-out instead.

If this is how it will look, I like it. It reminds me of the old HTC that I liked . I just wish the bezil on the bottom was so big.

Anyone else think it's become more curvish like the galaxy line..Which imo is good, should feel more comfortable in the hand.. Having said that I thought HTC would be coming with a new design considering the mocking they have been doing of Samsung.

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Does anyone know if at t is going to carry the one max?I want a larger screen.Thanks

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While we're all 120% sure this phone is going to hit AT&T, and 9/10 have the branding in these exact locations, this looks like a photoshop job. A poor photoshop job if you look at the rear logo and the artifacts surrounding it.