HTC Vivid

The HTC Vivid should be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich shortly, and if you're the brave type there's a leak out in the wild you can flash today. When HTC and AT&T announced the HTC One X was coming to AT&T, there was a small part in the press release about the Vivid and it's ICS update, and that's been reinforced today in a press release for a new Beats Audio wireless speaker system exclusive for AT&T. The paragraph reads as follows:

Additionally, an enhanced audio experience will soon be available to HTC Vivid™ customers in the coming weeks.  Sound engineers at Beats Dr. Dre and software engineers at HTC have teamed up to bring an improved audio experience to the HTC Vivid through an upcoming software update that will provide Android 4.0, an updated HTC Sense experience and Beats By Dr. Dre audio profiles. 

While "coming weeks" is a pretty vague term, it may be closer that anyone expects. A Vivid user was presented with an OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and had the foresight to capture the file and hand it over to the hacking community. It's been converted to a flashable form, but there's a great big warning attached as it requires a different hboot with no reliable way to get back. Between the few reports of bricked devices, most people say the update is decent, bringing the Vivid to Android 4.0.3 and Sense to 3.6.  

If you're the type who has to try things, be sure to read very carefully lest you have a shiny black HTC Vivid to add to the Android bone pile. If you're the more cautious type or haven't rooted your $600 phone (we don't blame you), hopefully you'll be seeing an update soon. In either case, follow along at the links below.

Source: XDA Developers; via Android Central forums


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HTC Vivid to get ICS in the 'coming weeks', leak available for the brave


Awesome, this is now two devices set to get ICS before the Nexus S and 4G. Someone please tell me again why Google being unable to update it's own Nexus S hardware with it's own ICS OS before OEM's is not news?????

Ha? Am I missing something here, ICS for the Nexus S came out as soon as the GNex went on sale. Actually, the Nexus S is now up to 4.0.3, where as the GNex is still on 4.0.2, so I am not following your post. I don't know about the Nexus S 4G, but I'd venture to say blame Sprint for that, not Google.

As for the Vivid, yes, this is great news for the dozen or so owners out there.

The update was halted.
Some believe because of bugs, but we really have no idea why as Google has refused to comment on this issue over the last three months. Most Nexus S devices do not have ICS and the NS4G has never had it. Also the Nexus is only updated by Google, the carriers and the manufacturer have nothing to do with it. This is the one of the key selling points of a "Nexus" device.

*correction* This USED to be one of the key selling points of a "Nexus" device.

I've only had my Vivid not even a WEEK yet. This my first Android phone. Will 4.0 make it even MORE awesome?!?! :)