HTC has released an update to its HTC Sync software for the HTC Aria, and along with it comes the ability to install third-party applications and enable mobile network sharing.  Hallelujah! While this isn't nearly as handy as installing the applications directly from the phone, it's a huge step in the right direction.  The addition of mobile network sharing is a huge boon as well, just remember to keep an eye on your data usage if you've switched to one of AT&T's new plans

serial number locationHTC Sync is also a great way to sync calendar events and contacts with Outlook (or Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail) on your Windows PC.  Sorry, Mac users, you can sit over here with us Linux guys and grumble.  Hit the source link to check out the requirements and download the software -- you'll need your device serial number, click and enlarge the pic to the left for help finding it. [HTC Aria Product Support] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: As Spary points out in the comments below, there was an apparent SNAFU at HTC and this update does not enable sideloading, nor does it change any settings on the device itself.  HTC has reached out to Engadget and apologized for any confusion, and says their website will be updated with the correct information Monday.  Felt good for a couple hours though!

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Ytown says:

Nice little phone, I bought on to use at work because I can't carry a large phone with my uniform. Phone runs great and has good call quality.


Excellent !! I got my Aria 1 week ago !!


PS....I meant to say that I bought the phone 1 week ago but the screen has a crack in it !! Pissed....May have been my fault....anyway,luckily I bought Phone Ins. so I will be submitting a claim Monday............Should I wait to get the software update until the new phone comes in?? I assume so,since updates arent saved to the Sim but to the Phone's internal memory....Btw...Im asking,not telling....Im a novice to these things..Thanks !!

sunrisepromo says:

I was really excited there for a moment, since I just ordered the Aria yesterday, but saw this on Engadget's site:

"Update: We got downright excited for a second there, but an HTC spokesman just called to inform us there's been a mistake -- this download is only for the desktop HTC Sync client and doesn't actually enable anything on the phone. We're working to get more information right now, but it sounds like the sideloading ball is still squarely in AT&T's court."

Updated. Thanks guys!

MowDownJoe says:

You might want to update that update.
Yay for HTC giving its users a way around the AT&T lockdown! Even if it's nothing more than a glorified ADB Push.


Dam !! Really was too good...too easy to be true....maybe in the near future ATT will wake up............

crxssi says:

A Linux phone for which they won't make a Linux sync program. Very irritating.

uansari1 says:

Don't hold your breath. I can't understand why any Android user, save for the Nexus One guys, would stay with AT&T..worst carrier for this platform hands down. All you get is a neutered Android experience.

Saturn2K says:

sunrisepromo says:

Seems the update was updated and then updated again. And it turns out it does work.

About the only thing not in the Market that I'd want to download is Swype, so I wasn't too concerned about not being able to sideload apps anyway. But this is definitely a bonus. Unfortunately, my Aria isn't schedule to arrive until Tuesday.

Is this a new feature, though? The Aria user guide I downloaded Friday had a section about adding apps to the phone via Sync.

Using it right now with my HTC Desire, with no problem at all.
You just cant download it on the HTC website unless you have a Wildfire, but you can find it somewhere else on the net ;)