We're leaning toward the former. We'll find out on Tuesday, it seems.


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HTC's either about to do something really smart, or really dumb


Why would a repair service be dumb? I swear everyone hates on HTC be cause they aren't Samsung and it's the cool thing to do just like blackberry

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Thank You!!!!! I hate people that do this, if I'm not mistaken, smaller companies actually introduce more stuff and the big name companies steal it.

If you are referring to Troneas response, there is nowhere in his one line statement did he referred to the repair service being 'Dumb' and that's not just because I was going to say the same thing

This is a very nice way to speak the truth, most smartphone consumers are IDIOTS..!

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Lol I wasn't talking about the first commenter he said two words why would I be talking about what he said

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OEM accidental damage coverage and/or opening service centers in the US?

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They do not have the money for that. Maybe they can contract out to something like Best Buy for repairs, but they cannot open their own.

I'm guessing it's contracting out to different repair centers they have 1 in Canada but unfortunately it's in Quebec so for us that live in the west kind of a pain to have to send it away that far for repair.

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They have them in many other countries so why not the US. I utilized one while living in Singapore with a defective OneX. It was a pretty neat experience.

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Well hey, they're still using "quietly brilliant", aren't they?

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I always loved that slogan

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HTC makes very great products :) Except for the HTC Evo 3D.... that had its issues but they came out and said they made a bad product that year. At least they can come out and admit that.

Probably dumb, given their recent performance. Not saying it won't be a good idea, just that it's not going to be the thing that saves them. Prove me wrong HTC.

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Given their recent performance? Do you mean creating the all around best flagship of 2013? Sure, the button design took some getting used to, but that's literally the only flaw I've noticed with the One in the near-year I've used it (and I'm very picky).

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First off, no it was not the best flagship of 2013, that would be the G2.

Second, 2013 was not the worst yeah, they had worse in terms of dollar dropoff.

First off, no it was not the best flagship of 2013, that would be the G2.

Second, 2013 was not the worst yeah, they had worse in terms of dollar dropoff.

LOL The G2 is too dam ugly to be the flagship of any year. I wouldnt have that phone if it was free

Why not have it if it's free? Sell and buy different phone...
I'm looking forward to seeing what HTC's next move will be. They do make good phones.

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I love how you sit there and condescend the guy like it's a scientific fact the G2 is the phone of the year.moron.its all opinions anyway, my opinion Is that HTC created the best android phone I've seen in years with the one, other than the x of course !

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Well.... (coming from having five different model HTC phones) the T-bolt was kind of a bust. The Rezound gets hotter than Fukushima (I'm on my third after a slew of issues) and doesn't have NFC. The DNA looked promising except it's battery can't survive half a day and isn't expandable.

I'm pretty sure HTC has shut themselves in a wet paper bag and can't figure out how to get out of it. Maybe it'll be the tilt 3 with windows 8.1. Doubt it though.

Side note: My Rezound is a brick. If you still have yours and need parts, battery, an Otterbox, or an exercise armband, let me know.

I loved it. Up until the One I think it was the best sounding device. Still use the free Beats earbuds.

Yup, my Rezound was pretty good (except for battery life) until the ICS update, then it became a crashy, useless hot plate. Had to move on to a used Gnex, which is only slightly less horrible.

Well the first two were AT&T (Tilt 1 & 2). The third was a Dinc, and the fourth was a Dinc2. Those two phones were actually not bad. Regardless of what phone I use, I will never have AT&T or Sprint ever again.

Surprised to see the comment about the DNA's battery when after more than a years use, it still gets me through a full day of use with no issues. Hands down the best phone I've had on Verizon and there's yet to be a phone released on Big Red that's a worthy replacement.

The One was a good phone, but they did shoot themselves in the foot with the UltraPixel BS. Maybe with the new One that is coming up they can get it right.

It wasn't BS. It's a great idea, actually. They just need to significantly improve it w/ each new generation. The first camera-phones weren't rocking 20MP shooters. It takes time to get things right. As long as there is steady improvement of the new technology they're putting out (or that anyone is putting out, honestly), it can't be a bad thing.

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I'm going to guess its only a matter of time before other companies figure out shoving mega pixels into a sensor isn't as effective as refining a sensor such as HTC did, as well as iPhone.

Nexus 5...enough said

While I agree the MOAR PIXELS! is not the way to go, the camera on the One was one of the worst of last year. I think they should have refined it before they threw it out there. It made a great phone just an above average phone.

I've taken some great photos with my One. The only time I noticed its limitation was at a zoo where I wanted to zoom in for photos. But close ups and wide shots are wonderful.

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It is capable of decent shots, but it just isn't very "quick grab the camera" friendly

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

It's a 15 second teaser video. What? Do you really want AC to describe the contents of what happens? You don't even need the sound on for this one.

If you have a visual impairment which stops you, then you're not really missing much, otherwise just watch it if you're really interested.

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Don't be stupid I just can't watch videos at the moment because of slow internet.

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Then watch it later if you really care, but like I said you're not missing much.

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This is actually a good idea from HTC no one except apple has tried to conquer the phone repair business in a serious manner. Apple care is a decent enough service and I'm surprised no other oems gave tried something to that extent. You would think samsung would of done this with all their shops inside of BB

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Without even reading the article I'm going to put my money on something really dumb. Now I'll read the article.

Look at the username and tell me that he didn't speel it correctly as far as he knows. Yes, that is intentional

I love my One so much. Got me away from Samsung. Set the bar so high in terms of build quality, screen quality, and refined software. I hope the new version sets the bar again for 2014.

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No doubt we'll never see this in Australia... Prove me wrong HTC... Bring your repair service to Australia too!

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