HTC One M8 Shield Edition with Captain America

HTC has teamed up with the folks at Marvel to produce a limited S.H.I.E.L.D. Edition of the HTC One M8. But they're not selling them, you'll need to win one.

The contest centers around what they're calling #superselfies, with a Captain America theme. Share one of your own creation on Twitter or Facebook and you might win your own S.H.I.E.L.D. Edition M8.

See the source link for full details and all the rules.

Source: HTC


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HTC teams up with Captain America for limited S.H.I.E.L.D. Edition One M8 in new contest


I'm not saying I'd complain if I won one, but they could've made it so much cooler looking.

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I think I know why they are doing this.
In the movie,there is a scene where nick fury has to break in to Steve's apartment and uses an HTC one m7 to show words that he cannot say due to the apartment being bugged by secret agents. This may be htc's way of saying thank you.
Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

You can bet HTC paid big bucks to get that sort of product placement, I don't think they need to say thank you. This is just pure marketing, not to say thank you.

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Well,marvel could just as well have used am s4 for all they care. Htc may be trying to build a long term relatiinship with marvel.

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Not if HTC paid them for the product placement. And since they wouldn't have given out that sort of product placement for free, you can be sure HTC paid them to do so.

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Would've loved a Captain America blue with Silver accents and a deep red camera rim.
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Maybe another company will go with an IronMan phone. Well, actually toss in Jarvis and Tony Stark's holographic device, that would be nice.