Today was a pretty big day for Sprint and HTC, they announced their newest LTE (soon to be LTE anyway) phone, and one a lot of folks have been waiting for. Of course we're talking about the EVO 4G LTE. The phone had some pretty big shoes to fill, coming at a time when the contracts of people who bought the original EVO 4G are up for renewal. We got a bit of advance info about what to expect, and save for the battery and the screen tech, our tip was spot on -- on the inside this beast is the basic specs of the HTC One X, but outside it's all EVO. Bold.

But is it too bold? I'm seeing people on both sides of that fence. To me, I like what Sprint has done here. The EVO 4G LTE (and we're going to have to think of a way to shorten that name) is Sprint's new baby. They should have made it their own, and they did. A mix of soft-touch coating, aluminum, bright red, and a two-tone back make this one stand out in a crowd. When you see someone using it on the train, or at the mall, you'll know it's the new EVO.

There's also the matter of the non-removable battery. For some, it's not an issue -- grab a portable charger and go. But for others, no removable battery means no buy. I get both sides, and it's something to consider. I think I could deal with it and be fine, but you may not. It's all good.

So what say you? Are you feeling the newest EVO and it's unique look? Or are you a bit let-down that it's changed so much from the One X? Or did the battery situation put you off? Vote in tonight's poll, then let us know why in the comments.


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Late-night poll: Did the HTC EVO 4G LTE meet your expectations?


this phone is beautiful and amazing! I don't get why people hate it! its better than the one X in design thats for sure

Jerry? WTF, man? I was first and now my comment is gone. Is there a "No-firsts" policy here? It was my first-first ever. I was getting ready to tweet it but now I can't. This is almost as bad as the new EVO not looking like the One X.

I know. And that was just a joke. It's the middle of the night. If we can't have fun here after midnight, where can we? And don't say a strip club. I already thought of that. But I'm broke and this is free.

The phone fell a little short of expectations. It's still a best though. We'll have to wait for the GSIII before I make a decision.

I dont think its better than the One X design. The back looks....odd. Looks like that Moto remote for their recent phones.

Even if the gloss is odd it wont matter cause once you put a case or skin over it its covered. It is a bit odd the way they did that but it will not stop me from getting this phone.

It may look nice, but Phonescoop is listing the LTE radio as only 1900mhz. Sadly this is the same as the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. So in 2013 when Sprint's true LTE is rolled out on the 800mhz band both of these phones will not take advantage of it leaving them stuck on the 1900mhz band that will probably not be built out in too many places over the next eight months as 800mhz is what Sprint will be concentrating on as soon as they can move all of their 800mhz iDen people to CDMA. Sadly the 1900mhz band also has low penetration and speed compared to a lower frequency like 800mhz. Leave it to Sprint to screw over their early 4G adopters yet again.

Also the name EVO 4G LTE is twice redundant. First, Evo stands for evolution and LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. Second LTE is 4G so why say 4G LTE? So basically the phones full name is the "Evolution Long Term Evolution 4G 4G". Pretty stupid.

The 1900mhz band is the reason why I went with Verizon after the whole discount hoopla. They are, like you said, "screw[ing] over their early 4G adopters yet again." I got the EVO 4G day one, and only used the 4G a handful of times in South FL. I called to Sprint's attention multiple times that their 4G was nonfunctional here, and they gave me excuse after excuse; Tower broken, coverage boost coming "soon," and finally "um, it's there and working..."

In regards to the EVO LTE, the design is not as nice as the ONE X, and the glossy black on the top half of the phone really bothers me, but the specs are beastly.

It really is sad how Sprint is still failing to treat their early 4g customers well yet again.

I am also wondering why AC has not brought up the issue of the device's LTE radio being only 1900mhz? With all the press on this phone in the last day AC failed to mention it EVERY time. This is pretty important information to be leaving out of all of these articles. Same thing with Sprint's Galaxy Nexus. Never once was it mentioned in any of the articles on it that it's LTE is only on the 1900mhz band. Even in the FCC filing article AC did for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus where it lists only the 1900mhz for the LTE radio, AC still didn't mention it.

