The rumors of HTC working on the next Nexus tablet have been around for a while now but they've been rather all over the place. On some occasions the device was going by the name Flounder and on others it was dubbed the Nexus 8, and now there's Volantis. To go along with the names, there are now some specs, which are sure to raise some eyebrows and certainly some questions along the way. Have a look at what HTC could showing up to the party with.

  • 8.9" Display at 2048x1440 (281ppi)
  • NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor (Tegra K1)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16/32GB internal storage
  • 8MP OIS main camera, 3MP front facing camera
  • Aluminum zero-gap construction
  • Stereo front-facing speakers
  • 8.91"x5.98"x0.31" body (that's 22.63x15.19x0.79cm)
  • 418g (or 427g with LTE) (that's 14.74/15.1 ounces)

Interesting right? According to the info from Android Police the device isn't expected to be released any time before Q4 2014 and certainly won't be a part of Google I/O but they've also scored some possible price points. If the info is correct, we could see the tablet start at $399 for the 16GB version, 32GB going for $499 and LTE connectivity would push it into the $600 plus range. In any case, even though the rumors have been rampant for a while now it seems we'll still be waiting a while yet before anything official happens.

Source: Android Police


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HTC 'Volantis' could possibly be the next Nexus tablet


I would live to replace my iPad Mini LTE with something like this. Please Google, don't wait that long to release it.

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This. But, at those price points, I'm a little hesitant. Not that it wouldn't be worth the money, but I was hoping it'd be cheaper.

Google has spoiled us with their great pricing. Now we expect a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less.

True. But, as consumers, I don't see necessarily see that as a bad thing. We should have high expectations, considering that we're spending our hard-earned cash on these gadgets.

The day this comes out I am picking up a Tab S 8.4, just because I will not accept a 4:3 tablet even if it were a Nexus.

A used iPad mini lol. You could still purchase a 2013 Nexus 7. For the prices they're going for, it's an amazing value.

Already have both of those lol. Not interested in another asus product anyways, screen got lcd burns 2x they refused to pay for shipping both times. I know they don't make much off the nexus line but if something breaks more than once they should at least put in a little effort for customer support, wish I had bought through google play instead.

Asus just seem to have quality issues. Nexus 7 original had poor memory components and the new nexus 7 has touch issues with display. I've got both and have had both issues. Only positive for me from this leak is it's not Asus and it has the k1 64bit cpu.

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You and me both Taz... TF700t slow as a dog from reading and writing to memory, it sits on my desk as a paper weight, and both my 2013 7's have touch screen issues.

I agree. They will lose customers if they hike prices. There aren't THAT many Nexus owners to begin with. We are the few, the proud. As much as I hate touch wiz, I will take that over an over priced Nexus.

AC App via Nexus 5

I'm really torn on this. On one hand that looks fantastic, on the other part of the appeal of the Nexus 7 has been that they've been able to make a "really good" tablet for a "very good" price as opposed to this ultra spec'd tablet at what is still a relatively reasonable price for those specs but still a heck of a lot more than a Nexus 7.

I'm also really disappointed at the reported release date, waiting to Q4 stings. My 2012 N7 finally gave up and died a couple months ago and I'm currently using a cheap kobo tablet I found for $80 that is only on 4.1. I was really looking forward to the next Nexus but if the combination of price and release date is true I may have to look elsewhere.

I really don't believe the 64bit version of the k1 will be ready... If its true, instabuy.

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If it comes out Q4 I think 64 bit K1 is possible. If this is real looks like Google might be replacing both the Nexus 7 and 10 with a Nexus 9.

64 bit is cool except no one will really notice a difference for a while. On the other hand the resolution isn't even as good as my nexus 10 that's almost 2 years old. The screen is the first and really only thing people "see". This isn't very impressive to me.

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You're right, 64 bit isn't that big a deal now. I'm glad that they're making a move toward them, though. I may tend to replace my phone about once a year, but I keep tablets around for a lot longer than that, and I typically put my tablet to much more hardware-intensive tasks than my phone. Future-proofing is important, especially for tablets.

