HTC ThunderboltHTC Thunderbolt

There's no quicker way to become the cool kid on the block these days than to have actually seen and used an HTC Thunderbolt. (We're having jackets made.) And that's just Android Central Forms member O.G Incredible has been doing -- and causing quite the tizzy in the process. Before you start crying "Troll!" -- he's uploaded a few pictures. So put down your pitchforks, raise a glass to the O.G OP, and hope the TB gets released ASAP. [Android Central Forums]

P.S.: That's pretty cool, but we're still partial to our video shot in a Las Vegas In-and-Out-Burger. Just sayin'. :p


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HTC Thunderbolt spotted, gets hands-on in the Android Central Forums


I was ready to be first in line for one of these until I found out it wouldn't support Skype video calls at launch, and it's not launching with Froyo. Is anyone else as disappointed as I am, or am I being too critical? (I'm still rocking an OG Droid...)

Froyo is 2.2.x ... this is suppose to be running 2.3 which is what Sense 2.0 requires. Why would you be bitching about it running a newer version of the OS?

I was just about to chastise Phil about rubbing in and out in MY east coast face, but I see AndroidJunkie beat me to it. Drat! I've never been, but I hear mythical stories about their burgers. Not Thunderbolt mythical, but mythical nonetheless.

@EvanGMan... Yes you are. There are too many 3rd party apps in the market that can accomplish the same thing, the only difference is Verizon doesn't get paid for it because it's not "Bloat"...

@rexdeaz where'd you get the 28th confidence from? or are you just being sarcastic? when the hell is verizon gonna give us a date?

It has to be an Incredible... the camera on the Evo is in the center of the phone and the Inc's is off to the side like in the pic's reflection...

What about the reports that the phone is gonna end up costing $299 and not $249. I had my wife talked into the $249 price but $299 she may not be so crazy about. Everything up until recently seemed to point towards $249. Now all the talk is that it will cost $299. Most people's justification is that the Iphone 32mb costs $299 and the TB has more so rightly so it should cost $299. So I guess since the Bionic has less it will cost less? NOT!!! Sure the cost will be justified because it is dual core?

Steven: The only talk about it being $300, was from a misprint in the Best Buy monthly magazine. It was listed in their circular at $250, and that is what is in their system.

I truly hope so. Of course with the delay and 5 million rumors about release dates and price I don't know what to believe. Guess it will just be when I see it I will believe it. But thanks for the clarification.

someone posted a picture of next weeks ad and the Thunderbolt is in in again, but this time it is listed at $299. its starting to look like the misprint might have been the original listing in the ad. i guess we just wont know til we get a release fro VZW

Verizon won't release the Thunderbolt until they sell at least 10 iPhone's....... so I my be waiting until September. :-(

I was at Costco today and the phone rep told me that they will be carrying the Thunderbolt. They have no release date but were told it's in March. No price neither.

Five Guys is delicious, but a Double Double with Cheese is all I ask for whenever I return to SoCal. Mmm, can't wait till August.