Galaxy Nexus AC articles:

Evo 4G LTE AC articles:

So either AC's reporting is just extremely lazy, or they are being paid for these so called "news" articles. Which one is it?

Well, their 3G is 1900mhz isn't it and I get that indoors so why does it matter? Wimax was like 2500 or something which is why it was bad.

Because 1900mhz is a stop gap. How many markets do you think will get it when Sprint's intentions are to roll out nationwide 800mhz LTE. That means these first 1900mhz LTE only devices will only have LTE in these limited 1900mhz LTE areas. Sprint flat out does not have enough 1900mhz spectrum to go nationwide with it as LTE. Not until voice over LTE is standard and the 800mhz band is nationwide. Then Sprint can change the rest of their 1900mhz CDMA to LTE. How many years down the road do you think that is?

Nope. I believe that was also a rumor when Wimax was first introduced. That the Wimax radios inside of our devices could be updated with some software to work on LTE. We all see how well that worked out.

If it were this easy to update radio hardware to work on any frequency they want with a simple software update, we would see it happen all of the time. It does not.

The FCC is forcing Sprint to provide some iDen roaming coverage to SouthernLinc until 2017, so the amount of bandwidth available for LTE on 800mhz will be tiny. In areas where they share the iDen band with SouthernLinc, only 10mhz or so is available for LTE, which wouldn't allow for speeds much higher than you could get with EVDO. The 800mhz LTE will primarily be used for VoLTE (Voice over LTE), or, in other words, phone calls. However, this phone can support 800mhz CDMA-Advanced for phone calls, so I don't really see this as an issue.

Then please enlighten us with some "facts" Jerry as to why AC has not brought up that both of Sprint's soon to be released LTE phones will only support the 1900mhz band?

Here is a comparison of what 1900 will look like compared to 800 coverage. http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/01/13/sprints-1900mhz-network-vision-i...

Looking at these maps it seams to me that being only able to receive 1900 will be a major problem if you actually want good coverage of LTE in the future. But I guess this isn't something you need to tell people is it? It's not like this is some sort of site people come to for information and to make informed decisions on their purchases of Android handsets.

Instead of making lame comments, how about answering the question of why AC is not informing people of the fact that these two phones (Galaxy Nexus and Evo 4G LTE) will be crippled with a radio that will only be able to receive the smaller half of Sprint's LTE roll out.

The phone is nice and met my expectations, just not my expectations for my next phone. Still the phone I want most to see on Sprint is the Note, or a variation of it. The thin and light 5.3" screen is just intriguing.

I understand that Sprint had to come up with a top end device at this time, or be left in the dust. Personally, I like the EVO LTE and may have to use my last Premier upgrade to get it. Wouldn't be a bad thing. But I'm with you...the Note is "DA BOMB"! Earlier, there was hope that it would be coming to Sprint, and I was stoked. But, with the EVO LTE's coming, my hopes are all but dashed. Actually, the Note would be the perfect device for Sprint, especially with the unlimited plans. I'm not enamored with AT&T. But, if Sprint doesn't get the Note in a few months...and with AT&T's latest tech improvements...I may be switching soon. I'm wondering whatever happened to Sprint's "on the edge" attitude/philosophy. They're lagging (and lacking). Which isn't giving its customers much confidence in its future. Too bad. Best customer service in the business, in my experiences.

The specs are fantastic and exceeded expectations with the NFC, microSD slot, 2000mAh battery, dedicated camera button and the kickstand (spring-loaded! Nice.). Physically it isn't what I was hoping for, but it's grown on me a little. By the time zero hour gets here I'll be just like Pavlov's dog. I really am bummed that the missing rear contacts and form factor will keep the One series accessories out of my hands, though.