Exactly. Better to have it than to not. Apple may have been pretty early to the 64-bit party, but at least the 5S has it so that when developers start taking advantage, those old phones will benefit.

Yeah, it's good to see designers really looking to the future. It was especially important for Apple to do it early, since Apple does such a good job of keeping old devices up to date. Given their update track record, the 5S will be getting iOS updates through 2016, so future-proofing is totally necessary for them. That's the one big lesson that I'd really like to see Android OEMs take from Apple.

Agreed. I'm sticking with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S LTE 10.5in. That bad boys stepping into the game with an SAMOLED 2560x1600 screen--good for 288 PPI. $old!!!

Posted via the Android Central App on my Nexus 5

Doesn't that seem expensive for a Nexus device? Considering the 32GB nexus 7 2013 was only $269? Also, I feel like they won't jump to a 9 inch screen.

Just my opinion anyway

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Considering how it's aluminium and it includes the 64bit K1 with a pretty respectable screen for the size, I'd be willing to tolerate a price jump. Besides, I think it's a showpiece to fire a shot at Apple with a "look how much better we can do at your price point" device.

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+10 the price is justified! We are getting a tab with great insides and hardware that Asus wishes it could produce. Stereo front speakers too!?
I'm all over this thing and I haven't seen it yet but HTC and it's hardware, I really don't need to see it. I'm very excited about this!

John Hancock

Nexus Silver possibly? Wonder if Google is going to eventually look to raise their profit margins on their Nexus line.

Those are the same price points as the Nexus 10. I will be disappointed if a 64 GB SKU is not announced though.

I'm not... I have the 32 GB Nexus 10 and I'm always having to delete apps to manage space. Right now I only have 5.23 GB of free space. I can make do... But it would be nice not to have to.

Yet another reason to bump storage to 32GB & 64GB with no SD card): In the July OS release, ART will become the default runtime. ART apps have larger storage footprints than Dalvik apps.

Disappointed, personally was hoping for a 8"ish size. Something as slim and light as the tab s is what I want.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

A 64:45 screen on it? It's odd not to see the typical 16:9 or 16:10 or even one closer to the iPad's 4:3 or a 3:2.

Probably a 2048*1536 screen, they subtracted the area taken by software nav button and possibility the notification bar as well.

Pretty close to iPad resolution. It's not conventional aspect ratio but hey. It's still up there. Maybe Google and HTC saw Microsoft go with 3:2 in the Surface 3 and decided that something between 4:3 and 3:2 might be better.

I really like the 2:3 aspect ratio in the Surface Pro 3. I'm not sure if I would like it in a smaller media consumption oriented device; however, it makes the screen a whole lot less crowded for the SP3. One thing I would like about a more square aspect ratio in a tablet is reading. On my SP3, I can read two pages side by side on the screen in a PDF or book, and they fit the screen nearly perfectly without any wasted space.

Got Nexus?

I have a Nook HD+ that uses 3:2 as well, I like it much better than the 16:10 on my new Tab Pro 10.1. It's just way more versatile and it looks much more natural in portrait.

Nexus 7 - Cheaper, decently speced device.
Nexus 8/9/10/whatever - Premium build, specs, price.

Wouldnt mind seeing Google use a sales approach like this. I love my cheap yet wonderful Nexus 7 but i would opt for the more premium HTC in a heartbeat.

Nope, thanks. I will stick with my Note Tablet. My Nexus 7 is a good enough backup

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If it's priced accordingly with other Nexus devices, I'll probably buy it and finally sell off the old Nexus 10. If it's not priced all that compellingly, the 8.4" Galaxy Tab S looks pretty darn nice, although I'm not sure I'd want to part with $400+ for it.

I can see it if it is nexus pricing but I am guessing it is not gonna be though.

I just got the big Note Tablet so it really isn't near time for me to switch up, but if I needed one for the kids, at that price point I would get it

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Yeah, I'm doubtful about the pricing, too. Given the internal specs, I could see it being inexpensive without the aluminum body. But if they don't cut corners when it comes to construction, it probably won't be priced far below Google Play Edition devices.

If I am shelling out $400 for a tablet, I'd rather get a 16:10 one than a 4:3 one. Tab S wins over Nexus 9 for me if these are the specs/price available.

