HTC Zeta

A few days ago we were introduced to the Tegra 3-powered HTC Edge, rumored to be one of the first quad-core Android smartphones. Today sees the emergence of renders showing another rumored quad-core HTC phone, the "HTC Zeta". According to Engadget, the Zeta's striking design isn't the only remarkable thing about the device, as it reportedly packs a quad-core Qualcomm APQ8064 CPU at a whopping 2.5 GHz.

Other reported specs include 1GB of RAM, a 4.5-inch 720p display of some sort, 32GB internal storage and an ample 1830 mAh battery. The phone is also said to include an 8MP rear camera capable of 1080p recording, along with the standard 1.3MP front-facer. As you'd expect from a premium HTC handset that's likely to launch in 2012, Sense and Beats Audio are also included, along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Interestingly the phone is said to weigh just 146 grams, significantly less than many other HTC devices around the 4.3-4.7-inch mark. To put that into perspective, the recently-launched Rezound weighs in at 170 grams, while the Thunderbolt tips the scales at 175.

For the moment, of course, all this is well within rumor territory, and that'll remain the case until such time as HTC announces this device. It could turn out to be little more than a fanciful render of a product that might never come to market. But if it isn't, we certainly look forward to getting our hands on the Zeta, most likely at CES or Mobile World Congress next year.

Source: Engadget

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Mannysaurus says:

Just like I said a couple of days ago, it's fine to have these super phones but with Ice Cream Sandwich having hardware acceleration, there's really no point unless you plan on playing ultra HD games. I will go with the Galaxy Nexus for the sole reason that it has hardware acceleration and will continue to receive support directly from Google. The only reason I would wait for this is new 4G radios (assuming it's on Verizon) and if the quad cores save a ton of battery.

crxssi says:

I agree, this seems almost "silly" for a phone.

RaiderWill says:

Well.. I have been saying this in all my post for a while now.. CES is just what 50 days away now? with units hitting the streets around Tax Time.. I Agree.. This Smartphone is just for the chosen few of us that want 2012 Technology and are willing to pay for it.. And have the UNLIMITED VERIZON DATA PLANS GRANDFATHERED IN to utilize it to its fullest.. Multiplayer Online Gaming, Netflix Streaming, Slingbox T.V. Entertainment without Data Caps.. KAL-EL ushers in a new generation of Quad-Core Power to allow users to enjoy entertainment on our Phone & Tablets with Console like smoothness & Detail.. Check out the Demo Vids.. You will see the leap in technology. But hey if a Gal-Nex or S2 floats your boat go for it.. But in about 4 months time you are going to regret it.

In about 4 months time you're going to regret it?? With that frame of mind u will never purchase a new phone again! There is always something new and improved coming out in 4 months time. Gotta settle sometime

Dutchmasta says:

with power like that it could run windows 8 and full-fledged windows programs (it would need more RAM though). you just plug it into a monitor, use a wireless kb and mouse and there yuh go, that's your pc.

There's also no point until we have better battery technology and heat-proof hands. 

This thing will likely scald my palm while holding it and work for about 2 hours until the battery dies. 

xX_oG_Xx says:

Holy shit ... that is all

virtualhuman says:

I'm stepping off of the next-greatest-anticipation-treadmill with the Galaxy Nexus. It has what it takes to keep me happy for quite a while.

bold1193 says:

Excellent way of putting it, I have always tried to think of an analogy for this and treadmill is perfect!

the back looks hideous

And the front! and sides!

briankurtz79 says:

Like I have said before. Every HTC phone looks thick and heavy. It looks no smaller than my og evo that's 18 months old. My next phone will be a Samsung.

Oskiee says:

Baby got back

Mtn_Scott says:

You would at least think a RUMORED ICS device would not have capactive buttons.

joker42179 says:

this was my thought as well


VDub2174 says:

I was thinking the same exact thing.

Good god that is ugly.

frettfreak says:

cool, but just for cool sake... really not needed. Would be loving me some gnex for 2 years if/when it comes to sprint.. however, sprints crappy ass "4G" wimax could be the only reason i update before my contract would expire.

Ugly is an understatement to describe this beast. HTC, for the love of Android don't make it look like that.

YzBrad99 says:

ICS with capactive buttons? What the.....

crazycheetah says:

Google made ICS to be compatible with all sorts of buttons or lack there of. HTC may very well have some thought that the capacitive buttons are still better than on screen buttons and are thus planning to continue with them. Also, the original ideas for the design may have not taken into account the lack of need for buttons as well, resulting in this render having buttons (that doesn't seem right to me, but who knows?).

It's also highly possible that while stock ICS requires no capacitive buttons, OEM skins can/will choose to continue to use them. 

Which would be stupid, but aren't skins stupid at this point in the game, anyway?

dontlookatme says:

i was thinking the same but didnt they say somewhere that even a device right now that has gingerbread and capacitive buttons that the manufacter can either have them active or not when they get ics, so i guessing it might be able to use both?

Animus_3.0 says:

If this behemoth will run ICS, why does it have face buttons?


Not every phone with ICS will look like a damn tablet, not sure why everyone asks the same thing!

Ricky Babalu says:

Looks like a "Pop Tart".

Donmeister85 says:

I'd love to see nyan cat mashed up with this.

SoulLi says:

Laying the phone flat on a table screen up seems to be difficult with that round body. Not a big fan of the design.
Does this have a 5th companion core to save battery like the tegra 3?