Only thing disappointing is the severe lack of 4g in my area. Maybe in 2 years when they finally decide to deploy it in Indianapolis I'll consider the successor to this phone. Until then, I'm enjoying at least having access to faster than dialup speeds on my Galaxy Note.

No removable battery is an absolutely HUGE no-no.

As someone who constantly tweaks and tinkers with their phone... I can't imagine being unable to battery pull when I fuck something up.

I hear ya'. I am hoping that if nothing else, there's a reset pinhole like we had back in the good old days. You know - 2009.

I never understand how there is a post saying this in literally every discussion of a phone with a non-removable battery.

All you have to do is hold down the power button or some combination of buttons for a force shut off. The same way you've have had to do it with tablets and non-removable battery devices for years.

Companies think of these things. This is basically never an issue.

People also buy Ios devices and think every smartphone immitates theirs... explanation enough? ;)

+1 for tablets.

It hasnt hurt running custom ROMs on that....why all of a sudden its gonna be impossible on phones?

Except that batteries have a limited useful life and can be recharged only so many times. If that useful life was ten years, then ok. But it's more like 2 or 3. You're right though: companies are definitely thinking about this.. this is a way to nudge you into replacing the device rather than keeping it 4 or 5 years.

At the current pace of smartphone evolution, most people can go along with this. I'll be curious to see what happens when mobile technology matures and people want to keep their phones longer. I'm hoping by then, either the replaceable battery makes a come back, or a long multi-year life can be reasonably expected.

at the rate some of these people change phones, why is the charge life of a phone even an issue, they'll probably have 5 or 6 phones in the 2 or 3 years that the battery lasts...

I agree. No removable battery is HUGE. These tech-heavy phones can eat up batteries FAST, especially with the larger/brighter screens. I don't mind swapping out a battery, as my days tend to be long with phone usage. I would much rather carry a replacement battery in my pocket than a bulky charger. I can...and do...deal with a little extra bulk when I really need a hi-cap extended battery. And something I've always wondered: What happens when that non-replaceable battery wears down/out? Can the non-replaceable be replaced by the store's tech? Or do you just have to replace the whole device? What?

It can absolutely be replaced. Just not in 5 seconds. The most popular devices w/out a removeable battery are the iPhones and iPods. A quick Google search will show you a hundred sites that will swap it for you or sell you one to swap yourself. It takes a little while because you have to tear down the device to get to it, but it is totally possible. Just like it is to replace your screen or digitizer on any device you have now. I've done it for my friends and kids before with their EVOs and iPods. Hell, Apple even offers to do it for their devices. If the battery ever truly fails then it can be swapped.

From my perspective while I like the unit I dont see it being the cousin of the One X as much as the One S. Mind you my perception is only based off photos but from the side it bears no resemblance to the One X and is suspiciously similar to the lesser One S. Plus, after the iphone wouldn't it make sense for Sprint to market a beefed up mid-grade exclusive versus spending money on a top tier build. Imagine it in car terms, if you have a limited market why stock your dealership with the base model Acura when you can push the Accord EX to your customer base as save a pretty penny

How is this not Sprint's version of the One X? Same exact screen and innards as the AT&T version (LTE) except it also has the benefit of microSD card slot (big deal since AT&T's version has a paltry 16gb vs international 32gb), a superior battery size (important since non-replaceable), and kickstand. Also, the dimensions and light weight is nearly identical to the One X. The only real disappointment is the two-tone glossy top on the rear, which I wont ever see after putting on a Seido or Otterbox case.

I had the original Evo 4G and loved it until I jumped ship to the irresistible GSII. Seeing the new Evo, compared to the One X, made me feel disappointed. But funny thing...the more I looked at it, the more nostalgic I got and now I'm fiending for it!