I go back and forth on this. Most of the things I want to do on a tablet are done in landscape, and 16:9/10 is clearly better for that, but doing anything in portrait orientation with a 16:9/10 tablet is really awkward. Portrait orientation on a 4:3 device is totally natural, and landscape on a 4:3 device is sub-optimal, but not awful. I'm probably inclined to stick with 16:9, since that's what I've been using since I got my first Android tablet, but I could be swayed either way by good design and UX.

Don't see it happening that way, that high, that long. We've been waiting for a 10 inch refresh for almost 9 months. If Google's gonna come down the middle on this I see it at I/O or another "Breakfast with Sundar" over the summer. I don't think Googs is gonna make us wait that long. They wanna beat the next iPad to market first, especially if it has specs like that. In any case Google take my 499.00 now if that's what it's gonnna cost and I'll gladly kill my iPad mini retina yesterday.
Like everybody else, your milage may vary.

OIS on a tablet seems a bit pointless. Anything that encourages people to take pictures with a tablet should be discouraged.

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I have been to two graduations this last month, I saw so many dumb people doing it. Almost pissed me off...

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Same thing happens at my daughter's choir concerts. A bunch of people holding up iPads blocking the view of people behind them.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

While doing it instead of using your phone I agree, however.....When I perform a site walk with a customer, nothing is better than creating an s-note, while Inserting photos I took on the tablet, and making notations on the photo I just took. Then I can email as pdf to my employees. Don't really think that's dumb.

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You have an actual reason to do it. The majority of people have better options like their phone or maybe an actual camera.

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I'm that person. I use my LG 8.3 for work to write field engineering reports and I take the accompanying photos at the same time put them in a folder together and upload everything once a week back at the office.

Which is why you put a camera OIS camera on there because the cost is negligible and people do use their tables in a variety of ways. Like for work.

I can count on two (maybe one?) hand the amount of photos I've taken with my Nexus 7 (2013) in its 11-month existence. 8MP OIS and maybe even the 3MP front facing camera are both expensive wastes.

I wish manufacturers would stop selling the "next up" in memory at $100 extra. What I wish even more is that the consumer would wise up and stop paying for such "upgrades"

The panda has spoken

It's kind of hard to refused when EVERYONE is doing the same exact thing... Besides, it feels more like everyone is being pressured into doing the same thing (Playing Ball)...

So is paper and pencil. But in the computer world, "memory" = RAM. Hard drives, SSD, and Flash are "storage".

No. While the term "memory" is often used to refer to RAM, it isn't incorrect to refer to storage as memory. Go on, prove me wrong. If you want to be a pedant, at least be a correct pedant.

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But he was right as to what the guy he was replying to actually meant. So it's you that's being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud.

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He wasn't though. From the context it was clear what was meant by the original poster. You could complain that the term memory shouldn't be used because it is ambiguous, but it didn't need to be corrected because it wasn't wrong.

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And yet there are many cases where it *is* ambiguous and causes confusion. So when I see that term being used incorrectly, I will point it out and hopefully more people will learn to use the correct terms and reduce confusion later. I am in I.T. and have to support computers, phones, printers, etc. Most of the blame goes to marketing dweebs who use the wrong term in spec sheets and advertising.

And yes, it was wrong. Storage is not "memory".

Little confused as to why they would opt to go with a 64-bit processor and only use 2GB of RAM.

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Hmm. Interesting. For me, my N7 2013 is still more than enough, especially since I just got a new phone in February and my wife got one this week.... Tech budget is shot.

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App

I don't think you understand Google is with this project not HTC alone...

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Definitely true, but that shouldn't get your hopes down too much. They haven't released any tablets at all since the Honeycomb days, and it's hard to hold three- and four-year-old tablets against them, especially since HTC would only be handling the hardware and design, and they're pretty much without rival in the Android space when it comes to that.

I remember when I wanted an HTC Flyer... Then I wisened up and bought an ASUS TF300 at launch. Had a quality control issue and RMA'd for a replacement, but I guarantee you I would've hated that Flyer.

