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Just about all of HTC's international phones and tablets released over the past year have been added to its bootloader unlock list -- the list of developer-friendly devices that can have their bootloader security disabled  in order to allow enthusiasts to tinker around with custom ROMs and the like. And even a few U.S. network-branded devices have made the cut, including the T-Mobile Sensation 4G and Sprint EVO 3D. But one device that won't be joining them is the new AT&T HTC One X. An official statement from HTC, obtained by MoDaCo, indicates that "restrictions" -- likely imposed by the carrier -- mean that unlike its international cousin, the AT&T LTE version will remain locked up for the foreseeable future.

HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. Since announcing our commitment to unlockable bootloaders, HTC has worked to enable our customers to unlock the bootloader on more than 45 devices over the past six months. In some cases, however, restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program. Rest assured, HTC is committed to assisting developers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices and we'll continue to unlock additional devices in the future.

We suspect there'll be many a sad panda in the Android development community today, though this news shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The only AT&T device currently on the HTC bootloader unlock list is the ill-fated Jetstream tablet. In the meantime, developers wanting a high-powered HTC phone to get stuck into on AT&T are left with the (more expensive) option of importing the international Tegra 3 version, which though not listed, is officially unlockable.

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HTC statement on AT&T One X bootloader - 'restrictions' prevent unlocking


htc dev wont be able to unlock the bootloader on this one, only for the international version, but they have no plans to add it to the unlocking list.

Carriers on the US are obliged to provide the User with unlock codes after 3-6 months of use of the phone on their network... so how does that work?

That's for the GSM radio, so it can be used on other networks. This is the bootloader, which is a whole other can of worms.

These handset manufacturers need to start growing some balls and stand up to these carriers. Enough with this crap.

The carriers demand things like this from the manufacturers, but then when you complain to the carriers about the delay in software updates they give you the excuse "we have no control over what the manufacturers to because we only provide the network to use the phone on"

Which is it (name of carrier here)?

Well the handset manufacturers (especially ones like HTC) need the carrier partnerships or they will completely dump the entire US market. The carriers hold the power, the ball is not in the manufacturer's court right now. The manufacturers do not sell to consumers, they sell to carriers (in the US). Just how it is, and it's going to take the consumers stepping away from carrier lock in to even start to change that.

Well the carriers need the manufacturers probably more than the manufacturers need the carriers. Manufacturers have lots of other markets. Carriers are stuck.

Not really I think. It's like Walmart and all those companies that do business with them. Walmart is the customer, but without its purchases the companies that sell things to them lose business. Because Walmart buys so much product from manufacturers they have alot of influence over them.
Similarly I think(could be wrong) that this is the second largest market for cell phones, so carriers have alot of influence when it comes to getting manufacturers to tweak their hardware.

I'm with jcastagnino on this one: if HTC says, "we give you phones with unlocked bootloaders, or we don't give you phones", is AT&T really going to give up HTC's phones? I guess HTC isn't willing to take the risk.

I'm getting the EVO 4G LTE when it comes out, and hopefully Sprint "lets them" unlock the bootloader on it.


>"if HTC says, "we give you phones with unlocked bootloaders, or we don't give you phones", is AT&T really going to give up HTC's phones?"

Yes, probably

Yes, they would tell HTC or any maker to take a walk. And for what, the 5% or so who buys these phones who really care about unlocking the bootloader and custom roms? Yes we maybe in that 5% but honestly they don't care.

Sprint is the cool uncle that lets anything fly as long as it's fun (within reason). I have no doubt Sprint will allow the bootloader to be unlocked.

If you're not dying to load a custom ROM, then you shouldn't care. Just don't come crying on AC when you want a custom ROM and you can't unlock the bootloader easily. The thing is you know what you're getting into ahead of time.

I more interested in a simple root to snag off carrier bloat and some other stuff. I know some people are into roms and thats all fine and dandy, did that in the past.

Locked bootloaders aren't going to stop them from getting custom roms. It limits the selection alot, but unless you like to load up a new ROM for every day of the week it shouldn't be an issue.