Really, I think I just want my new phone to (in addition to being top spec) not feel all cheap and plasticy like my GSII. If the GSIII actually has some quality feeling build materials I'll consider it, otherwise Evo LTE all the way!

I think I'll be able to live with the battery but really was hoping for that rumored 2650 mah size. This is my next phone as the camera seems to be the selling point over the GNex.

2000 isn't big enough for this phone. 1500 wasn't big enough for the OG Evo and you've added a lot of processing power to this one. It needs the 2650!

This will be the biggest cause for hesitation in buying this device. I'm sure many will flock to their computers to pre-order it. But I believe many more might wait it out to see how the processor extends battery life. This already appears to be a deal-breaker for some. If battery life sucks, it'll definitely be a deal-breaker for me.

OG Evo processor was a 1st gen Snapdragon on 65nm technology. This uses a 4th gen Snapdragon on 28nm technology. That makes for a HUGE drop in power consumption.

I really wish carriers would drop the 4G thing. LTE says it all. 4G is so bankrup because it's been mis-applied to HSPA+, Wi-Max, UTMS, EDGE evolution, etc. LTE is short, sweet, simple. Just sayin...

I agree, call it 4G or call it LTE. One moniker will do...

But of course the reason they are doing it is marketing. I don't think I need to explain...

I like what they've done with the slightly bigger battery and sd card, but hate what they've done with the aesthetics.

It's not deal breaker, but even with these extras it pains me to see how they've uglied up one of the most beautifully designed phones on the market.

Very much agreed.. I don't understand why they couldn't just adapt the design as needed. To change it up entirely is disappointing and borderline insulting. This was purely a decision made by an out of touch suit who thinks the glory days of the Evo never ended. That phone was a fine piece of engineering for it's day, but it's time to move on.

I really wish these carriers would stop mucking these phones up. They have absolutely nothing to do with the engineering of the product, and yet HTC and others routinely bend to their wishes to get the phones on their networks. They ought to be taking a different tack: it will be a fine day indeed when the Verizons of the world take to the press to declare “We don’t feel like we have an HTC/Samsung/Motorola deficit. We would love to carry [insert flagship device here] when we get there, but we have to earn it." This was said for Apple; no good reason why it can't be said for any other OEM. I'm a little sick of Android OEMs chasing Apple's sales model and yet they keep missing this very important point.

Choice in the Android universe is all very well and good, but I'm seriously beside myself that HTC, Samsung, et al., haven't figured out that a cohesive vision and consistent product line with an actual brand family identity would only focus and strengthen the product. At the very least, the simplified complexity should reduce update times and costs to the OEMs.

Beyond all that, the Galaxy Nexus proves that radical design departures and multiple flavors of the same product are not required for success - required tweaks for radios and the like are understandable, but otherwise leave it alone. The Galaxy Nexus isn't my cup o' tea, but at least it's a Galaxy Nexus wherever you go to get it regardless of the region or the carrier.

To me this phone looks gorgeous. Sure everyone has their preference for aesthetics, but I'm puzzled as to what really has thrown people off so much about this. Some say too basic, some say it's too much, but almost everyone has been to an excessive extreme about it. My opinion, it's perfect for what Sprint should go with for the design on their "One X" version to make it the righteous update to their Evo brand. (wow...I sound like I work for HTC/Sprint or something...trust me I don't, just really like the potential this phone has!)

As far as specs, sure the lack of replaceable battery is a downer, but not a deal breaker, at least for me. I have a work dock, I have a home dock, I have a car charger and honestly I'm never that long from ANY of these options long enough to have ever needed a spare battery. And now the non-removable battery is going to be even bigger, with (supposedly) better tech from ICS and Sense 4.0 that should help with excessive drainage (we'll see...with real world use). But all of that is just my usage of a phone. Others will differ, and they may need to have more than one battery. So be it...don't buy it. I have a feeling you'll be sorry though.

I like everything about the phone except the non removable battery.. May be a dealbreaker for me.. I'll have to see some real world usage reviews before I pull the trigger on this one...