I would buy the iPad mini before this. Price is too high if what is being reported is true.

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Well it looks better than the current ipad mini to me. To each their own though

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Like the more premium specs, but the screen seems like a step backwards compared to the nexus 7 and also samsungs new tablets. Hopefully Google and HTC will surprise us with that aspect.

True, but it ruins any wide screen video. Depends on where your priorities lie.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Still waiting to see if Samsung release a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2015 Edition) with an amoled screen like the galaxy s tablet line. Love HTC, but since I've purchased the Note 3, the amoled screen has won me over (even if it's not all that realistic).

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I hope they only go aluminum if they figured out a way to still have Qi charging. That has sort of become a signature of the Nexus line of late.

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What's with the 2GB ram? Doesn't make sense when other services are going to 3. Especially at those prices... I do like the front facing speakers on a tablet though. I think I'd have to wait for a price drop of about $100. It better still have wireless charging as well. I didn't invest in wireless charging for one phone and one tablet...

If the price stand I definitely takes this as a signal of the end of affordable Nexus devices including the Nexus 6.

Hmm...would this be big enough to have a keyboard case? If so, GOOGLE TAKE MY MONEY NOW

According to my sources, the codename for the HTC built nexus tablet is Cholera.

I'm not sure where Android Police got their info.

Do your sources include the Onion?

Not meant to be resentful or negative, just joking around. As Daniel said, Cholera is a disease... I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy that!

This was my first thought. The nexus project is pretty much dead now since Google announced the silver line up replacing it.

Well, keep in mind none of this is official. But I agree, it sucks that manufacturers continue to take away SD card options and then rape consumers for the larger storage versions.

You do realise that Google sets the price of the Nexus devices. And Google hates sd cards as does everyone with intelligence

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Yes, one of the most unique traits of intelligent people is that they're glad to pay through the noses for storage.

Count me as one of the unintelligent ones who want an SD card! Thankfully, every one else has come to their senses and HTC and LG are also now offering SD cards with their new flagship phones. It certainly works for Google to have everyone use the cloud. It's not in my best interest - not until I have cloud access 100% of the time (including in planes and when I'm abroad) and I have unlimited data at high speeds at no extra cost. When that happens, I'll be perfectly content to not have storage. Until that happens, don't assume that your usage matches mine.

Now that I think about it, how did they get away with pricing the Nexus 10 line $100 apart and not the Nexus 7 line? What?

It seems like they should drop the metal body so the price could be lowered a bit... It's a given that no Nexus device will employ an SD Card slot... so for a tablet, 16GB seems like it would be kind of low (and cheap)... and then charging another $100 for an additional 16GB is kind of messed up and sad.

Made by HTC with front facing speakers, this thing is going to be bigger then a 10 inch tablet of we can go by how they make their phones.

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I could see this being true if it's part of the mythical silver line. That's supposedly going to be more high end and 64 bit and aluminum are definitely high end. It would be a shame if there are no more nexus tablets. I'm not crazy about the 8 inch size. I love my nexus 7 (2013) and love the texture and feel of it. It can run pretty much any app or game (for now) gets updates, and just feels like the perfect size and look for a tablet.

Whether this is a nexus 8 or silver 8 I don't see me leaving my nexus 7 (2013). It's very close to perfect or at least ideal of what I want for a look, feel, and how a tablet should run.

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Too expensive for android tablet, would be great for full x86 windows.

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"The Next Nexus" is not correct..
It's the "First" Google Silver Tablet.
That's why a Quarter 4 release cycle.. And I also fear.. the K1 Engine will not be Developer friendly.. and that's too bad.
The Nexus line was the most coveted on XDA.. That now all stops now with the Death of the Nexus Line.
*The King Is Dead* and when I depart with my LG G-Pad 8.3, Looks like Samsung's Tab S 10.1 and Note 4 will be my next upgrade around Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

I've yet to see a Silver rumor that says anything but Feb 2015 or later for a first device.

Posted via Android Central App via XT1060_NiT through spacetime.

Yep. I'm not expecting any Android Silver devices this year. Hell, I'm almost not expecting any more Nexus devices. The Nexus 10 rumors taught me that leaks don't necessarily mean an imminent release.

