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New York and London events for 'M8' unveiling

Here we go! HTC has confirmed that its next flagship phone (the rumored "M8") will be arriving at events in London and New York on Mar. 25, with "save the date" invites now going out.

The "M8" will be the successor to last year's HTC One, and is expected to sport a similar design to last year's device, with upgraded internals and a larger display. Recent rumors have even suggested the phone will sport dual rear cameras. Naturally, an all-new version of HTC Sense is said to be onboard too.

HTC's launch will come just over a month after Samsung's "Unpacked 5" event in Barcelona, where we're expecting to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S5, the M8's biggest rival in the Android space.

Keep it locked to Android Central on Mar. 25, as we'll be live from both cities to bring you full coverage of HTC's next big thing.


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HTC's next big thing is coming March 25


I agree, I may have trouble waiting that long as well, mostly because I can't wait to leave Sprint. And if that larger screen rumor holds up (and/or if it's not particularly compelling), I'll be buying the Moto X instead.

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The Galaxy S5 will still generate more hype than this just cause Samsung which is sad

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HTC doing the press conference right as my Samsung Galaxy SIII gets 4.4.2...
No wonder I wontvbe paying attention to what HTC is doing. Maybe you can have my attention next year HTC.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)

Why is it sad?? I have gotten away from Samsung but not for HTC. Moto x at the moment and very happy with it. But Samsung is popular the same reason as apple. They direct "features"toward consumers and they market then well. Plus they have created a BRAND!!!!! IPhone 4,4s,5,5s.... Galaxy 1,2,3,4....

Evo, one x, one, m8???? ...... Wtf is that about???? Ask any normal consumer if they have any idea what the current HTC phone is. I can save you time. The answer is NO!

On a side note I would never buy a phone that's 30% bigger then my moto x with the same screen size. Wasted space....

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Why is it sad? I use to be hype over the evo line..HTC had they run at the top they lost it...just like xbox knocked ps3 off they high horse, ps4 struck back out selling xbox

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Wow that's a big mistake! That's like a month after the S5 unveiling. HTC should get the jump now.

S5 unveiling vs S5 release could be the difference that makes the timing of HTC's announcement effective.

Or see David's response below which I should have read first.

While I really wanted to hear something from HTC at WMC, this is a great way to take some attention off of their rival Samsung. By waiting until the buzz dies down around the new S5, they'll be able to grab everyone's attention next month.

As long as the M5 is a stellar product (which I believe it will be) there'll be less of an immediate comparison against the S5 and more of the M5 standing on its own merits.


Too bad they could not have had their event at MWC. The month delay after the GS5 unveil likely will hurt them again in 2014.

Still expect it to be a solid device.

If or how much of a disadvantage the later presentation is will all depends on the availibility of the devices in stores.

I agree - it's about availability, not timing of the announcement. It could actually be to HTC's advantage to hold off, as long as availability is before or simultaneous with the S5

Also very eager. This phone is solid. My mother does not know much about phones, but usually gets whatever I suggest. Got her to get a one and even she says this is the best phone shes ever used build use and. Shes got a lot of apps and photos, and yet it chugs along without a glich. Let's hope a camera tweak and the added specs of the M8 will make for a wonderful upgrade.

Only real way to get a jump on the S5, would be to announce the phone after the galaxy hype dies down end of March, and then make it immediately available while it's fresh in everyone's mind. If it beats the S5 to release while the news is fresh it will do much better IMO... No one wants to wait a month or more for a release lol.

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Completely agree - they need to take a look at the PC GPU market. Make an announcement, then immediate or next day availability.

Maybe they are waiting for the snapdragon 805 to mass produce and be the first to implement it.

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I've had an S2, S3, and S4 but never liked the physical home button at all. HTC or LG will likely be my next phone. If the HTC One 2 rumors are true about less bezel (larger screen/same phone size), and MicroSD they may win me over. I do love the removable batt on the Samsungs but could give that up.

Looking to upgrade this year. My two choices right now are either the Xperia Z2 or this new HTC phone.

I switched from the HTC One to a Note 3 and can't wait to ditch my Note 3 to get the M8. I prefer the HTC UI over Samsung. Well, at least now I know that. Live and learn.

Never again HTC. My butt is still sore from what you did to me on the Rezound...thats the last HTC phone I will buy.

Nice. Should be out around the same time so users won't have to wait and guess, when one will be out and if it's worth waiting for

Just release it already!
All the hype only ever leads to some disappointment as expectation levels are hyped up so much beforehand.