I didn't expect that they would make the battery removable, so it has met my expectations. That said, I would have preferred either a removable battery, or a battery with larger capacity (like the rumored size), or both.

As it is, I'm still pretty happy with the specs, and will most likely switch to it from my original Evo 4G.

I think it is indeed a very nice phone, but I don't like the non removable battery. What if I flash something and get a bootloop, do i just
wait for the battery to die?

They always include a combination of button presses that creates a cut off that behaves the exact same as a battery removal or a reset hole. My transformer prime had a reset hole the Razr uses power+volume up or down I believe.

I had the original Evo 4G first day of its release and then upgraded to the Evo 3D. I was very disappointed with the 3D's novelty camera ability. I'm very impressed with the just announced EVO but will wait all year for hopefully Sprint's variation of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The non-removable battery is not neccesarily a game changer, but my needs have changed to more of what I desire in my next phone.

I think it's a great phone, but the fact that the battery cannot be switched out with an extended battery is very unappealing for me.

I'm going to wait this out a bit, my EVO 3D is still rocking with the best of these new phones.


I work in the battery industry. Not having a user-replaceable battery is an absolutely ENORMOUS mistake HTC/Sprint (and any other vendor paying attention)!! Most users over-charge the battery. For examples, in the car while using navigation, or they come home, plug in the phone to the charger, go to bed, get up next morning and unplug the phone. This causes a chemical break down inside the battery over time (Doesn't take long). This is why batteries loose the ability to retain a charge and thus need to be replaced. Granted, people are increasingly on a 2 year replacement cycle. But so many phone batteries fail in much less time than that. It then becomes a "warranty" issue, but those usually are for 1 year of a 2 year contract!! After that, then what? I still have the original HTC EVO. I love the thing. But I have had 4 batteries in 2 years!!! (One was DOA however to be fair).

Another pet peeve are vendors (Samsung/LG to name a few) who insist on making you purchase THEIR OEM replacement battery in order for some of their phones to accept a charge! STOP this practice!! Give consumers a choice/option to save some money by using third party replacement batteries!!

So, vendors, if you are listening...If I wanted a vendor proprietary/closed/dictatorial based consumer experience...I'd have bought a stupid iPhone!!!!!

"So, vendors, if you are listening...If I wanted a vendor proprietary/closed/dictatorial based consumer experience...I'd have bought a stupid iPhone!!!!!"

Dude, it is just a battery. Stop being so dramatic. It doesn't come with a replaceable battery so you're already comparing it to the iPhone?

Lucky for you, you still have so many other choices. Don't like the phone? Don't buy the phone.

"Most users over-charge the battery. For examples, in the car while using navigation, or they come home, plug in the phone to the charger, go to bed, get up next morning and unplug the phone."

That's how people use cell phones. If plugging in the phone overnight so that it is fully charged when I leave for work in the morning damages the phone, then whoever designed the charging circuitry has massively failed. What you have described in engineering error, not user error.

So much better than the EVO 3D. My only concern would be the battery life on the 2000 mAh non-removable battery. Will the S4 be energy efficient enough to make up for not having a larger capacity battery?

Tethering without spare batteries... no thanks!

Oh, and an ICS+ phone with those damn physical buttons instead of all screen... no way! Makes me think this phone was started before ICS, not to mention keep the Sense noob junk.

...except for this has the same size screen as the GNex, and the GNex always has the software buttons displayed unless you are watching a video or something. With this EVO you have all of the screen real estate usable unless the app has not been coded with its own menu button in the top right.

I like the phone, it has a retro look with the most modern internals on the market. But I won't make the same mistake I did with the 3D, I'm gonna wait a couple of months to see the options we get from other brands and/or when the white variation of the EVO LTE comes out... I want to take my time since I will have to stick with what I decide for 2 years... Man, I miss the sprint premier gold benefits!