Oh... It may not "Officially" carry the banner of "Silver* but it will be a bastard child part of the line.. A Hybrid-Transition device.. from Nexus to Silver.. There is NOT going to be a Low-End Nexus / High-End Silver line.. so loose any thoughts of that.. One Line.. and it's going to be called Silver.. so, this tablet may be born premature of the Silver Line.. but it will be incorporated into it.

OIS on a tablet? What a waste! HTC can't add OIS to their flagship phone and are adding it to their 8+inch tablet?
It's stupid in the very least.

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Find it astonishing that HTC would put a 4MP (right?) sensor in their new flagship phone and then an 8MP OIS sensor in a Nexus tablet. Uh... What?

Well some people don't want that! Go buy a surface pro 3 if you're that desperate for a big screen

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aluminum zero gap construction, 64 bit, front facing stereo speakers?
Oh and aluminum. Could this be a silver device? Either way this sounds like an incredible peice of hardware. The price seems fair if you ask me. Slathered with lollipop and timely updates and..... Whatever SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

John Hancock

At that price points, it will fail to attract the needed market from Apple. If everyone is honest, the only reason the nexus sold was the pricing for many and the disdain for Apple for others.

I have 4 nexus tablets in my home for everyone, so I definitely support them, but the price points open up entirely new options.

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This is not at all in the same category as the Nexus 7.2 is.... it is much larger.... closer to the Nexus 10.

At these prices and specs? No. Also, I don't want a heavy aluminum tablet (compared to lighter plastic) to read on. If I wanted heavy, I'd just buy the book.

Ever felt the ipad mini? It's the same size, made of aluminum, and one of the sleekest tablets I have ever felt.

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor? That seems odd for this. 9" is an interesting size. Also seems somewhat surprising they would use 2GB of memory instead of 3 at this point.

I bet it doesn't have QI charging... and that will be a huge negative now...

Why is that a problem? All Google needs is a reference device that supports their 64-bit OS it doesn't have to specced to take full advantage of it. Apple didn't do it with their first 64bit devices.

But that is because apple is full of marketing bullshit. People actually expect things from Google.

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sounds awesome, guess we'll be finding out soon enough with some of these things since I/O is just around the corner.

Aren't people here taking these rumors a little to seriously? Like common, how many times have we been trolled with "Nexus 10 updates", and nothing ever materialized? It says it will be released in Q4, who knows what will happen until then.

I was hoping for an 8 - 8.5 inch tablet from Asus for the next Nexus. I'm really not one that is enamored with aluminum or metal chassis. As long as its solid, plastic is fine with me. To be honest, I was extremely upset the Nexus 10 cost as much as it did. But I really wanted a 10 inch tablet at the time I bought it (on launch day). It has been an excellent purchase and I use it everyday. But, if the next Nexus really does cost this much, I won't be purchasing it. I will hold on to my Nexus 10 until the battery goes bad, which will probably be the thing that causes me to have to get a new tablets.

Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10 using the totally awesome Android Central App

Nope.. Not buying another Nexus tablet with a Nvidia processor.. Already experienced how that turned out with the Nexus 7 1st gen.

The only thing appealing to me about this tablet is the front facing speakers. Looks like I'll be keeping my N7(2013) for another year. It has been great thus far and I still use it 4-5 times a week.

The 2012 N7 was not held back by the processor. The memory controller and flash that ASUS chose to put in it were terrible. That is what caused so many problems. I know that mine isn't usable anymore because anything that writes to the memory takes forever.

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Love my M8, my N7 2012 is needing replacement. Take my money!

Quite fancy something around 9". (no innuendo)

Posted via Android Central App

PDFs, comics and magazines don't reflow. Neither do many desktop websites. And anyway, there's plenty of 16:10 Android tablets out there from every manufacturer in almost every conceivable size. What would be so bad about ONE model from one major manufacturer being 4:3 for a change?

I just cannot justify buying a tablet with 2gb of RAM anymore, when my Note 3 has more... the concept of pulling out a tablet to do something not on your phone is that it's a little beefier. let's make the jump to 3gb already!

and before anyone responds by saying that you dont need more than 2gb... there's a lot of things that you dont NEED. but i WANT. ;) and until then, i'll stick with my more than capable phablet to do both roles a phone and tablet does.

