Many ROM developers were just waiting to pounce on this as soon as it went live and now, it has. Yes, HTC fought it but ultimately released the kernel source for the HTC Thunderbolt. If you're looking to build a custom ROM for the Thunderbolt then you're already late to the party. Hit up the HTC Developer center and grab the 87MB file now. Everyone else, sit tight -- and keep your eye out for some new ROMs coming your way soon.  [HTC Developer Center]

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dacp283 says:

Glad to see they got this out. I'm still on my X waiting on the bionic but those with the bolt, Congrats.

brobertsleo says:


Hell yea !

cloud36426 says:

Things should get very interesting the next few weeks.

riavarone#AC says:

Already running on infectedROM for the TB. It is awesome battery issue are, well much less of one. Cant wait to see what will be happening soon.