If you've got a Tegra 3 edition of the HTC One X, and like to tweak and tinker, there's a new ROM out today you'll probably want to take a look at. Over at XDA, Football (yes, WM users, that Football) has cranked out a new Sense ROM based on the leaked 2.15.401.5 RUU. It's Sense 4.1, based on Android 4.0.4, and has a huge list of changes and improvements from past versions of Football's MaXimus ROMs.

  • Based on new RUU 2.15.401.5
  • Android 4.0.4
  • Sense 4.1
  • Fixed Live Wallpapers
  • Improved UI speed
  • Improved battery life
  • New kernel
  • New Radio 2.1204.127.19
  • Activated native EQS
  • Fixed Video Playback on Stock Kernel
  • Enabled hardware acceleration in 3rd-party video players
  • Bug fixes and a slew of application version updates

Like most late-model HTC devices, you'll have to flash the boot image in fastboot, but other than that it's the same easy ClockWorkMod flash we're all used to. There's full instructions and all the resources in the source link. Keep in mind that this isn't for the AT&T version, which got it's own update yesterday. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA-Developers

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icebike says:

Disappointing the update that AT&T got hasn't been pushed to the International version yet. Squeaky wheel syndrome I guess.

Raikon says:

Nice, the AOKP rom I'm currently using re-based their ROM to that leaked version.

kkvtribe says:

That's cool. Post an article about the US AT&T Version!!!
Seriously amazing ROM for One XL (AT&T OneX)!!!!!! I'd like to see the international version on any rom, try to even come close to the S4 OneX on Scott's Clean ROM!!
He gave us 4.0.4 before ATT :)
Thanks for the article, keep them coming!!

capt4chris says:

What does that mean to have to "flash the boot image in fastboot". Is that implying that the data is wiped or something?

7starmarc says:

This mentions a new kernel, does it represent any solution to the multitasking issues?

dante501 says:

I still use Venom Viper Rom as my daily driver. Didn't find any rom better then that yet.

sabret00the says:

All I want is S-OFF and yet HTC won’t allow their bootloaders to be fully unlocked on the HOX. That has to raise alarm bells. While Samsung is out proving their phone is as dependable with custom ROMs, HTC refuses to take that chance. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy a product from such a company. They won’t fully-unlock the bootloader as that allows for overclocking the processor and since they cut so many corners making the phone, they know their hardware couldn’t possibly handle it. That’s why they kill processes so aggressively with their task manager. Not to mention that the stock camera app takes pictures with a yellow/pink tint and the phone gets ridiculously hot at times. As an owner of the HOX who came from the Incredible S, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy another HTC product. I'm disappointed to the point of bitterness.

jbrandonf says:

No kidding you are.