My evo 4g has served me well,
Thanx to unlocking and rooting,
My next phone will be chosen on the basis of which one gets the most love from the Major Players of the Developer (hacker) community.
Htc seems to have better Hardware,
But, Samsung might win out based on developer support.

The Vivid is on the list at the HTC developer portal (AT&T's first HTC LTE device)... so I don't get why AT&T would block this one. I do get that the Vivid != One X ... but ultimately what's the big difference here for AT&T?

Aria's on the bootloader unlock list too. Oddly the stuck it to us on this one phone. I'm more wondering if this was decided higher up the food chain with AT&T, or some techie douche nozzle who suggested this, so he won't get support calls from those who brick their phones with ROMS.

I am anxious to leave Sprint and the Evo 3D, but am waiting for the right device. At least this made my decision to wait for the SIII or whatever HTC device next comes to Verizon a little easier. Hopefully the devs can work their magic to unlock this sucker. Screw AT&T (and HTC -- they should have never played the locked bootloader game to begin with).

man i was going to pull the trigger and get this phone until i read this ... ill hold off a bit see if a unlock comes pretty fast

Could someone educate me on this. What is the harm to the carrier by their phones having an unlocked bootloader?

I assume bloatware removal, but beyond that I'm at a loss...

they think by unlocking and flashing custom firmware people brick their phones more easily.

it's just a bunch of BS. im getting tired of the US always getting the shaft. soo glad i bought a galaxy nexus and can do what i want to my phone and not have to worry.

to anyone who thinks an s-off method will come soon, don't hold your breath. it took over 6 months before the htc rezound got it.

I still have a good gold card for when I did it with the Inspire. Glad I kept it and not reflashed the card.

Sadly they do, they take the chance and really don't know what they're doing and do brick their phones and then want others to handle a warranty repair on an expensive item. I'm not sure what to think with this news, not sure if I still want the One X or just wait for the SGSIII, my international i9100 is still doing me fine. One good thing, Sammy's are almost impossible to brick.

I think it's a support issue. Not only does it void the warranty, but I'm sure there have been many instances of people rooting and intalling ROMs, then calling technical support because their phone isn't working like it used to.

As I stated in my SGS3 post, The Samsung devices are the best phones to hack. None of this locked down bootloader bullshit to deal with. AT&T has to be the worst f------ Carrier. They are greedy and don't give two shits about customers or customer loyalty. I was never going to buy that phone for the simple reason AT&T ruined the phone with killing the storage on it. If you don't buy the phone maybe AT&T will get the message.

Not only that, they are almost unbrickable, one can always reflash the stock carrier rom back to the phone and you're right back where you started, worst comes to worse, you will data and stuff that was on the device.

When HTC One X was announced, I was tempted, even though it was on AT&T and I'd sworn I'd never go back to them after they burned me once before. Decided I wanted to wait and see what Samsung had to offer.

Now after hearing this, I'm done looking at One X. It looks like a great phone - but I don't want to deal with AT&T bs again and I sure don't want a phone I can't flash custom ROMs.

Thanks AT&T for reminding me what a bunch of douchebags your are.

Canadian One XL can be unlocked with the HTCdev tool. If you unlock root is available already as well.

Huge bummer for us US One XL owners.

Calm down guys you'll still be able to unlock it once a Dev figures out how. All this means is that HTC won't do it for you nor give you the tools to unlock. Just makes things a lot harder thats all

HTC provide you with the ability to unlock your boot loader through HTCDEV - but, it voids your warranty!

The option would be great as it enables us all to root, but is it worth a customers warranty?....i say no.

Unlocking the bootloader DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY. HTCdev gives a warning message that says not all issues will be covered. It does not just void it.

The real question is whether or not the bootloader is encrypted. If not I suspect the developer community will find an exploit and give s-off which is better than using the HTC tool. If it is encrypted like the Motorola phones then that sucks.

I hope Sprint doesn't go this route.

so sad i have htc one xl international version. i requested unlock_code from htc dev and unlock via fast boot device done unlock but when i reboot to booth loader its the same still lock. i cant install a recovery and custom rom. anybody here can help me how to unlock my htc one xl international version? advance thanks.