I applaud my evo family of friends on sprint great device to have if your walking around with the OG EVO4G or EVO 3D. Personally nothing beats pure stock android with no bloatware from the carrier and 32gb of internal storage with 2100 mAh battery that can be swapped out anytime you need to enter GALAXY NEXUS on sprint. I had evo 4g and evo 3d been there done that already. If you are a sprint customer with the nexus s4g make sure to jump on the pure stock android experience of the GALAXY NEXUS you will be happy no doubt. I applaud my buddy Dan Hesse for making the evo special and a stand out device htc and dan takes that evo seriously..

Plus waiting in the wings is the GALAXY S 3 come May 22nd. If Samsung brings quadcore exynos 5212 processor with LTE and 2gb of ram to the states this summer then samsung wins this race. Plus the BEST DEVICE REMAIN the GALAXY NOTE, GALAXY NEXUS, GALAXY S2 EPIC TOUCH. Time for real world tests what is the big day to day difference in snapdragon S3 vs snapdragon S4 vs the exynos processor in the current Samsung S2 Epic touch 4g. We need to see face to face challenges the new evo 4g lte vs Epic 4g touch vs Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy Note. Can the new evo really standup in day to fay use well let somebody prove it.

LOL he wishes. He's just a Samsung fanboy who use to be a HTC fanboy. In reality, he's just a nutjob. Pay him no mind.

I love the hardware and that Sprint is keeping the EVO line at the cutting edge of mobile phone tech.

I hate the design. It is the ugliest member of the EVO line. It doesn't have the same design stylings of phones like the Nexus One, the Sensation, the Incredibles or the One Series.

I get that they had to change it up since ATT has One series exclusivity, but it looks like a design that wasn't thought out.

Lets be real about this if your an evo sheep like the iphone sheep you will by this. I would like to point out this battery is not even as big as the 3500Mah extended battery the I had for my orignal evo and that only lasted about 12hrs max. I would also like to point out to all the iphone haters who like to say "Can you change your battery" mine can ... well guess what now you cant. Dumb move HTC/Sprint. The Camera looks to be the only real new inovation this phone has but is it worth shelling out $199 I will wait until the real world test come back. Might have to look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII this is a disapointment to me but hey im not a sheep.

I think it's butt-ugly....I wish the back was completetly brushed instead of having the top half glossy black.

But that's what cases are for! I'll probably still be getting it. Itching to upgrade my OG EVO.

imo its flat-out ugly. It's large, chunky, and square rather than smooth and sleek. I was hoping for the white one. No way I'd buy this thing

ugghh why couldn't they have just made a black and red One X?!?!?! The gloss on the back absolutely KILLS ME.

Also the fact that it's only on 1900 MHz band is frustrating as Sprint plans on switching to 800 MHz in the future - not exactly a future proof device.

I LOVE my OG Evo and will probably stick with it through this one until we see what SGS3 is packing.

"ugghh why couldn't they have just made a black and red One X?!?!?!"

You sir, I agree with 100%. Keep the EVO name(or EVO ONE X) and the specs Sprint wanted, just keep that EVO look, not that it doesn't look like an Evo its just looks old(nostalgic,)I guess. A Black and Red version of the One X would have been nice, just with an Evo touch(kickstand, red accents.) 2000mah battery isnt bad. Can't wait to see what real world usage does to the battery. I'm not on Sprint but always liked the EVO line and wanted it on AT&T.

So with all the hate for the glossy black back cover, has anyone considered that that is the removable piece? And therefore could be replaced, potentially by an aftermarket piece that matches the bottom half of the phone?

I found a few letdowns:

1. So much for the "One" brand unification. They should at the very least, called this the "EVO One".
2. The color scheme of the hardware looks more like a Verizon phone.
3. Another phone without a replaceable battery. It's amazing how much control Apple still exerts on the Android ecosystem.
4. It's a Sense phone.

