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HTC offers desktop software for folks who aren't just quite ready to rely completely on the cloud for backup and file management. Its software Sync Manager, which has clients for both Windows and Mac, has just been updated for users of the latter.

Sync Manager lets you backup and manage your photos, video, music, contacts, calendar and more all on your computer -- then sync with your device(s). For those of you who are more into HTC's ecosystem with this information than Google's, the source links below are likely worth a look.

Source: HTC; via: Twitter

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Lastnv says:

I've never owned an HTC phone but I'm thinkin about the HOX+.
Does the PC client have wireless syncing?

NumberZero says:


hybrid06339 says:

How many Mac owners own an HTC phone?

caryb1969 says:

So do I. I have a feeling there are quite a few...

miggs_ says:

I actually do. It's an AT&T Inspire.

petaf says:

I do! MacBook Air plus HOX.

PJMAN2952 says:

I own a HTC One S and a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2011 model.

Mark Puce says:

Hello, how did you managed to install HTC Sync Manager to MAC? Because I tried to install and after installation it unable to open because of “HTC Sync Manager” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Any clue?


cb_mark says:

I know this is an ancient post, but I can't leave questions hanging when I know the answer :) It's a security setting, just go to System Preferences on the Mac, and select Security. I think it's on the first "tab"; there's an option to select what applications to trust, I think by default it is set to only trust apps from the App Store and "Identified Developers".

Eric Werner says:

Thanks for the answer mark!

Gen Chua says:

Thanks Mark, your post really helped me. I am a new mac user and I was totally lost when I couldn't install my HTC Sync Manager. ^_^

macdroid1 says:

I do. I was an iPhone user for 4 years. Just switched because I like the flexibility of the Android OS. And, I like have open access to the files on my phone.

Jade Starr says:

I do, and many other people do also

Wanda says:

I do so there's one for you.

PJMAN2952 says:

I've had my HTC One S since this June and now I find out that HTC Sync is for Mac? Wow. Going to download this right now.

DJxDARIENx says:

Wondering if this will work on my Original EVO 4G.. Having problems with my Sd card saying that I cant delate or edit anything until I format it.. Unfortunitly it would delate everything off the Sd card --pictures, 2.1gb of songs...-- I know when HTC released the EVO they did have a HTC Sync type thing like this but it could have changed over the 2 years and only work with the new EVOs/One series/incredible series phones.

macmaniac13 says:

This program stinks! I like plugging my phone into my iMac and having it appear like an external drive. Using this is like using iTunes - you can't simply drag and drop and organize things on the desktop, which is why have an Android to begin with. Am I missing something? Is there a way to use this and still have access via the desktop?

honeass says:

why can't I click the free download button. I already tried the settings in system pref.