Thadrow says:


iPwn says:

I really like the distinct, futuristic look this device has. It really doesn't look like any other Android phone currently out, and that's pretty wild, considering how many Android phones are currently out. My only complaints are HTC's reliance on Snapdragon/Qualcomm chips and the capacitive buttons (there's no need for them if its running ICS).

vulcZ says:

And it'll still run like crap because of Sense 4.0

frankg says:

O...M...G.....I'm in love

palmwebosfan says:

I think it looks different and to me that is good. Android is all about customization and choosing what you like. I too am getting the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, but like that HTC is coming up with new designs. Now if they will just abandon Sense, I will consider one of their phones in the future. We all know that isn't going to happen.

Premium1 says:

Maybe now it will be able to run sense without an lag, since it seems to bog down the current dual cores.

bobvanjr says:

I'm not saying I LOVE the design but everyone always complains how HTC (and others)just keep pumping out the same black slabs. At least it's something different. It looks like the camera may be protected when laid on it's back. I'm looking for positives here. The specs blow me away but I know the battery would only last 2.5 minutes because it's an HTC device.

Geez... Everyone complains about phones looking the same, but when something new comes along, it's ugly? The corners are a little sharp for me, but what counts is what's under the hood... and it ain't an iPhone...

Wicell says:

I guess you could say I'm hypocritical, cause I want something new from these black slabs. But I want something that isn't as ridiculous as this...

rocket321 says:

I stay up to speed on the cpu/gpu arcitechtures by reading sites that cover that stuff and have not seen any plans by any manufacturer to launch a quad core cpu at 2.5ghz in the mobile space. If that is real I wouldn't expect to see this phone to drop before 2013. Next year is all about ramping up performance through new dual core architectures and scaling to quad core designs. If it drops next year expect 2.0ghz dual core designs along side 1.4-1.8ghz quad core designs.

engineer2001 says:

Why do I want a quad-core phone? I'm not convinced I want a dual-core phone yet. Has anyone found anything designed to run on a tiny phone screen (not tablet) that is laggy with dual-core? Why do I want as much processing power in my phone as I have in my laptop?

This is a solution looking for a problem, isn't it? Or is it just a result of the "space race" in the mobile device industry now?
Did dual-core improve battery life? It sure doesn't seem like it did much if at all. What would improve my experience more would be battery life - how about focusing on making the same great phones but with better battery life instead of sticking bigger engines in faster drag racers that can only go a quarter mile?

Wicell says:

So true, I'd rather have a Indy car that makes the few hundred miles.

kharrigan says:

With all that hardware, the battery might only last an hour with everything going!

cwilson617 says:

2.5? Really? That is cool and all that, but why don't we work on battery longevity before we go wicking the clock into low earth orbit? Add 2 more cores, then run them at astronomical frequencies? For what? Has anyone seen the benchmarks posted for transormer prime? It's a monster with 4 cores and 1.5 clock, and it's a tablet. What would you do with a phone with this sort of firepower? Not to mention the whole 10 minutes of battery life it might get. Decent battery life even matter? I'm over the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality. Android needs refinement. Enough horsepower already.

droid83 says:

Hoping Verizon gets it. I plan on skipping the dual-core deal and go straight to quad. Holding on to the Tbolt for now. Even with 2.3 bread, its lame

duke82722009 says:

accordig? shouldn't it be according?

moalx1 says:

Ehh. Still want the Galaxy Nexus.

dontlookatme says:

that device is a beast



Wicell says:

And they didn't post an alibi

SoreAintya says:

Not sure why everyone's complaining about Sense, as far as manufacture UI's go, Sense is probably the best experience, with Samsung's TW being a close second.

crxssi says:

Because Sense sucks a lot of CPU and memory. Plus many of its features are replicated in Ice Cream and not needed.

It is a nice environment, but I think the need for it is now passing...

smooth3006 says:

why in the world would you need something this fast? i mean can you imagine the price tag on this? it's getting out of hand anymore.

d1ez3 says:

I don't think it's ugly at all, not sure what is making so many people think this.

quad core processor sounds good but they should also upgrade the camberas at least to 12 Megapixels and the front should be a 5 Megapixel. The battery should be upgraded to, then it would really be a killer phone.

ZeroGPain says:

If only it had 3D ...

I thought that the "2.5Ghz" and "quadcore" is a typo. Then it hit me.

stanlm2 says:

You'd think there was a bunch of ios users in here. 'its too fast'..

Throw an extra inch to the screen and bundle it with a new version of xplane that renders the whole earth with live weather and ill upgrade out of contract for it.

RaiderWill says:


It's really as simple as that.

Have you guys heard the latest news?! FACEBOOK has "stolen" its features from Google Plus!! It's unbelievable! Here's a link

15israellai says:

Oh, stop it. WTF, quad 2.5? What's the use of that? Why would I need a quad core on my phone when my computer is only dual core with clock speed less than 2.5GHz?

Tedium says:

These are halo devices for the obsessed, not mass-market devices.

Really, people on this site sound like insecure twelve-year-olds in the locker room with their need to prove that they have the biggest one. What's the point of buying a Ferrari if you're just going to use it to commute to work?

orlanka says:

My only response to this would be that I would like to have a device that I know will still be valid two years later.

Of course, two years after this device is out, our phones will have flux capacitors, mind control instead of onscreen buttons, while being powered by 1800mAh batteries.

Tedium says:

The Android device you buy today will still make calls, search the web, play music, take pictures, play video, and provide navigation services in two years no matter what the specs are. It'll still be valid for what you purchased it for. Anything else is just ePeen, and it's been getting mighty thick and long lately while basic concerns of battery life and usability go mostly unaddressed.

keithz says:

What is with the buttons? The whole point of ICS is to trade capacitive touch buttons in the front for more screen real estate.

The only buttons I'd like to see these devices is power, volume rocker (and camera zoom) and a hard camera button. Nothing on the front.

judasmachine says:

But will it play Crysis?