HTC has sued Apple for infringing on three patents owned by the Taiwanese handset maker. HTC has  traditionally played the victim as both Apple and Microsoft have both sued the company for patent infringement.

This comes one day after Google announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, arming the tech giant with a large patent portfolio of its own, which it said will be used to defend its partners.

This is just another chapter in a long saga of patent wars that likely will not be resolved anytime soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Source: Reuters


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HTC sues Apple for patent infringement


If HTC wins then apple will be no more as HTC is trying to make the selling of any apple products in the U.S. Illegal. Just like apple made the selling of the Motorola Xoom illegal in Europe

The Xoom isn't illegal in Europe, it's not even in trial yet. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has the injunction my friend. Please check what you say before you lose your credibility.

The only way to stop Apple from suing everyone is to sue them back. Make them fear they can lose big time.

I'm glad they're going back after them. This doesn't make this anything more than a reactionary/defensive move by HTC. It doesn't mean that the patent system isn't completely screwed. Until there's reform there seems to be little option for these companies other than to fight complete and utter BS with complete and utter BS.

The implied sense of superiority in your post is completely unjustified.

My gripe regarding Apple's patent suits has never been with Apple, but with the system that lets them get away with blatantly anti-competitive practices. Now they get to reap a bit of what they've sown.

The real solution is a complete overhaul of the IP system, which will probably not happen during our lifetimes. In the meantime, the only way for a company to defend itself against frivolous lawsuits is to file some frivolous lawsuits of their own.

The only hypocrisy I can imagine is someone cheering HTC on if they sue apple over "the look and feel" of one of their devices. Otherwise Apple started most of these patent battles and the best defense is a good offense!

I hate that tech companies can't just make the best products possible and let the end users buy what they want without all these patent suits and crap, but I'm very glad to see someone finally going after Apple, as they have been extremely sue-happy since Android hit the scene!

Go get'em HTC. I wish there didn't have to be all this lawsuit nonsense, but someone has got to finally stand up and kick these bullies back where it hurts.

put that in your pipe and smoke it apple. i am glad to see HTC is going after patent infrigements!!! about time some company did other then apple!!

Well at least we know it's not for design trademarks. hTc's phones make the iPhone look sh***y. As much as I love the Samsung GS phones I do wish they would take some design notes from hTc. :/

Ya know, I think Apple is more interested in preventing android phones from ever making it to the market. It's nice to finally see someone sticking it back to them and trying to get Apple's products banned in the US (read the article, I might be interpreting it wrong but that's what it looks like to me), I doubt that will ever happen but it's nice to see someone hitting Apple the way Apple has been hitting them.

All in all, I'm sick of the drama surrounding patents. It's just an excuse to not come out with anything new. iPhone5 is going to be just like a Galaxy S phone more or less. They have nothing new this year.

Yeah go after Apple and get your ass kicked. I am just glad Google bought Moto so we can get some decent phones with Vanilla instead of this custom GUI fail all over Android.

Motorola is still going to be operated independently from Google so I'm guess you will see a UI change but it's probably not going to go vanilla. I might be wrong, but that is my speculation.

You know Not Every one likes Vanilla\ASOP Android skin (personally I hate Vanilla Android & I won't buy anther Vanilla phone) , but I understand your point

Maybe Motorola go like Sony Ercisson & HTC with the "Webkit" concept , or if they wanna ship the phones with Vanilla , they make some sort of "Motorola App. platform" downloadable package (Think TouchWiz 4 for Tap 10.1)

That way everybody is happy

Fighting back. I like it. show steve jobs that 2 can play bull$h!t. First Google now HTC standing up to the bully apple. Lets get it on.

Apple started the fight... I hope Google can finish it :D There's no hypocrisy in suing Apple when Apple was the first to do so, taking a blow in HTC's bank. I think it's just payback which is rightfully deserved.

Htc has already beat Apple in the area of innovation a long time ago. In my world…WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER….Apple started this BULLSPIT…and HTC will end it…With Google purchasing motorola I’m pretty sure if they all sit down and take a real good look at all those patents they can find many more things that they can SUE APPLE FOR…Honestly….F…apple all day long….

Down with apple!! Their a bunch of Pigs!! Fuck em!! Fuck em, fuck em ffffff fffff ffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck em!!