It appears the rumors that the HTC Tattoo will receive an official update to Eclair weren't true.  James over at Tracy and Matt has received an official response from HTC that pretty much shoots down the rumor with just one line:

"Currently there are no plans to update the HTC Tattoo with éclair."

HTC has been known to change its mind, and Tattoo owners can only hope that it happens again.  The Tattoo for sure isn't a powerhouse, but it's a nice little phone that fills a niche in Android's lineup.  Since the Tattoo was released just last November, it's pretty disheartening to find out that it's already reached the end of it's software update path.   Any readers using one of these small sexy phones?  Sound off in the comments! [Tracy and Matt's blog]


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HTC Tattoo not getting Eclair after all


That's annoying. I told a customer it will get 2.1. Then they signed on the line. Oh dear.
Still. A nice handset all the same.

Any way. Forget Tattoo. My hero is hungry for more tasty goods LOL

It's true that every other user has got a different response from HTC. I'm still optimistic that we'll eventually get it. It shouldn't be much of a problem right now, as the Tattoo was rooted just about a month ago, and the possibility of installing 2.1 through custom ROMs *might* be possible. Besides, it's certain that the exploit to root the Tattoo will be fixed in 2.1, so might be a step backward with regards to rooting and installing custom ROMs.

HTC Hero/Moto Droid has the same CPU and it will get upgrade, HTC Legend has only a bit faster CPU then Tattoo and it comes with 2.1.
Android 2.1 is not ment for super fast CPUs and Tattoo would certainly run faster with it then it does with 1.6

I have the tattoo and I do not need 2.1, at least not yet. I am using the 1.6 that came with the phone and I can use evety app I need. I have offline navigation installed (Sygic), so I do not need the one from google. Frankly, the CPU is at its edge with current features, I seriously doubt it will be powerfull enough to run newer systems that are operated on 1GHz CPU in Nexus.

I am very angry about this! I bought Tattoo yesterday based on the information that it would be getting the 2.1 update! Such a great number of respectable blogs and websites stated this information that I was sure that at least some of them verified it! I guess I should have waited just a little bit longer. I think I shall be returning my Tattoo, save a little more money and buy Legend.

I'm upset about this since the phone hasn't been out for a very long time. Had I known as much as I know now about Android, I never would have bought this phone. I think any Android device should clearly state how many upgrades you will get before you buy the phone.