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HTC has already committed to bringing Android L to its devices within 90 days of the code going live, but that doesn't mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer is not focused on the current version of Android.

A leaked document from XDA contributor llabtoofer revealed that HTC will begin rolling out the Android 4.4.4 update to the One M8 and last year's One M7 sometime between July and August. The document states that the update would include a new Sense 6 update, also mentioning that the 4.4.3 rollout might not take place due to availability of the Android 4.4.4 build.

Other devices in HTC's lineup, like the One mini 2, the dual SIM One M8 and the One E8 are scheduled to get the update between August and September. From the document, it looks like HTC isn't planning on updating older handsets like the One Max, One dual-SIM, One mini, Butterfly S, Desire 816 and Desire 610 to Android 4.4.4. However, the manufacturer is allegedly evaluating the Android L build, with a timeframe set for October to December.

To check out the document, head over to llabtoofer's site from the source link below. What do you think of HTC's rollout plans for Android 4.4.4 and the upcoming Android L release?

Source: llabtoofer; Via: Android Community

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SoCalMario says:

I got Viper Rom on mine. I wonder if I will be able to DL or if Im going to have to unroot??

mstrblueskys says:

I'm sure you'll wait the two or three days until it gets integrated with Viper Rom.

SoCalMario says:

I spoke too soon, Mine is the ATT version to I'll have to wait longer! ooops!

AKFL3TCH3R says:

No one has to wait as long as Verizon.

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Kraizk says:

Hey... uhhhh... guy? IIRC (I almost always do) Verizion HTC One was the second (U.S.) carrier version to get the Sense 6 update. SO while I hate to give Verizon Credit for anything that doesn't relate to them being a horrible company They were on it with the last update.

WestonCory says:

Which is one reason or glade in Sprint. Sprint is typically first

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Thunder350 says:

Unlike their network! (Sorry I had too!) :)

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Viper will have it almost as quick as unlocked/dev edition

My M8 posted this

bhatech says:

That's what you get buying the carrier versions... At least they provide the option to buy unlocked, developer and gpe versions. Too bad for people on useless CDMA networks.

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tmiller679 says:

My CDMA network works just fine.

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Mimi Song says:

i am with ATT, in Orange County, CA. Got the update on my Note2 and S3 two days ago ! S3 is over 300 mb, note 2, over 400mb.

Zahl says:

Happy this phone is easy to convert to gpe. 4.4.4 ota dropped last week and its slippery slide smooth on stock android. K-Y style
Good news for sense lovers tho!

WestonCory says:

Too bad GPE and suck.

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sher9501 says:

This guy never stops spreading his utterly useless comments on everyone who prefers AOSP. Inferiority complex I guess.

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Looks like I'll have to wait until September for 4.4.4 because I have Verizon.

montecarlo48 says:

How is the one max older than the M7 and won't receive the update so much for HTC commitment to upgrades

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tone84 says:

Probably wasn't a top seller is my guess

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Less sales is the reason, I guess...

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WestonCory says:

It is getting updated you fool

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Tswfootball says:

It's not going to stop receiving updates.. It will still receive android L

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Dizfunctions says:

It won't receive this update, but it will receive Android L.

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teomor says:


BrianBaker says:

Now if they'd just release that damn Zoe social app already..What do you guys think will come first,the Zoe social app or Android L? I say Android L


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I'm hoping the updates are actually worth it from the 4.4.2 to the 4.4.4 I'm more anticipating the release of L but it is nice that HTC is going to offer some kind of software update in between

There's absolutely nothing that I'm missing with my M8 ...I'm in no hurry for a software update as this phone is amazing in its current software version.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah I feel the same about my Note 3. There is in these releases that I really need. I would like to have the newer version of TW but it is nothing all that important.

I just hope that the Note 4 gets a quick update to "L", that is the next upgrade that I am going to be antsy about getting.

pootyash says:


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paging dr b says:

Totally agree. This is my tenth android phone since the g1, and only the first that hasn't been rooted. My M7 could have gone either way, but I wanted to flash GPE on it. Android has really grown up and im finally at a place where I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Heck I think people who are still on Jellybean aren't really missing that much in terms of everyday usability.

Hopefully they'll add full screen album art on the lock screen!

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dan1431 says:

I played with the M8 again just yesterday and while I came away very impressed, I am still not enamored with SESNSE.

Kudos to HTC for making updates a priority.


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maccioli says:

So glad I bit the bullet and paid up front for the unlocked version through HTC.

Don't have to wait for the carrier's to test...

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churro#WN says:

Were it not for wifi calling id have done the same.

joel021782 says:

I'm more worried about them screwing up the battery life.

churro#WN says:

Hopefully it will have tmobile volte enabled

Mnmiah says:

HTC is on fire with updates unlike lg still no word about updating g2

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