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If you're the serious tinkering type (as opposed to the rest of us who just like to occasionally break things), it's time to check out Two-thirds of the site, announced at the beginning of June, are now live. The OpenSense SDK gives developers easy access to take advantage of all of the HTC Sense APIs and add-ons. (For example, the tablet pen for the HTC Flyer.)

Then there's HTC's kernel source repository. HTC's been putting out kernel source for quite some time, and now it's got a new home.

And, finally, there's the much-anticipated bootloader unlock web tool. It's not live yet, but should be later this month as HTC updates the Sensation then the EVO 3D to allow for unlocked bootloaders.


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HellRa1SeR says:

Shouldnt The title read openSense instead of openseSense..?

Asbjörn says:

Must be a typo...

cctpitts01 says:

LOL :-)

cctpitts01 says:

Hopefully it has the correct Kernel source code unlike the junk the released and said was for the Sensation and EVO 3D.

hankwatt says:

Oh let's get some Scribe lovin on the e3d!

Ep3n3wp says:

I would love to see scribe love on my e3d

mkl4466 says:

Might this allow for devs to create a mod with HTC sense UI for non HTC devices?