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In your daily dose of "Nope, no release date for the HTC ThunderBolt just yet," we bring you a commercial that's been floating around. And it's pretty darn good, as you'd expect from HTC and/or Verizon. And, nope, there's still no release date. [Android Central Forums]

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MOTOX2 says:

So far and though i would have wished for the 3rd, the tenth looks like a prominent release date.... :) :)

inuchan says:

Wonder if I should invite people to a party by flying my phone over the dance area.

EvanJ18 says:

That's how all the cool kids are doin it.

EvanJ18 says:

Thats pretty cool. At least it kinda shows off what the phone can do. I wanted this but now I may just wait for the Inc2.

vinylasphalt says:

Did no one see the digital clock start of 3:11:11.......what do you mean no release date....I think that's kinda a clue.

raymundosti says:

I hope your not being serious. (:

raymundosti says:

I hope your not being serious. (:

raymundosti says:

I hope your not being serious. (:

EvanJ18 says:

Dope triple post. That CAPTCHA will get ya every time.

that is for the battle of LA... Stop it and read whats under the date.

stteve23 says:

3:11:11 in the beginning is from the previous commercial on the video. Its the release date for Battle: LA not a part of the thunderbolt commercial

IceDree says:

Does anybody realize that we are getting close to Q2 (Bionic , anyone ?) ?
Motorola should've name the Bionic : Lighting , since light always comes before Thunder , & with the way things are going , The Bionic could be out before the Thunderbolt (especially that the Bionic is already being shipped)

EvanJ18 says:

I gotta say I've never been a Moto fan. I thought all the vzw Moto Droids were a lagfest with blur, but I played with an Atrix at at&t and it was QUICK (they had LauncherPro running on it). Odd thing is that it wasn't necessarily that much quicker than the Inspire (also running LauncherPro), at least scrolling through home screens. So I MAY actually look into the Bionic when it comes out.

Which leads me to my next question. WHY THE HELL WOULD A RETAILER HAVE A DISPLAY UNIT RUNNING AN AFTERMARKET LAUNCHER (albeit possibly to it's benefit)? I mean if I were an average Joe I would be pretty confused as to why the phone I just bought doesn't look ANYTHING like the one I played with at the store?

Sorry, I was just a little annoyed by that. Just venting.

Icarus4219 says:

What exactly prompted you to think that the retailer, of all the people possible, installed it?

dcviper says:

There are documented cases (okay, people bragging on the AC forums) of people "fixing" display models. :P

EvanJ18 says:

shoulda made it more clear. the salesman said he had installed it. all of their androids had it.

vinylasphalt says:

Sorry bout that. Watched it on a storm and couldn't see the battle for la thing below it. Just saw the date then the thunderbolt.

ssethv says:

I am so over the thunderbolt.... when it actually does come out, it will be nothing but an incredible with a front facing camera... I am waiting for the incredible 2!!! :)

jake5150#AC says:

so tired of this Thunderbolt, actually more interested in the Incredible 2 or maybe LG Revolution. Had an upgrade the last few months and just going to wait till late summer to get a new phoneand see what the choices are then.

steven252000 says:

Go figure that the Ipad2 which was just introduced already has a official launch date listed on the Verizonwireless web site. But the release date of the Thunderbolt seems to be as elusive as the Loch Ness monster.

I'd much rather wait for the second wave of LTE Android phones that will be around Q3/Q4 anyway. Why would you get the first one?

*Also the word "commercial" is spelled wrong in the title of this article

Atobia says:

I stopped by my Verizon store and they said that Verizon has stopped giving them a release date but the last thing they were told was the 10th.

They have already received training and the accessories are in stock.

They also offered to hold one for me and call when they come it. It might have just been a ploy for my number :)

angel35 says:

I went to my Verizon store in NYC B.WAY 82st. Was told they have no info on any date for Thunderbolt. They waiting for the phone too so they say. Last date was 3/10/11 Maybe they are right???