HTC's 4G Sprint Tablet brings clever UI to tide you over before the Honeycomb update 

HTC View

We just got back from our time with HTC taking a look at their latest tablet - the HTC View 4G for Sprint - something we've seen in an unbranded-version before as the HTC Flyer. The HTC View 4G is a 7" tablet at 1024x600 resolution, weighing in at 14.88 ounces with 32g of internal memory, 16g of RAM, and a microSD slot if you'd like to add more. On the rear we have a 5 megapixel shooter with 720p HD video capabilities and the front sports a 1.3 megapixel camera. The whole thing is powered by a beefy 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and, of course, it's capable of running on Sprint's 4G WiMAX network. Its rocking Android 2.3 but will get an update to Honeycomb at some point in the future.

The HTC View 4G includes the latest version of Sense - the main differences from what we've seen before is primarily eyecandy: when you rotate homescreens they fly out and look closely at the gallery after the break - they show you a little gear on the flip-time clock. Cute. More utilitarian is the new lockscreen mechanism: you can drag the circle over one of 4 icons to launch directly into that app. We're also fond of their app-dock on the bottom, which you can configure with your favorite apps with some simple drag-and-drop.

The real story - to us anyway - is that the View includes HTC Scribe technology, which lets you use a special capacitive stylus for taking notes and sketching on the screen. Check out our first impressions of HTC Scribe here. In the meantime, you've got two things to wait for while you look at the images after the break: our pending video and an actual release-date and price - all we know so far is "Summer."

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HTC View 4G Hands-on!


Am I the only one that would rather a 5 MP front facing camera and a 1.3 MP camera on the back, if any?

I'm sure this has to do with preventing HD steaming network traffic, but what about Wifi?

There is no way I'm going to carry around a tablet thinking, "Self, hold up this giant non-ergonomic device and take a picture instead of using a phone!"

There's no way there's 16GB of RAM, maybe it has a 32GB of onboard storage and a 16GB MicroSD card but it's probably 32GB onboard and 1GB ram.

sh*t... now android makers are following apple's stupid examples.... a "tablet" that looks and acts just like their phone counterpart... dang it HTC, we are better than this! Give me a bigger screen, a real USB connection, HONEYCOMB OUT OF THE BOX!, No Sense UI!!, --er, just give me the Toshiba tablet instead... I like that pretty beast of a tablet.

I have to admit, I am really really liking this!!! I have a Galaxy TAB and love it,'s on Verizon so it's been crippled (compared to the other Tabs). Also it would be nice to have 4g on this thing (although the 3g isn't bad). I know this HTC will be hackable and from the specs - pretty damn quick. It's also the perfect size, 7 inches. Hmmmmm......I'm going to wait and see what's coming to Verizon but I know those motherf@#^%rs will find some way to cripple it.

I just don't understand the mentality of these greedy SOBs. For example the Verizon Tab is limited to 2 gigs internal storage for apps whereas the GSM models (t-mobile / ATT)have the full 16gigs. Ok so I could still live with that as 2 gigs will allow for quite a bit of apps. Now I've learned the c*#ksuckers also disabled bluetooth HID support so most of the headsets or bluetooth keyboards out there won't work - only the types that support SIP which are rare. Why? I'm already getting p*ssed thinking about it. Looks like after my contract is up, I'm done with Verizon.