The first two aren't dealbreakers but the third one is for most Android users. The last one depends on whether you like the pure ICS experience, Sense or have no preference.

I understand what you mean about the Black & Red color scheme. But remember red also signifies Beats Audio equipped for HTC too.

The back looks better than the front.

Sprint HQ is right around the corner, mob forming for the lynching
at high noon.

I like it. I actually really like the back. I like that it is recognizable. I bet not even 1 in 100 people on the train on my way to work would know I am using a Nexus S or even a Samsung for that matter. You see this and you know exactly what it is. They got it nice and thin(same thickness as the standard One X) with a good battery while getting rid of a lot of that awful camera hump. They kept the LCD rather than go with the cheaper pentile Amoled. Added an sd card and kickstand. Great all around phone and a great price. This would be $299 on any other carrier.

I wish the red accents were the blue color used on the One S but that isn't a big deal. I also wish the glossy back cover was the same soft touch that the bottom was. I am thinking ebay will have us covered there in a very short time.

Is that small cover metal or plastic by the way?

I see all the comments about the battery and I for one have the og evo with sprint extended battery 2600 mah and I get tons of use out it 24hrs or more....so with the battery being 2000 mah and better software,kernels and etc I believe the battery will be just fine. People fail to realize that wifi usually available in most places and with that the phone isn't struggling so again the I think the battery will be fine. I also have the seidio battery and there isn't much difference.

I love it! However, if I could change it and make it exactly the way I want it I would.
1. Put the charging port on the bottom. Charging ports on the side make it harder to hold the phone and use it while its plugged in and charging.

2. I would make it look like the AT&T / European model in both black and white. I really like that design.

3. I would have a removable battery. I know I know non-removable battery is where the tech is going but I like knowing that when I'm in the middle of nowhere (and I often am) that I can just swap batteries when ever I need.

I have the original Evo 4g and I have three batteries for it and not having the ability to use more then one battery is a deal breaker for me. I absolutely will not purchase a phone that has a non-removable battery. I am already at the point where I can upgrade but I won't because I don't want to not have an SD card slot and a non-removable battery. I could make an exception if the phone had a battery like the Razr Maxx but only 2000 mAh is not even close to enough.

"The EVO 4G LTE (and we're going to have to think of a way to shorten that name)"

EVOLTE? ("ee-volt" or "ee-vol-tay")
LTEEVO? ("el-tee-vo")


It meets expectations and I hear the battery design is not supposed to degrade like my OG Evo. However I will be paying much attention to the Android Central review of the device when it comes to battery consumption with LTE turned off compaired to 2100 mAh battery on a Sprint Galaxy Nexus with LTE turned off before I decide what to replace my OG Evo with.

I prefer the Evo in every detail over the Nexus save the battery but that is a significant consideration that would trump camera and removable card slot for my use.

I truly hope HTC has a Razer/Razer Max type thing going here where they come out with the thin stylish one first then follow up with the one people can put through their daily paces next.

No, it did not.

When I first saw the HTC One X, I thought it was the most beautiful and well-designed phone I've ever seen. I had to have one. Then I read the features... and it just seemed like they made some horrible decisions. No replaceable battery and no SD card? Wtf... it's 2012.

So now this phone drops. Not only is it NOT the most beautiful phone I've ever seen... it's downright ugly. And STILL no replaceable battery. So now I don't think I want either...

Why couldn't we get the beautiful phone that is the HTC One X WITH the new features of the EVO AND a replaceable battery. If they could have pulled that off, they would have struck gold. Were they too afraid that a phone like that would just be too unfair on the market?

Is there a reason I don't see the poll? I've been to several articles that were suppose to have a poll in them and I can never see it? Any thoughts? Help?

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

There is no way in hell I'm buying another so called 4G phone from sprint until there is service in my area. Town has a population of 4.1 million, not enough according to sprint to bother with.