We've just gotten some more information regarding the Wifi issues some HTC One X owners have been experiencing, and which the manufacturer acknowledged this morning.

An HTC spokesman tells us that so far only the quad-core Tegra 3 version of the One X appears to be affected; there have been no reports of the issue in the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. That means if you have the AT&T One X (or any other LTE version), you're likely safe and sound. But it's also worth noting that not we've got a couple Tegra 3 versions that are working just fine. So, again, it's still not known exactly how many phones are affected. 

We've also got a little more in the way of instructions for those of you who are experiencing issues.

HTC tells us that if you're seeing this hardware glitch (or even think you are), you should call HTC customer support (you can find your regional phone number here), and they'll help walk you through things to confirm the issue and move on from there. It's also possible you might be able to exchange the phone at the point of purchase, but that can change by country, so we'd start with the customer service call.

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butters619 says:

HTC offered to replace my One X because I was noticing micro scratches on the display from normal use (pocket). That's pretty solid of them. However, I was still in my Best Buy return policy so I just swapped it out and extended my return policy.

chubb says:

Wow. Can't believe they would have exchanged the phone for damage caused by you.

smith2sc says:

This same glitch happens on the EVO LTE. When connecting to a previously saved network, its sometimes necessary to turn wifi off and then back on for it to connect. Kinda annoying.

zhecht says:

That's not the same glitch. The above mentioned glitch is caused by faulty antenna connections, so no amount of turning wifi off and on it going to fix it.

icebike says:

Removing my post because it has people confusing two different problems.....

Just watch a few of the videos mentioned in THE FIRST POST of this XDA thread

Andro X says:

That's not a glitch that's a hardware defect.

ixl2 says:

I had the EVO LTE for 5 days before I had to return it for a new one. It would randomly lose its WiFi connection. This was evident while downloading my sms messages from gmail. I would have to restart the download from the beginning until I realize what was happening. I called sprint and was sent to the store for a new replacement. This was independent of router type, configuration or proximity.

plu2o says:

I have the LTE version of htc One X (Rogers Canada) and it keeps loosing Wi-fi connection a lot, to the point it becomes unusable, have to disable wi-fi to use 4G(LTE, Rogers calls HSPA as 3G) (LTE on Rogers in downtown Toronto only serves 4Mbps, worse than AT&T)

jbrandonf says:

Wait...what? att has terrific LTE speeds.

Small_law says:

Anyone try a static IP? My original droid didn't play well with wifi at all and that did the trick.

icebike says:

This isn't a problem that can be fixed with a static IP.

Start here:
Watch the videos.

dwb3838 says:

I'm having problems within EVO 4g LTE it just says authenticating and won't stay connected at all.

icebike says:

That is NOT the problem Phil is talking about in this post.

ed.tanas says:

Wrong... I had the HTC ONE X with Rogers here in Canada and it had the same issue... I traded it for a Samsung Galaxy Note and glad I did... The Galaxy Note feels more solid and the camera works great ...

It is bad enough for HTC to take so long to finally acknowledge the wifi issue but now saying it is only Tegra 3 ones that are affected, well that is just evading the truth even more... HTC you blew it, I will never buy another product from you again.

xcsdm says:

I've had issues with my AT&T One X and Death Grip for WiFi. Works fine, as long as I don't want to hold the phone.

benass49 says:

Lmao, handsfree taken to the next level!