HTC Supersonic

Not much to say about the video that follows (after the break) other than somebody has an HTC Supersonic and wanted the rest of us to know it. That's it. You see it appears to have a dual flash (or is that a flash and a light sensor?) and there's the camera and speaker. Otherwise, we wait. [AndroidMobileOS via MobileCrunch]


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HTC Supersonic makes brief appearance


I hope that when it's released that it does come with this same back cover to it, and not black or grey... like Sprint decides to released their phones... they're very gloomy...

I think black and silver give an impression of class and solidity. Colors tend to come and go from fashion so things run the risk of looking dated. Still, I think white is safe although I'm pretty neutral on it. Giant screen, Wimax, Android, and Sprint prices make this a no-brainer for me this summer.

I absolutely hate white as a color for consumer electronics, especially phones. I always think it's bad design to have a housing that makes the bezel lighter than the content of the screen it frames. I'm really hoping that what we're seeing here is the OEM version, and that Sprint will release their's in black.

Well, opinions are opinions.

In my experience with Sprint phones, I've been with them for 5 years now? I mean really, all I see in their colour palette is just hues of gray, and blacks, maybe some silver here and there... I did see their brightest phone yet, a nice red coloured phone.. but too girly...

The phones I've had with them have either been grey... black... and now grey... I need a little color in the relationship with Sprint and I... It depresses me at times

Sprint's bread and butter is corporate sales, so their colors tend to be conservative. It usually works in my favor, since I've never had to endure a white phone, but guess somebody has to draw the short straw.

I've yet to see any of these phones boot in less than 2-3 minutes. I guess loading a full OS on a 1Ghz machine can take a while. I bet memory and such are clocked lower than a PC as well. Remember how long some old 1Ghz desktop computers took to boot :)

Pshhh, my Hero boots in less than a minute. I haven't watched the video, but ALL android devices take a while for their first boot.

Seems I was too late with my tweet to Androidcentral lol.

I can't wait for this phone. I like the white back. Can't wait for CTIA.

This is going to be a beast of a phone.

I too like the white back. I will be first in line to get this puppy. I will for sure leave the pre for this. Can't wait to see the final specs on it!

Although I love the kick stand, I have to disagree about the white back. I hate it. I think it makes the phone look cheap.

I am anxiously awaiting a HTC Android Super Smartphone on Sprint; but please, please, please not with a white back. Please take a look at the HTC HD2. That is a very nice looking phone. The HD2 looks solid and like it means business. This phone with the white back makes me think of a portable game console. Also, remember that the iPhones with the white back became discolored from the battery heat.

Perhaps, HTC/Sprint should offer the phone with different back colors - one in black or grey like the HD2 or the Disire and one in white. Heck, I'd take a white/black combination like the multi-toned Nexus One instead of an all white back. I'd be much more inclined to buy it if I had a choice. If not, I may wait on the Desire to hit T-Mobile US.

Sorry for the slight rant.

There's always enamel spray paint... just a thought. I might take some to the Seidio back cover on my hero because its just plain black plastic and a brownish-grey phone.

If the rumors are true, and this hits this Summer on Sprint with a WiMax capable radio, they could color it pink and lime green and still sell as many as they can ship out.

nah, that would make it look like a pixi plus... and that didn't sell well at Verizon (or the Pre). I think consumers got smart and saw the problems with it at Sprint and said, no f'n way.

I think a lot of that was marketing and perception. I quite like my Sprint Pre but I'll be glad for this in the summer since I can always use something newer or faster or whatever. I'm a sucker for the yearly upgrades.

I agree. I really like my Sprint Pre. If I get the Ss, it will replace my Palm 755p with I use for my business.

The HTC Supersonic is coming out in will see. So yeah, they better advertise their butts off for this phone if Sprint wants to pick up their game against everyone else.

These brief Supersonic sightings are starting to get a little creepy.

It is like a Big Foot sighting caught on video.

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