The HTC HD2, the Swiss Army Knife of smartphones, now has a Jelly Bean port to play with. There's a list of things like the camera and video playback not working, so it's no daily driver just yet but the core functions -- data, Wifi, Bluetooth, and calls do work. Given the huge global developer support the HD2 has, we wouldn't be surprised if everything gets working in short order. Who needs Tango when you can have Jelly Bean?

Source: XDA-Developers. Thanks, Chris G.!


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Jelly Bean ported to the HTC HD2


jack of*

Though given the fact it is the HD2 I'm sure there's a developer somewhere trying to get one to play with itself too...

it maybe getting a bit old(ish) now,but good old leo beats most newer kit hands down.
ask yerself a question,if an old early mark single core snapdragon(scorpion) can run jelly bean ok,ask yerself what all the other cores are doing in newer kit? apart from killing battery.
you realy need +3 to play a few games or make the os run smooth,i can only think that multicore cpu are a con to sell mugs kit they dont need or cannot use,me,i am sticking with my leo until someone gifts me a brand spanking newsamsung note (mark2)when released. ..

yeah, youve clearly not played with a samsung galaxy s3.

Its already been proven that the newer Soc's with the multi cores have better life than the older Soc's with single cores.

so thats fine, you just keep using your ancient phone and pretend its still the best around.

the difference between a phone like my og Evo and my Sgs2 is remarkable. It's like trying to compare a single prop airplane with a F-16

Can I take a guess and say that's just a generic image of the phone because it sure doesn't look like jelly bean

The HD2 goes back to the old Windows Mobile days, and is one of the easiest to hack phones ever. As to the image I guess no one wanted to play with photoshop to put a JB display on it.

This phone just won't die. I remember having one of these right before I switched over to Sprint to get the EVO 4G. Great to see support for older phones like this.. even though it would never come from HTC.

Hmm can you get it for the inspire oh I can't wait to see if poject butter will make that terrible lag dissapear from the ics roms

Lag isn't gone in Jelly Bean. I've been using it for a while and although it is quite smoother than ICS, it's just not there yet :(

That version of WinMo looks soooo much better than 7 and the silly tiles gimmick. I've downloaded the test version of Win 8 for the PC and it looks WAYYY to much like a phone OS now with those stupid tiles. I haven't dual booted back to Win 8 since I installed it :/

This HD2 is a beast of a phone. And I still would use it if it would have a front facing camera. The HD2 undoubtedly is the best phone ever made. No other phone has so a long life span and is just so vertisalle like this phone. I mean of course it doesn't beat all the new phones like s3 or one x but non of those can even be closely ran so many operating systems and will have so a long and strong lifespan.

I'm a little confused. I still have my old HD2 sitting in the drawer, waiting for use as a spare. I replaced it with a Desire after only 6 months, due to it being the most unreliable phone ever (and AFAIK everyone agreed at the time). Recently I tried to give it new life by installing Android - which works fine, although I haven't used it enough to confirm how reliable it is. Hopefully the unreliability was solely due to the Windows install, which is now long dead and buried. But it was SO hard to find a decent build of Android that worked with the HD2. It seemed that there was very LITTLE support for the HD2. Yet now, everyone is saying how MUCH support it has. I am very confused. I was going to try ICS but couldn't find a good build that supported it, so I ended up using GB. That's OK... I would have liked to use MIUI but could get a proper Australian version. So I'd be happy to try JB - if it is properly working (camera etc). I'll have to keep an eye out! So... does everyone now think that the HD2 is really a good phone after all, just that it was crippled by Windows?

I don't know if you ever checked xda-developers.com the hd2 has a lot of support. It runs windows 6,5 windows phone 7, Ubuntu Android and one more operating system. Also it has endless roms android windows 6,5 and Windows Phone 7. And they mostly run stable. There is no other phone that even closely can do this.

My HD2 is nearly 5 years old and happily working with gingerbread..I suppose jelly bean is the next evolution. bring it on...