You don't need more than 2gb. There, I said it. And I know having traded my Note 3 for a GS5 that feels quicker at doing everything.

Start working at home with Google! It's by-far the best job I've had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this - 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail


the fact that motorola wasnt/hasnt become THE MAIN standard for android phones/tablets is beyond ridic. why does google go to htc, samsung, or lg in making junk phones/tabs with those companies' junk software? dont tell me theyre trying to be fair and pass the ball around, thats nonsense. its those junk phones that have killed the android brand to everyone i know. EVERY single person i know owns an iphone, why? (other than the obvi "it just works" reason) is bc they had a horrendous experience with htc and samsung (when they hear lg and sony makes phones too, they just laugh) to where they have been traumatized to never consider an android phone ever again. and only time will tell if lenovorola will ruin the future for moto x. le sigh.

I actually agree with this despite having an LG phone (Nexus 5). The N5 is my first try with Android and I really like this phone. I have not heard enough good about HTC, LG, Samsung UI to ever consider one of those, but I could easily warm up to a Motorola if the N5 was not available. I would be very interested if the next Nexus phone was made by Motorola.

Posted via Android Central App

What's with the smaller screen? For reading oversized books and magazines I want all the real estate I can get. No mention of a memory slot or gps either.

For me a smaller screen or no memory slot is a deal breaker. Occasionally I like using my tablet as a navigation device but the lack of a dedicated gps chip is not necessarily a deal breaker.

GPS has kind of become a feature we don't talk about because it is all but a given in everything but the lowest end devices. Kinda like how we don't talk about how every device has a headphone jack.

Posted via Android Central App

TL;DR Nexus 7 =/= Nexus 8.9

Is it possible that Flounder and Volantis coexist? I'd be a little disturbed if this was a replacement to the Nexus 7. It's missing everything Google got right with the 7: reasonably good specs for a very reasonable price, comfort in one hand, lack of a decent camera (or one entirely). Yes, the camera can be handy, but I can count on two hands the amount of pictures I've taken on this Nexus 7 in its 11-month existence. 8MP OIS and 3MP seem like a bit much and a bit pricey, especially for a bigger tablet.

Sorry for the long post, just my two (maybe three) cents.

Plus Volantis isn't supposedly slated until Q4 2014, while Flounder was outed in a 4.4.3 changelog. Would Google really already be worrying about an incremental version of Android for such a distant device?

Nexus 8 and Nexus 9 coexisting may not be as ridiculous as it sounds, especially if Google/HTC will differentiate between them by dumping specs on the 9. Could be "bunk" and I'm just "daft," only testing a theory here...

Am I the only one not impressed with the specs? 2GB of RAM??? Really? OK, I get the 64-bit processor, but my issues with tablets is seldom processing power, it's usually RAM related... Not trying to pee on the parade, but as much as I love the HTC product line, this is a no-go for me. The front-spacing speakers are always a treat, but in time this tablet would simply become unusable, then I'd get angry at it and question god about why I'm having issues with it (joking about that part), then I'd demote it to paper weight like I did the last Nexus tablet I bought... I really hope the RAM is at least 3GB, then this is a definite buy for me...

Hopefully it cost a bit less. I would've preferred soft touch plastic with a built-in kickstand over zero-gap aluminum.

Going along with the popular consensus that this will be too much than I am willing to spend on a tablet, and the size factor at 8.9 is too large for me. The 7 inch screen is a good size and I could potentially handle an 8, but 8.9, no not for me.

Nope. Don't want this.

Where is the next Nexus 7 and the long-overdue Nexus 10?

I don't want to have to buy a Samsung to get a 10" device.

Going from the very affordable Nexus 7 to a premium priced 8.9 (with no follow up at either 7 or 8") is very interesting (and to me very disappointing). My Nexus 7 and LG G Pad 8.3 are still very much used around the house and 8.9 is definitely going to be too big. If I need to see that big I will go to the laptop or desktop.