HTC Vision - or T-Mobile G1 Blaze

This isn't the first time we've seen the fabled (and unannounced) HTC Vision, but this one looks a little more finished, and with T-Mobile branding to boot, and the tipster who sent it to Engadget notes that it may well be called the G1 Blaze when all is said and done. One big question still hanging over the phone's head is whether we're talking T-Mobile Europe or T-Mobile U.S. (And if it's the latter, will this be the rumored HSPA+ device?) Rumored specs are largely what you'd expected -- 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen and 1GHz processor. And with that, we wait. [Engadget]


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HTC Vision pops up with T-Mobile branding, may be called the G1 Blaze


Gosh, I hope not. Comparing this to the rumored specs of Project Emerald is enough to depress a man.
Project Emerald Speculations:
4.0+ Inch Screen
Released with Android 3.0
Dual Core Processor
Alleged release date of November 9th
And I am hoping it does not have a physical keyboard as that only adds bulk. And with 4.3 inches, who needs a physical keyboard? The on-screen is plenty capable. Project Emerald has been built up too much. If they put that title on this, I would be majorly disappointed.

See? I told you I am new. :) I'm currently looking around eBay for my first Android, and I have been researching like a mofo. Maybe I should ask you guys what phone is good for a newbie on a budget. I need to go with T-Mobile's Even More Plus plan and I only have about $300 to spend. Any help would be much appreciated.

I would say to go for the mytouch slide. It has a keyboard, (I know many people cannot do without one) it has 2.1 and will definitely get Froyo, and its pretty darn fast. You should be able to get one for about $300 on ebay.

If you have a look it has two mic buttons on the keyboard so this will he headed stateside. I say this because all your HTC phones you have over there, evo, incredible etc have mics on the soft keyboards and voice activated controls have been honed more for the American accent and not included on other phones like the Legend and Desire we have here in the UK.

I hope I'm wrong and we get this though also hoping the Droid 2 gets an international cousin too.

Hoping to see a great Tmo phone without a slide out keyboard. Not all of us are enthralled with hard keyboards anymore...

TouchWiz is not that bad.. watch the videos for it.
Also, Samsung has also guaranteed Android 2.2 for the phone and im sure that it'll be fully upgraded since its more of a successful phone. From a business standpoint, Behold II wasn't much of a successful phone so they didn't spend the resources on upgrading that phone because they wouldn't gain any profit.

In addition, the phone has been rooted and it can be carried by the community with custom ROMs and such.

I think the 3.7 inch screen is the perfect size for a phone. My Nexus One Imo is the perfect device. Anything larger then that is a damn disaster to carry in your pocket, it's a phone # 1 then a computer. Looks like a great device. Don't care about the keyboard, My dream device would be the Nexus One with a ton of memory, dual processors and HSPA+ speeds. That is one ass kickin device. IMO the Nexus One is the best built, looks are killer and the speeds are unbelievable. Let's not forget you can do anything with it.

I partially agree, the size of the N1 is just about damn near perfect. One packed with super hardware would be great. However, I love the range of android phones out. You can get one of any size, performance, or looks that suit you.

Hey Phil

I think it's T-Mobile USA, and I say that because T-Mobile germany has an additional two pink dots before the "T" in T-Mobile whereas T-Mobile USA only has 1 pink dot before the "T".

This Is By Far Horrible Compared To The Droid X, Incredible, Evo, Galaxy S Line-Up, & The Droid 2, Which Has Yet To Come, :p..

Now Is It Me Or Has T-Mo's Latest Android Phone Been, Well aLil Out-Of-Date By Release, Other Than The Vibrant.?

"...G1 Blaze when all is said and one. One big question..."


And this phone looks awesome! I will be interested to see what happens to the G1 if/when this goes to T-Mobile.

Samsung vibrant is a good phone but, I love the nexus feel and size all they need is new hardware and audio, video codec oh and why do you need a g1 blaze and a mytouch slide

Looks like a more squared off N1 with a qwerty and optical trackpad. What's not to like unless you dislike physical keyboards?

If this phone is named G1 and is supposed to be the successor to the Sidekick, it needs a five row keyboard. Period. This is either a high volume text entry device, or it isn't. Both the G1 and Sidekick did that job well. With a four row keyboard, this device won't.